11 hidden mechanics Zelda Breath of the Wild never tells you about

11 hidden mechanics Zelda Breath of the Wild never tells you about

Hyrule is a world ripe for experimentation and as such there’s a whole host of things you can do here that you won’t find in the manual from throwing meat to dogs wafting mushrooms and levitating bombs here are the hidden mechanics Zelda Breath of the Wild never tells you about you don’t need a pot to cook you can gather up to five ingredients from your inventory and chuck them in an available steel pot to cook them everybody in Hyrule knows that but did you know that you don’t even need the pot head to a hot enough climate death mountain or gerudo desert for instance and you can literally sear a steak on the ground the reverse is true for cold environments like the Hebra mountains which makes your meals icy you can also start a fire anywhere be it a bush tree or patch of grass and then drop a food item into the flames to roast it use arrows to prep food using your trusty bow and some elemental arrows you can make yourself an instant meal shoot an ice arrow to freeze an animal for instance and BAM instant frozen meat and fire arrows will of course get you cooked meat the cold cuts can cool Link’s internal temperature which is useful in some of the more sweltering locations and the cooked meats will warm you up from the cold rain affect surfaces when the skies open up it makes climbing become more difficult because the surfaces actually become slippy this means that every few feet you go up you fall down a foot even the usual method of stamina conversion climbing hand over hand while the leaping doesn’t help slippages it’s not all bad however rain makes the ground slicker so surfing your shield by pressing the block then jumping and hitting A like this and you’ll go down slopes a lot faster try this on an icy hill and you’ll fly down lightning storms can kill you sometimes you’ll be running along and you’ll start to notice sparks in the distance a little at first then loads than a few seconds later you’ll explode in a brilliant flash and it’s game over what happened you got caught in a random lightning storm which can strike at any moment don’t worry it had us puzzled at first too what you need to do when you first see sparks is immediately unequipped all metallic armor and weaponry swords bows boots everything now just wait until over until then it’s wooden stuff all the way every horse is different in Breath of the wild horses have different strengths and weaknesses they’re rated out of speed stamina strength and temperament generally spotted horses with two colors are slower and easier to climb on solid color horses such as all gray ones tend to have four or more bursts of Stamina but we’ll put up more of a fight when you creep up and try to mount them for these try to have a few elixirs or dishes that can refill your stamina when they start bucking bonus tip guide enemies around the backside of your horse and it will punt them directly in the face be sure to bond with your steed if you notice your horse isn’t obeying your commands and keeps veering off-course running into trees and generally given you cause for concern that your controller is broken worry not it just means it doesn’t trust you yet for this you must reward your horse do this by pressing L while riding to give it a nice pat when its done something you tell to you’ll know it’s worked when you see a pink cloud of um- love gas? for example if it turns left when you tell it to pat it and soon enough the bond rating will rise if your horse really isn’t paying attention a quick fix is holding LZ to enter targeting mode moving in this mode makes the horse take smaller more precise steps make a canine companion when you see a dog you’ll immediately want to run up and pet it because it’s a dog sadly no such button exists what you can do though is drop a juicy cut of meat for any canine you see and make friends with it in turn your new poochie will follow you around panting excitedly this works with other consumables as well from slippery trout to chicken-thighs but only if it’s already dead use food to bait fish food is clearly the quickest route to friendship in Hyrule in the same way you can leave it for dogs to eat you can also drop food into bodies of water to attract fish why because of school of salmon gathered together nibbling on a single morsel is easier to catch the bunch of speedy individuals darting off in all directions all types of different food work so experiment with whatever items you have a surplus off we find most varieties of mushroom give the best results alternatively you could try stranding the fish on dry land if you swim up behind them and heard them towards the shore they’ll actually leap out onto the land in sheer panic use guts to send items skyward in what surely Nintendo’s ode to the marvelously mental metal gear solid 5 rest of the wild lets you attach balloons to objects and make them float in the air to be more specific the balloon is officially called an octo balloon you can loot these from the river based rock throwing enemies: the octoroks simply hold it in your hand then attach objects which are light enough to see them float if something’s too heavy attach multiple balloons we like tying two balloons to one of our bombs then wafting it into an enemy encampment and watching all the bokoblins panic try it it’s fun light grass on fire for an updraft fire is more than a tool of destruction when you start a blaze in a patch of grass or anywhere else that’s dry enough it actually creates an updraft use this rapid air swell to your advantage by whipping out your korok leaf jumping on it using X then pressing X again to glide on it and get boosted way up into the air this is handy if there’s a shear rock surface you want to climb that Link’s stamina wheel isn’t big enough for or if you want to get the drop on an enemy camp by approaching from the sky like an eagle of death while doing this is pressY to slash in the air and link will do a devastating downward plunging attack save your korok seeds this bizarre race of leaf masked tree people are hiding throughout Hyrule in a number of different places hundreds of them in fact collect the Korok seeds they dropped and definitely do not sell or cook with them you’ll need plenty for the later upgrades they count towards which we won’t spoil here strike the ghost bunny for rupees one time after spawning at this shrine near the Kakariko village we trekked up the grassy hills to it’s right and found something very strange a glowing blue bunny type animal it’s scrambled off pretty quickly but hitting it with a weapon caused it to drop pure money yep green and blue rupees thinks playing out of his backside we’ve not manage to encounter the little guy again but he’s definitely around waiting watching steal fairies and cheat death if you want to live forever head to the great fairy fountain and pick up some smaller apparently less great fairies who are hovering around the gigantic flower petals having one in your possession is extremely useful because it instantly revives Link when he dies even better you can carry three of these little blighters of one time meaning you can essentially cheat death the fairies are quick so you’ll need to sprint powerglide or shield surf your way in before they scatter an early great fairy fountain place just beyond this shrine nearest the kakariko village so that’s the hidden mechanics Breath of the Wild doesn’t tell you about but there’s plenty else to discover and we’re only at the beginning if you found any then let us know in the comments below click the boxes to the left for more content from us and don’t forget to hit that big button in the middle to subscribe for more gaming news reviews previews and featurs right here i’m Games Radar plus

87 thoughts on “11 hidden mechanics Zelda Breath of the Wild never tells you about

  1. The Blue Neon Bunny

    I seen this by the Ta'loh Naeg shrine at night. So if you traver to this location between 9p-12am and use stealth you will see it and use a x2 Bows to get 2 shot in all in one swing.

  2. Everyone is like, i knew all of this within my first minute of the game!!😂 but it took me quite some time to figure out shield surfing haha😂😂

  3. the game literally tells you, clearly and explicitly, about every mechanic in your video. do you not know how to read or something?

  4. These tips aren't hidden. They seem hidden if you don't read the loading screen or the directions.

  5. You can feed your horse 5 apples a few times to increase your bond. Also the BEST way to fish is a shock arrow to a school.

  6. "never tells you about"
    The game literally tells you about all of these things in the loading screens. Also, you can't sell or cook korok seeds, so 9 is just flat out wrong.

  7. Top 11 things the game literally tells us in the loading screen and what happens in real life scenarios.

  8. Are you dumb or are you dumb!?!? Korok seeds cant be cooked or sold even held or even used!!! They are only for inventory expansion. And most of these things are things that everybody knows and every zelda player or fan knows that fairies revive you when you die smh.

  9. Like, wow. You said that you can feed dogs and you said that this doesn't do anything. A BIG NO NO. Even when you give four apples to a dog it will guide you to a treasure. In one of this treasures is a fricking STAR FRAGMENT, but looking at the "tips" you said you probably don't even know what that is.

  10. Uh. Searing meat is not the same as cooking something in a pot. You cannot combine ingredients into a meal this way. And fairies can heal Link when he is near death? Who would've thought that it works like in any other Zelda game? Seriously everyone playing this game knows all this stuff. The only thing I never tried out myself was attaching balloons to bombs.

  11. "u dont ned a pot 2 kook" Except that you do. You can roast or freeze ingredients on the ground, but you need a pot to prepare dishes.
    "Use arows 2 prep fud" Wow, simply amazing how you discovered something everybody already knew!
    "Rain FX surfaces" Do you pay any attention at ALL to the prompts that appear on screen in the early game?
    "Litening kan kil u" Your title is clickbait for stuff that everybody knows and you should be ashamed of yourself.
    "evry hor iz differnt" Yeah no shit. Have you ever talked to any of the NPCs at the stables?
    "B shore 2 bond with ur steed" See my answer to the previous chunk of stupidity.
    "Mayk a K9 cumpanyun" Not only is this something everybody knows, you also failed to mention that if you feed a dog several times it will lead you to hidden loot.
    "yooz fud 2 bayt fish" Duh!
    "Yooz guts to sind items skyword" Ever read an item description before?
    "Lit gras on fire 4 ann updraft" Ya know I was just really bored when I found this video. I thought it might be fun to spend some time ridiculing every stupidly obvious thing you're saying is a "hidden mechanic"
    "Sav ur kork seds. Dunt kook or sel thim!" Have you even played the game? It's not even POSSIBLE to cook or sell korok seeds!
    "Strike tha-" It's called a Blupee, not a ghost bunny. Seriously, PLAY THE GAME AND YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING!
    "So thats deh hiddun mekaniks breth uv tha why-old duzint tel u abowt…" Except that it literally tells you ALL of that if you talk to NPCs and look at the tips in the loading screens. Seriously! Deflecting a guardian beam with a pot lid is a more hidden mechanic and they tell you about that too!

  12. For fairies, if you just buy the full stealth suit you can sneak up right next to them and collect them easy

  13. Number 666 theres a deman just east of link's house

    Number 661 Link can buy a house at 30000 rppees

    Number 662 Link can buy a house at 3000 rppees

    Number 663 Theres a Cooking Pot outside of link's house

  14. wow a zelda npc irl….reminds me of all those years ago the kokiri were so excited about things like z targeting

  15. There are some things you got wrong here:

    You can ONLY use Korok seeds for upgrading your weapon, bow or shield stashes. You do this by giving the seeds to Hestu (An unusually large Korok with a pair of maraccas that you first meet on the way to Kakariko village, again at one of the stables, and from there on you only meet him in Korok forest) and he gives you one extra slot for each batch of seeds you take him, the amount needed increases as the game progresses. You cannot cook them or use them as ingredients in either food items or elixers. It is possible you're confusing these seeds (which are yellow/gold and in the special items inventory with chickaloo tree nuts, which can be found when you kill small birds like sparrows, and those DO go into the food inventory.

    On the fairy fountain thing… You actually can get the small fairies without running at them, you have to sneak up on them very slowly. You should ideally wear your sneaky clothes, purchased from the clothes shop in Kakariko village, but if you've yet to obtain them then eat some sneaky food first. Sneaky ingredients include silent princess, silent mushrooms, blue nightshade and sneaky river snails. Oh, and you can carry up to four, not three.

    You also mispronounced Kakariko village, God knows how, it's been the same spelling and pronunciation in every incarnation of Zelda I've ever played, going way back to Ocarina of Time.

    Honestly, you need to play more of this game before making more videos about it, that way you won't make these kinds of mistakes.

  16. I currently have 10 fairies in my inventory, you can't cook meals without a pot, and since when can you use korok seeds for anything other than upgrading your inventory? You were literally just milking views with this video- most of the "hidden" mechanics you talk about are either common sense, or presented to you on the loading screen >.>

  17. The guy talking in the video clearly has never played BoTW before. How the fuck is it possible to sell or cook with korok seeds?? I doubt he even plays games on anything other than his phone

  18. If you only have a metal weapon equipped during a lightning storm you can throw it and the lightning will strike it. Best results is wait till its about to strike and throw it at an enemy

  19. The blupee (blue bunny) will always appear in that same area. There's one where 3 show up but I forgot the region.

  20. You have a speech impediment. Probably shouldn't do videos of that's the case. Nominee really wants to listen to someone struggle that bad with something as simple as speaking.

  21. I found you can hold up to ten fairies. Once you get five and youre at a five spring, hold all five. The fairies respawn. Put away the ones you are holding and bam you can collect more

    Feed dogs at least three fruit and they lead you to treasure

  22. dude, what do you mean the game doesnt tell you? What a cash grab, most of what you explained are either explained on the loading screen or every single (annoying) time you take your horse out of the stable.

  23. 2:12 actually no if you talk to the kids outside Dueling Peaks Stable they tell you all of that and more

  24. You can climb mountains in the rain if you time the jump-cimbing move. Just before link slips you use the move and although it's slow thanks to you slipping again and again you will move upwards.

  25. If you're playing the game well, you should already know all this… Also, blupees (gohst bunny) are rather easy to find if you use the camera rune to identify it and then track it with the tracker upgrade. A fun tip, you can also fee your horses apples if you hold it in front of him!!

  26. Literally all of these are about real life physics, just in botw. People who don’t even have the game could probably assume these would be in botw.
    Also fun fact. When link gets hurt, he loses a heart.

  27. The metal thing and lightning doesnt make sense, if you had equipped all metal armor or something, lightning would just pass through it and hit the ground and leave you unscathed

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