아이스 스케이팅 더블데이트 👫⛸ Ice skating at Somerset House

아이스 스케이팅 더블데이트 👫⛸ Ice skating at Somerset House

I just got to Debenhams to find my secret Santa gift which I ordered online. I am doing it with my sister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend so I came to collect order by myself. You will be able to find who I bought the gift for on Christmas day. It’s very exciting. I come to Debenhams quite often these days. I just collected it and I am gonna go out now. I always write down the list before I go! I love bamboo shoots. I got everything. I am gonna go pay now. Guys I am home now! My stomach is growling because I am starving. I will show you what I am gonna cook today. I really loved the laksa noodle from China town the other day so I thought I would try to cook it myself. I got these veggies. One thing that was lacking from that laksa noodle I had was that it hardly had any veggies. So I bought these veggies that go really well with coconut based curries. My fave coriander. I got two coconut milk cans because I like my curry to be very milky. And you will need prawns. I am gonna put the prawns. I have red curry paste here which needs to be fried with some oil. These two are the main ingredients for my curry sauce. I need some rice noodles. And then some bamboo shoots. I absolutely love bamboo shoots so I got two cans. Let’s get cookin! I am gonna put some olive oil first and we need to fry this paste before so that it doesn’t have any bitterness. Oh the pan’s too hot. Anyways, fry the curry paste! It’s quite similar to Jjajang which is Korean food. Then I am gonna pour in the coconut milk. I love the creaminess of coconut milk so I am gonna put another can in. I am gonna put some chili powder for extra kick. And all I need to do is to add the veggies and the prawns. Wasn’t that super easy? But with prawns you can’t boil them for too long as it gets too small and chewy so I am gonna put it in later. I will put the veggies in first. Baby corns take quite long to cook so I will put it in first. And then sweet peas. These guys need a good boil. I looove bamboo shoots. What about you guys? So I got two cans as they are pretty cheap too. I am pouring the water away. I was about to go to bed last night and thought maybe I cook make my version of laksa noodle and customise it to my own taste. So I thought I could put a lot of veggies, make it creamy and spicy That’s why I decided to cook this today. I wonder how people started eating bamboo shoots. It’s so random. Yum. That tastes nice. I am gonna let this boil and I will boil the noodles separately. For the prawns I will put it in once this boils. The curry is boiling now so I am gonna put the prawns in. All I need to do now is to put the noodles and put coriander on top. The noodles are boiling. I ran the noodle under cold water and now I am gonna put the curry on top of the noodles. Coriander. And that’s it! 16th. I can spot it right away. It’s another tiny one. I prefer this one to the white one as this one is darker. And day 16 for L’occitane! It’s in the corner here. This one looks like another Cherry blossom one. Oh I am right. It’s a Cherry blossom shimmering lotion. Oh maybe it has some glittery things in the cream. Should I try it? It smells so good. It has a floral scent. I don’t know if it has shimmers in it. Oh it actually seems like it’s shimmering. Day 17 is here. Oh it’s a flat one. These are the boring ones I think. A flat one. Oh you can’t come out yet, stay there. And I found day 17 right away. It’s quite big. Shower gel! Oh actually it’s a shower oil. Cleansing and softening. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Today’s a Saturday and I am off to our weekly run. We skipped last week so I am gonna try extra hard today. It’s actually so foggy today. I am excited. So refreshing! Camel! (I’ve missed them) Our third lap! What’s the time now? Four. It’s almost sunset. We saw them earlier. We decided to go for another lap and they are actually quite close. Nice bums. We ran 12k in 1h 26m. We usually run 10k but my boyfriend suggested maybe we could increase the distance from now on So we ran 2k more. We ran 10k for around 8 weeks now And now we’ve increased it to 12k. My boyfriend said usually football players who run a lot manage to run around 12-13k in a 90 min match. And we also ran 12k in 86 mins so that’s impressive. Well I guess the intensity is different. Anyways I am glad we were able to run for around 90mins. We have to go out now. Oppa wasn’t able to get his secret santa gift yet. Another successful run! High five! We are now heading to central London. But we are still undecided on what we can have for dinner. Oppa wants to have burger. He’s seducing me. I am craving salmon sashimi and salmon roe rice. Which one do you think we will end up going for? Stay tuned! I will show you what we are having later on. Bye! It is unbelievably crowded here. We decided we are gonna go for the salmon rice. We are here! We are at this place called Atari-ya in Bond Street. I do come here quite often. I haven’t had coke in a while. Wait it’s actually 7up. Some of you left comment on my Instagram to go for a burger but I am actually here to have the salmon. He’s seen this from facebook. I do really like salmon but I love salmon roe. Same with you right? Today’s makeup is a rehearsal for my pink brown makeup look which I will have to film. It’s very pink. This is negi-toro and this is salmon oya-ko. Soy sauce. We need some here too right? Let’s dig in! Bon appetit! I am just mimicking a Japanese YouTuber called Kinoshita Yuka! I love her videos! This is basically tuna sashimi with spring onions. Here’s salmon for you guys. You are turning into a huge foodie like me. They gave us miso soup as they were closing soon. I am still copying her lol.. Hi guys. Wow my eyes are very puffy now. It’s not been too long since I’ve woken up. I couldn’t just spend the whole day of my Sunday at home so I came out to show you guys around London. In the UK on Sundays everything close pretty early around 4-5pm. I am keep choking on my saliva. I am gonna take you guys to Borough Market. Borough Market is super famous but I haven’t vlogged there properly so I will go and show you guys how it is. See you soon! People before me just ordered this one. (A good tip if you have no idea what to order lol) We just got a beef pie with a mash and mushy peas. Where should we have it? We got some pie with gravy and some mashed potatoes and mushy peas. I think it’s gonna be super hot. Be careful. Is it good? / Yeah Mash It’s so hot and hearty. We found the oyster place. What should we get? We got a set with six small ones with prosecco and another set with three large ones and prosecco! The oysters are here. These small ones just look like the kind of oysters we are used to. This one looks different. These are the large ones. And then a glass of prosecco each. I love these green tabasco sauces. Try it. I am sometimes ok with oysters and sometimes not. I only really like oysters with shells like this. Last two oysters. Cheers They don’t have much left. I said I wasn’t gonna have it but my boyfriend wanted to have it. We’ve got the sausage roll here. Is it good? / Yeah It’s like crispy and chewy. Don’t cry. The pastry bit is so nice and chewy. And I said I wasn’t gonna have it two minutes ago. We got the sausage roll here. Apparently this place is really famous for their sausage rolls but we went to the one next to it since they didn’t have any left. And there’s Monmouth coffee there. It’s super famous but they are closed since it’s Sunday. So there’s Monmouth Coffee and then here’s this place called Richard Harward’s Oysters where we had the oysters. I think you can eat out here or inside there. We found this Mac and cheese place we’ve been looking for. It looks so nice. We got some Mac and cheese and pulled pork. We are done eating now. All of the food we got today were super yummy. London’s looking extra stunning tonight. Everyone’s out to do some Christmas shopping. They are really good. I couldn’t be bothered to cook so I am gonna make Chicken mayo rice. I got some karaage from Japanese supermarket and I am heating it up now. To make it crispy. And then I have some red onions in soy sauce. I would usually use normal white onions with this but I didn’t have any at home so I am using red onions. I am making a sauce with soy sauce and corn syrup then I added some mirin and tsuyu. I’ve put some butter in the pan first And then turned the heat power to the lowest as soon as the pan got hot. This makes the perfect soft scrambled eggs. I’ve put the chicken on some rice. And then put the scrambled egg on top. Then some onions. Can you guys hear our washing machine lol I got Japanese Kewpie mayo which is so nice. I think it was like half price so I got it. I love mayo. Then I am gonna add some spring onions and seaweed on top. That’s it! My chicken mayo rice is done! It’s time to open day 18. It’s in the corner here. I got the red mini one today I will have it tomorrow since it’s late now. And then day 18 for this one too! There it is. How do you open this? It’s all falling apart. A shower gel! I think it’s got a lot of shower gels in it. It smells really nice and fresh. I am actually using one of the shower gels now I am gonna use this soon! Hi guys! The time now is 10am but I uploaded my video at like 4.30am yesterday so I slept in a bit. I have a lot to do today but I am really craving some Korean ramyun. So I am gonna go buy that. Let’s go! I came to buy mozzarella cheese for the fire noodles. Need some toilet rolls too. I just saw a squished pigeon Nobody can stop me today. I need to have this. I am gonna have the fire noodle carbonara. I would obviously need the samyang fire noodles. Mozzarella cheese, sliced cheese, milk A full milk would have been more ideal but I don’t have any so I am gonna use skimmed milk. And then some garlic and bacon. I don’t always put this in if I can’t be bothered but I decided to put it since I have them. It will make the noodles taste a lot more like a proper carbonara dish. With the bacon I can replace it with ham but I had bacons at home so this is what I am gonna use. So first boil the noodles in boiling water. You don’t have to fully boil this because we are gonna boil the noodle with the sauce again later. So you don’t have to fully cook the noodles. Maybe around 2/3 way cooked? Drain the water. On the pan you can either use olive oil or butter but I am gonna go with olive oil. And then I am gonna fry the garlic and bacon in here. Then I will put the sauce. Lower the heat. Stir it well. I will turn red. And the noodles will cook once again with the sauce. I like it even spicier so I will put this hot chili powder from Waitrose. All I need to do now is to add the cheese and flakes on top. I will use one slice of cheese and a lot of mozzarella cheese. A fire noodle wouldn’t be complete without these flakes. (Seaweed and sesame seeds) That’s it! I am gonna have this with some radish and mustard leaves kimchi. My mouth started to water.. Today’s been a long day and I feel like my body is aching a bit after our hardcore run yesterday. So I am gonna use a bath bomb. I will use the Big Blue. I like to mash this with my hands and see the water change. It is so relaxing! Even better with a cold bottle of wheat beer! I just finished doing my nails because I need to film later. I’ve been getting so many questions regarding nail polishes recently. I thought I would let you guys know. The one I am wearing now is called Cheeky chat me up nail pain which I’ve never heard of before. I found it in the lower ground of Topshop in Oxford Circus. The shade is called Babe watch and it’s like the prettiest unique toned down baby blue shade. The one I am wearing in this video is this Innisfree one in shade 90. It’s this deep dusty rose shade. And I paired it with one of my fave ones from Maybeline called Go Bare. The one I am wearing in this video is Wait I will have to have a look at my nails. It’s Barry M’s Pomegranate I think? (No the shade is called Sprint Finish!) This is the burgundy nail shade I wear all the time. And then.. I think it was from this video. I was wearing this one again from Barry M and it’s the Gelly Hi Shine nail paint.. What’s the shade called again? I think it may have all rubbed off. I will try to google it. It’s called pink lemonade. Today’s time to open day 20. It’s quite confusing since most of the doors are open. Oh there we go. No! Day 20 is falling apart too. It’s a hand cream right? Almond milk hand cream. Almond milk sounds really nice. It’s like a really warm and wintery scent. Day 20. This is a big one. I can tell it’s the rabbit. Yeah it’s the rabbit. And I haven’t had the teddy bear yet. You guys can stay here together. I am gonna have the shin cup noodles I got yesterday. My nose is congested. I am making as an excuse to have ramyun when I am busy like this. I think I am getting a bit ill. So I need to take some medicine before it gets worse. Oh this one. This is for cold. There’s only two left. I will take this now. I finally finished the English sub so I am gonna change the title. I think I am a bit drowsy because of the medicine I took earlier. I will be so funny if I actually end up sleeping with the camera on. Focus on me. I am here! Oh actually it might be better for it to be out of focus since I look horrible now. Half an hour. I will stay in bed for just half an hour. (And of course I napped for an hour and a half) I am off to buy some background sheet for today’s filming session. I feel like I am feeling even worse after taking the nap. I think I need to quickly film a video before I feel even worse. So I am gonna go buy the background sheet and maybe get something to eat so that I can come home and take more medicine and film. Yeah.. Let’s go! Which colour should I go for? I am gonna go with gray! I got these! A background sheet with a strong cloth tape! As I am feeling not so well I am gonna cook some Korean traditional chicken soup. So I went out and got some chicken. Other than the chicken you only need onions, leeks and garlic. I actually have a lot of garlic here as it’s amazing for your stamina and I am also gonna use it for another dish. And then I am gonna make some stir fried sausage with veggies so I will need this much for that. I am gonna put this in this giant pot of boiling water. These veggies will make amazing broth for the chicken soup. I am gonna do the sausage veggie stir fry. I am gonna be using these frankfurter original sausages. I have onions and half of red and yellow peppers. And the garlic of course. I am gonna cut up the sausages. And I’ve cut it like this. Diagonally. Of course I want a bit of kick so I cut of some jalapeno chilies. For the sauce I need ketchup. Original ketchup would be ideal but I only have this less sugar one. But that’s fine because I have corn syrup and soy sauce. Some hot sauce and black peppers. Put some olive oil in the pan. Put garlic and onions. Put the sausages and peppers. Add ketchup, corn syrup, and tiny bit of the dark soy sauce. And then some hot sauce! I don’t need a lot since I am gonna be adding the jalapeno chilies. I will add the chilies now. Make it spicy! That’s it for the sausage veggie stir fry! I will add some sea salt to the broth. I will peel off the chicken skin as I don’t like it. There we go. No more chicken skin! It will make less greasy broth too. I am gonna sprinkle some spring onions on top of the soup later. Gonna add the spring onions. Some black peppers. A fact about me is that I prefer tougher areas of chicken like chicken breasts than drumsticks. I don’t know why but that’s the case with all of my family members. I will garnish with some parsley on top of the stir fry. The end! Today’s Day 21. A flat one. This is like the hardest one to get out. Day 21 for L’occitane Oh what’s this? Apparently it’s a shampoo. That would be perfect to travel with! Today’s Day 22 guys. I spotted it right away. Another mini one. I found Day 22 right away on the L’occitane one. This looks like another toner. The contents are so nice. Another toner in a spray bottle! Amazing! Today I am going to ice skate with my sister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend. I don’t have a lot of time so I will just do my makeup. Lol my voice and arm fat are both shaking I just started getting ready. I love watching Victoria Secret shows around Christmas! I am done getting ready and heading to central London. I heard today’s gonna be super cold so I layered up a lot. We are in central now and we are going to ICCO pizza. We are gonna have the pizza and go ice skate! We just came inside ICCO. Adding some oil. You want it Emma? We are off to ice skate at Somerset House. Oh Emma’s in the back. (Emma’s bf) I think I am gonna fall down the most. You are not good at ice skating? Dad told me to fold my hands when I am falling so that my fingers are safe lol No just fall with your bum Syd stand in front of the tree. I will take a photo for you. Okie We have our ticket here. The music’s so dramatic. The ice looks decent. Where should I put it on? Thank you. I am done putting them on! Everyone’s going in! Let’s go. We are dressed in black and white today. Oh yeah. My feet are already hurting. Why is everyone so good? Why is everyone doing so well? Omg omg.. Oh my How do you ice skate again? They are teaching Emma’s bf, not interested in me lol It’s your new job. You can be an ice skate film director. Photobombing 😉 Cheers! I found a mouse in the tube station. Oh it goes inside there. I think it’s gonna come out again. What are you doing there by yourself? What if some of my subscribers have phobia of mice? (I decided to put it in beacuse he was so cute T_T I am sorry if you hate mice!) He’s super cute.

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  25. 항상 언니 브이로그 보면서 힐링 해요 앞으로도 편하게 볼수있는 좋은 영상 많이 올려주세요 항상 응원하고있어요!!

  26. 제가 주부인지라 눈에 띄어서요 지적했다고 싫어하심 어쩌지 걱정되지만

    도마는 칼자국 많아지면 바꿔주는게
    좋대요 자주자주
    저렴한거 쓰셔요

  27. 한번 사는 인생 요래 살아야되는데ㅠ 알차고 보람있고 재밌게 사는것 같아서 부럽고 자극도되네요^^ 항상 재미있는 영상 올려줘서 고마워요^^
    저는 대리만족하며 살아요ㅠㅜ

  28. 싣니언니💪🏻🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 브이로그 항상 잘보고 있어요!! 혹시 맨 앞에 나오는 아무 로고 없는 검정 모자 어디꺼인지 알 수 있을까요????!!

  29. 아 쥐 걷는거봐ㅠㅠㅠ 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 위이이이이 하실때 앵그리버드랑똑같으신!!ㅋㅋㅋ 싣니님도귀여운것!ㅋㅋㅋ

  30. 01:19 락사 누들 레싣피
    18:42 불닭 까르보나라 레싣피
    226:39 삼계탕, 소세지 야채볶음 레싣피

  31. 어우 근데 토핑듬뿍 도톰해보이는 피자를 각자 한판씩 드시는건가여?? 대단…! 전에 피자집에서 각자 한판씩 시켜먹던 외국인분들 보고 우왕 쩐당 ㅎ 했는데…일반적인겅가요?!

  32. 항상 네일하면서 언니 브이로그 틀어놓는데 그래소 거의 정주행하는듯이? 하다가 이영상까지 보던 와중에
    어떻게 죽순을 먹기 시작했을까여? 해서 무의식 적으로 판다가 먹는게 맛있어보였나? 라는 말을 뱉어버렸어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 익숙해지는 언니영상보면서 혼자 대답하깅..

  33. 와..새삼 느낀건데 싣님은 90분을 어떻게 뛰세요?! 진짜 존경..
    전 1분도 간신히뛰는데..제가 체력이 진짜 안좋은것도 그렇긴한뎈ㅋㄱ😁
    나즁에 건강관리 운동관련 영상도 찍어주세욯♡

  34. 요맘때 다시보고싶은 영상이라 다시 보러왔답니다 그러고 보니 올해는 크리스마스전날까지 상자뜯어보는게없네여 흑흑

  35. 아 곰돌이 제일 큰 초콜릿 나오지 말라고 툭툭 하는거 넘 귀엽고 조아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ싣님 영원히 함께 해요 진짜 넘 조아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. 우리나라 신라면과 퀄리티가 너무 다른데요?! 파고 크게들어있고 버섯도 들어있고…소름…

  37. 시드니님! 항상 영상 잘보고있고, 재탕도 많이
    하는데용! 항상 볼캡 모자 정보가 궁금하더라구요ㅠㅠ알려주실수있나요?

  38. Ouch, £2.50 for a sausage roll?! That's London prices for you though :-((( I think that would only be £1.75 in Manchester. Yummy pie, mash and mushy peas though!

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