#12. The Best of Malaysia – Penang National Park | Hiking In The Jungle | Monkey Beach

Hello, same road again, different day On our way to the bus stop For a drive to the most north western part of the Island Where we going to go to the national park, it’s monkey beach with wild monkeys. I believe and a turtle sanctuary And the kids are very excited about the turtles, so lets hope we get a turtle or two There’s also a nesting There’s also a nesting beach for all the turtles. That’s why the turtle sanctuary is there as well. So we already missed the first bus. This one I’m going to try and stop ah Stop!It’s stopping. Come in We will walk here. Can we walk from there to here? Do we have to walk straight there? You walk there and then no trip from here to go here unless you book a boat to take you around come here and then later get you back here Which one is the nicest? This or this?Two different beach, sir. Here you can buy food and swim and relax But here, you cannot buy food or swim You go to visit the lake and the turtle sanctuary Today, this side, strong wave Can we go to the turtle sanctuary? Three hours walk a lot So those are our choices: We go to the monkey beach And we can get a boat back Or we walk all the way to Turtle Bay Where we can see the turtle sanctuary and then we have to walk all the way back No boat back because there’s strong waves. There’s the entrance you have to register to go in. It is for free We organized a longtail boat back because it is about a three and a half kilometer walk one way Walking trail is nicely paved Wow, that’s a big one. Another one! Monitor lizard. It’s huge! That thing can go through as a mini crocodile Alright, that was it for the paved pathway. Now it’s tracking through the deepest jungles in Penang Oh, and there’s a highway of ants We are going to sleep here for a hundred months. What about 115 days? You sound like somebody I know So this part of the trail has been dug out by seven people in ten days in the 40s or 30s it was a timber path For the people who cut the wood and dragged it down to the village below and nobody knows how they managed to do this in ten days With no equipment But somebody’s in a hurry! I think it might be you my dear. Must I give you a hand? Are you ok? Do you need a hand? Girly, are you tired, my dear? Meggie, you are going like a boeing. Why in such a hurry? I want to see the “skilpad” quickly, that’s why. I love the “skilpads”.You want to see the turtle? Okay, well we’re almost there. The good thing, we’re almost there After an hour and a half’s walk, somebody’s dreams about to come true, and we have the sanctuary The lake at the Kerachut beach is the only merimictic lake in the whole of Malaysia The merimictic lake is one that contains both salt and freshwater The salt water layers calm and currentless at the bottom while the top part is the fresh flowing water coming from the main land All right, here’s our lift.Get your shoes We lost the shoe there, on the other side. Can you go around? Is it possible? And this is Monkey Beach So here, you can only get by foot or by boat We decided to walk by foot we went back behind these mountains to the Turtle Sanctuary and then the big boat came to pick us up that brought us here to monkey beach and Now we’re going back It was a great day. It’s already after five Quite dodge, and we’re going to now try and get some money and then a place for the kids to eat. They love their pizza, that’s about all they eat. Every now and again you can convince them to eat a chicken Look at them, so patiently. Where are you going to get a family that wait for you? patiently like that Doing their own stuff while you go and drone We are you going to find that? Only here in Penang, only these three beautiful girls All right, so let’s do the walk. Is the restaurant here or is it back to Batu? It’s a seafood place in the town, but it has got a lot of good reviews, okay? Well, let’s go and check it out. So hot, and still they try to eat it What’s wrong is it hot? Thank you for watching our video please subscribe to our channel Happy Wander Lusting!

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