1-Minute Shoeshine | Shoe Polish Scuffs & Scratches FAST | Shine Dress Shoes In One Minute

1-Minute Shoeshine | Shoe Polish Scuffs & Scratches FAST | Shine Dress Shoes In One Minute

Are your dress shoes looking dull and scuffed? Do you want to get them looking like new again,
but you don’t have time for a full shine? In today’s video, we’re going to show you
how to quickly and effectively shine your shoes in less than one minute. While it’s preferable to take 20 minutes to
fully clean, condition, and polish your leather shoes, the one-minute shine is perfect for
when life is hectic and you only have 60 seconds to polish your footwear. Quick polishes are the 70% solution, they
are supplement to the foundational deep polishes and they serve two purposes. Number one, they provide a top layer shine
to give a well put together appearance quickly and it adds a thin protective layer over the
leather so that your footwear investment can better hold up to water, dirt, and salt damage. I personally recommend that you don’t do more
than five quick polishes to everyone detailed polish. As to how to conduct the proper deep cleaning
and shoe shine, click on this video here where I go into a lot more information on how to
fully clean, condition, and polish your leather footwear. For the quick shoeshine, you’re going to need
a horsehair brush. You’ll also need a wax polish or shoe cream
that matches your shoe color. You’ll also need a soft rug, an old t-shirt
works great here. Start off by covering your work area with
a newspaper or old rug. You want to keep the time required for the
cleanup to a minimum. Next, insert shoe trees into your dress shoes
to help your leather shoes keep their shape during the polish. Now, take a cleaning brush and wet rug and
briefly clean both shoes. You must remove any dirt or grime before you
get started polishing. Failure to do so can damage the leather. Next, take your soft rug and wrap it tightly
around two fingers. This is going to enable you to effectively
apply the polish. Start by lightly rubbing the cloth in the
wax polish and then apply it to your dress shoes working in small circular motions. After you are finished with the first shoe,
let the polish dry while you work on the second shoe. You are now going to take your horsehair brush
and buff the shoes starting with the first shoe using quick strokes with light pressure
to remove the polish and reveal the shine. Repeat the process for the second shoe and
you are finished. Pro tip, if you’re shining brogue shoes and
get some polish trapped in the holes, use a toothpick to easily clean out the polish. Armed with this quick shoe shining method, you
will have your shoes looking sharp and professional even when you’re short on time. For more details on how to quickly shine your
dress shoes, check out the detailed support article at RealMenRealStyle.com

88 thoughts on “1-Minute Shoeshine | Shoe Polish Scuffs & Scratches FAST | Shine Dress Shoes In One Minute

  1. One of my old favorites for a quick shine is to use a nylon for the final buffing, the material and spacing of the fibers are perfect for adding friction and smoothing everything out for a better shine.

  2. been absolute addicted to the videos recently can't wait to try out some of the tips , keep up the good work man !

  3. hi Antonio I've been watching your videos from long time ago … if you can mack videos about how to live with your wife without troubles !

  4. Plz what should I were I am a teenager in high school and I am do not know what to clothes to but on plz help me

  5. Every man should know how to properly maintain their shoes and how to properly clean and press their clothes. If they can't, they are not men at all, just boys.

  6. Antonio how do you clean the horsehair brush and the rag that I use for polishing? How long will a horsehair brush last?

  7. Quick question Antonio. I've personally am just starting to learn how to properly shine shoes. And I've seen many tips and opinions of different professionals such as yourself as how to shine shoes. There are those that say that after every coat of whatever you're putting, be it conditioner or polish, there should be at least 20 mins time between each individual coat. But the most unique shoeshiner I've seen online is Jason Dornstar. He has his own YouTube account, and he shines shoes like I've never seen before. Unlike the others, he doesn't even use cloth to rub in the polish or anything for that matter. What's your opinion of different methods of shoe shining? Is it a "do what works for you" kind of thing? Or are there really just shoe shining laws that one should never break?

    Another thing. I don't know if I just got ripped off, or the shoes I bought were just too good to be true (just 40 dollars or so for chocolate brown double monks), but the I've been wearing my new shoes about 5 times a week, and I've properly polished them. But there are portions all around my shoes that have been revealing a lighter shade of brown. What could this mean? Thank you Antonio. I love your channel, happy new year, and keep on making your awesome videos! Much love from the Philippines!

  8. Last time I did this for nearly an hour, and then went out so that some random car could throw some dirt on them…

  9. Perfect timing! Shoe polish is on my list of things to get today. My 911 quick shine has been the using armor all in my car and a microfiber cloth if I got caught in mud or dirt. Shiny interior and shoes.

  10. make a video of which scarf should be better with which fashion for young people …and u could add the colure of phants or shoes style etc. so try to make a video like that

  11. actually I find that I don't walk properly….I hope you suggest me the perfect way to walk on the street….hope u take need full action…👍

  12. Great video but what kind of person only has one minute to shine their shoes ? I mean, if you're life is that tight you really need to reconsider your choices.

  13. Very useful tips since I wear dress shoes almost every day. At least four pairs of shoes mean I can get by with cleaning them once a week, but it takes quite a while. The video is very nice when you need a quick cleanup to remove any water, dirt, or salt that has gotten on to them so they are not sat around a few days eating away at the leather, especially when in the snowy season.

  14. Another (ex-military) tip….to get a real super-shine….grab an old (or new) pair of pantyhose/stockings – just use the legs….in one leg…stuff with an old t-shirt and wrap in the leg and tie off into a nice buffing pad. Use this after the light brush Antonio speaks about.

    To get a real brilliant shine….use the second leg stretched tight and buff over the shoe back and forwards quickly – the nylon heats & smooths the wax in the polish very easily & quickly bringing an almost mirror (or spit 'n' polish) shine to the toe and heel caps

  15. Thanks for the reminder! Always good to stay on top of those things. Your videos have improved so much since I started watching them years ago. Semper Fi!

  16. 1-Minute? C'mon, man. It's not a bad video; the problem is the blatant lie ("click bait" BS) of the title. And you know it.

  17. Antonio, I was wondering if you could recommend a black dress shoe with a chisel toe for people on a budget around 0-200 dollars, please and thank you. BTW I like your channel and have learned a few things from you.

  18. Took me forever to find your video explaining how to buy a Guayabera on jul 25, 2012. It made me realize how long I have been following your channel and advice. That video has stuck with me forever, goes to show that your channel is timeless and memorable Thanks for your hard work @RealMenRealStyle

  19. Gret video Antonio, but I seriously doubt that this can be done in only a minute. Personally, I'd rather take the time to polish my shoes thoroughly, rather than try to rush through the process.

  20. You should do a video on the pros and cons of darting a dress shirt/ your preferred method for getting a well tailored looking shirt through the waist. Seems to be a lot of controversy around the way darts look on shirts and when they are useful

  21. Could you please make video about how to take care of suede shoes? My suede shoes look like a mess, because don't know how to appropriately take care of them!

  22. This tip is going to help me alot. Not only did I've been wanting to learn to save the amount of time to polish the shoes, but also most importantly I've been always trying to seek on exactly how to learn to shine the shoes. Thanks Antonio.

  23. Do you follow this guide? How do you shine your shoes in 60 seconds?

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