11 Small Things the Queen Does Every Day

11 Small Things the Queen Does Every Day

You ever wonder why Queen Elizabeth II is
in such good shape? It’s a secret: She does Cross Fit! Yeah you should see this 93-year-old gal do
a clean and jerk! Unbelievable! …Okay not really. But, let’s face it, for a woman in her 90’s,
she just looks amazing. She also works every single day, and it seems
like she won’t retire any time soon. So you wanna know the real secret behind her
incredible health and endurance? #1 She has really good genes – no not Levi’s
Biologists say that in no small measure, the genes you have influence your life span. Well, there’s no denying that the Queen
is pretty lucky on that front. Her own mom, the Queen Mother, lived to the
impressive age of 101. So it’s only logical that no one expects
anything less from Elizabeth herself. But the one thing that may be even more significant
than DNA is lifestyle. But more on that later. #2 She’s happily married
If the royal experience teaches us anything, it’s that it’s pretty helpful to have
a loving partner at your side. Elizabeth II married Prince Philip in 1947. Their love story’s been going on for over
70 years now! For all that time, he’s been her greatest
support. Surely, they had their ups and downs just
like everybody else, but that seemed to only strengthen their marriage. Together they raised 4 children, let alone
all the challenges their regal duties brought upon them. In the Queen’s own words, “He has, quite
simply, been my strength and stay all these years.” #3 She knows how to manage stress
Being Queen isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. Elizabeth II is not only the monarch, but
she’s also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and of course the head of the
British royal family. So her life, by definition, can’t be stress-free,
due to her many obligations. So, dealing with the pressure was the best
way to go. As her former spokesperson Dickie Arbiter
says, “she can get angry if something doesn’t go right, but as it’s often out of her control
there is no point becoming stressed about it.” And when the Queen can be in charge, she’s
handling it perfectly; especially at her own home. I’ll get into that in a bit. #4 She sticks to healthy food
Though the Queen can order absolutely anything, she prefers to eat simple and healthy meals. She’s all about self-discipline when it
comes to food; she actually controls all the recipes herself. Her favorite dishes on a normal day are grilled
fish or chicken with fresh veggies. And if there’s meat on the menu, she likes
it well-done. She also has a few rules that all her chefs
have to follow. She doesn’t eat starches, if she dines alone,
of course. That means no pasta, rice, or potatoes for
her Majesty. And she’d never tolerate out-of-season fruits. So even if she loves strawberries in summer,
she won’t get caught snacking on them during winter. But with all this, you’d be surprised what
she usually has for breakfast. It’s just a regular cereal and she eats
it… from a plastic container! Her chefs say that the monarch’s shy about
requesting expensive products like truffles, and she saves them for Christmas. So she’s much closer to us commoners than
it seems. #5 She has regular medical check-ups
Let’s be honest, sometimes it seems like there’s no time or need to go to the doctor
if you’re feeling ok. But that’s not the case for Her Majesty. She’s in excellent health, thanks in large
part to the preventive screenings she has at least once a year. She’s very disciplined regarding her well-being,
as always. She knows that going to the doctor for a routine
check keeps her on track, so she never avoids it. And that’s really practical too. Minor problems are always easier to sort out,
so the Queen sticks to diagnostics. Doctors monitor her cholesterol and blood
pressure and analyze her diet. And when her vitals are good, she can go about
her daily concerns in good spirit. #6 She works out. Really. If you think that her royal duties keep the
Queen sitting all day long, let me correct you. Throughout her life, she’s traveled more
than any other ruler in the world. And though she may leave her country less
frequently now, she’s in excellent shape. Maybe it’s the numerous state visits and
ceremonies that keep her physically active. Even at her age, she can spend hours standing. And let’s not forget the Queen’s love
for horses. Of course, she doesn’t race anymore; after
all, she’s in her 90s. But that doesn’t mean she’s slowed down. She still finds time to ride now and then. And when she can’t, she walks. #7 She keeps her mind occupied
The Queen’s always been a dedicated lady who took her responsibilities very seriously. Her working routine still includes checking
a huge amount of paperwork in the famous red boxes she gets day after day. She meets the Prime Minister once every week. Apart from that, she regularly visits with
quite a few politicians, diplomats, and people of arts. But continuing her long-time work is one thing,
and finding interest in something new is another. Unlike many people of her generation who choose
to stay away from modern technology, she’s curious about it. In 2008, she visited the Google office in
London. Since then, she’s sent her first tweet and
an Instagram post. One year, she actually decided to broadcast
her annual Christmas message in 3D. And she loved it! #8 She gets enough sleep
The Queen’s everyday schedule is pretty rough, and she’d never accomplish so many
things during the day if she didn’t have a good night’s rest. She needs about 7 hours of sleep, so nothing
unusual here. But did you have any idea that Her Majesty
is actually a night owl? Sometimes she stays up till past midnight,
and only then she hits the sack. That’s one thing that can be pretty annoying
for her family. Apparently, it’s considered bad manners
to go to bed before the matriarch. And she’s really original, not only in her
sleeping habits, but also in the way she wakes up. Instead of a regular alarm clock, she gets
up to… nothing other than bagpipe tunes under her window! Yep, the Queen’s quite a fan of this Scottish
instrument. #9 She helps others
Another thing we could all learn from Queen Elizabeth is her devotion to charity. She’s a patron for over 600 organizations
of all kinds, including hospitals, schools, art institutions, and sports associations. She supports the British Red Cross and cancer
research, as well as organizations which provide service for disabled people. The Queen’s work is yet another reminder
that charity can be both kindness and fun. Some of the projects she helps reflect her
own hobbies, such as Dogs Trust or the society promoting classical bagpipe music. Which, as you know, is also Her Majesty’s
favorite way to start the day. #10 She drinks plenty of tea
One of the Queen’s secrets to a long and healthy life is drinking tea. She wouldn’t be a British monarch if she
didn’t enjoy this centuries-old practice, right? She can’t live without a cup of tea and
cookies in the morning. She usually takes it with milk and no sugar. And by tradition, she always takes a sip of
her favorite Darjeeling in the afternoon, followed by a couple of sandwiches. But it’s not only the taste and scent of
it that Her Majesty likes so much. It’s also good for her health. Tea’s full of antioxidants; which can lower
the risk of cancer and lower blood pressure. One mug is just what she needs, and she can
get back to saving the world. #11 She enjoys life
Elizabeth II definitely knows how to keep a cool head most of the time. But she also doesn’t forget that enjoying
yourself is very important for feeling good. Despite her pretty strict diet, she treats
herself every once in a while. Surprisingly, she does have a sweet tooth. She especially loves dark chocolate, but her
all-time favorite is a chocolate biscuit cake. Sometimes she’ll just ask for one and eat
it day by day until there’s not a single bite left. The same thing goes for her social life. At times when the Queen’s not busy with
her garden parties and meetings, she hangs out with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Besides, she adores taking care of her horses,
and her love for dogs and corgis, in particular, has always been beyond compare. I guess that’s her main secret to remaining
as sharp and active as ever: it’s happiness. So what qualities do you admire about Queen
Elizabeth II? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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