My parents put me and my brother into sports at a pretty young age. Something that I’m actually really thankful for. One of these sports was skiing. I think since neither of them did any skiing, they wanted us to get the chance to try it out. Now, I think Continue Reading

Hiking to see GIANT WATERFALL | Thailand Adventure

Hi guys. This is our second day in Thailand, and today, we are gonna go see a waterfall and maybe even dive in. So let’s go. Which way? Yeah, let’s go. (cheerful music) It’s a very long walk, and I’m so tired. (water rushing) Oh, here it is. The waterfall. Continue Reading

Alysa Liu Reacts to Becoming the Youngest Ever U.S. Figure Skating Champion

-Alysa, welcome to our show. -Thank you. -Thanks for being here. Are you a fan of our show? Do you watch “The Tonight Show”? -Yeah, I do. -You do? -Yeah. -Do you stay up late and watch us? -No. I actually watch it in my free time. -You do? -Yeah. Continue Reading

The Rebel who Pioneered Freestyle Skiing at the Olympics – Edgar Grospiron | Legends Live On

I think I’m a rebel. A bit of a party animal. His motto was “ski, sex and rock ‘n’ roll”. We thought, “He’s different.” He raised his sport up and showed us all. I was ready for any circumstance. (LEGENDS LIVE ON) (ACCORHOTELS ARENA, PARIS) Friends, please help me welcome Continue Reading

Masha and The Bear – Holiday on Ice (Episode 10)

Oops. Pretty slippery. Oh, wow! Just like in the circus! Will you teach me to do it? Ah, whatever. Oh! Bear will teach me! Bear! The ice is very slippery, and I can’t skate! He’s sleeping again. You always sleep! Wake up! OK. OK, OK. Where does he keep his Continue Reading

1500 Degree Hot Ice Skates vs. Ice Block

– It’s gettin’ hot in here. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – For the last couple of months something very hot has been circulating across the internet. I’m talkin’ about hot knives. Now my son Lincoln asked me recently. “Dad, why haven’t Continue Reading

Lahore’s Newly Built Swimming Pool Complex offering State of the Art Facilities | GharanaPK

Pls LIKE 👍 this video 🙂 🔥 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 😇 Write Your Views 📝 in the Comment Section Below ✅ 🔥 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 😇 Pls LIKE 👍 this video 🙂 Write Your Views 📝 in the Comment Section Below ✅ Pls LIKE 👍 this Continue Reading

Swimming with a Giant Saltwater Crocodile | Fearless Adventures with Jack Randall

JACK: I’m researching the descendants of dinosaurs. Ah, I’ve got it. In the waters of Australia. CHARLIE: These things want to eat you. JACK: This is absolutely massive. JACK: I can see a little croc. I’m going to try and creep up and see if I can get it. He’s Continue Reading