1356 Lego Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years War

1356 Lego Battle of Poitiers, Hundred Years War

late in the summer of 1356 the oldest
son of England’s King Edward the Third, Edward the Black Prince, led a small army
from Bordeaux deep into the French King’s realm, raiding and pillaging the
towns and countryside. [French] “Hello” “Those’ll be English cattle now, friends” [French] “I think not” The new French King, John the Second, was filled with rage. He gathered a huge army that he would lead himself. King John caught
up with the English and cornered them near the town of Poitiers on September 19th, ten years after the humiliating defeat of the French at Crécy [on August 26, 1346]. “Holy Chevauchée!” “Well, we’re screwed” A Cardinal of the church persuaded the two sides to meet and try to reach a peaceful resolution. [Prince Edward] “We will give back everything we have taken” [Prince Edward] “and then our armies can part in peace.” [Prince Louis of France] “Give back what you stole?” [Prince Louis of France] “We will take it ourselves.” [French Emissary] “You must surrender yourself and all your greatest lords.” “Move all the wagons to the rear” [German] “Look – the wagons” [German] “They are fleeing!” [German] “Will you just watch them flee?!” [French] “Will you charge into those lines of archers?” [German] “Their arrows will bounce like raindrops!” [French] “I hope.” [French] “Or maybe this will remind me of Crecy.” “Collect your arrows!” [French] “They killed all the horses!” [French] “For the King!” [French] “Archers!” “Thank you Jesus!” “Oh thank you God for protecting us” “No – Thank you Jesus!” “Oh thank the Lord” “I can’t believe we survived!” [Indistinct French Orders] “Oh sh!t” “Indeed” “Captal de Buch must ride now!” “You have to ride now!” “Into their flank” King John and his younger son Louis were both captured and taken to England. Later, the King was released with Louis staying in London as security. But when Louis escaped from England, King John went back to captivity in London, as a matter of good faith and honor.

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  1. 99 percent of the viewers wont read this but..

    To those who do, i hope you have an amazing day. You are a wonderful person and i hope you achieve your goals one day.

    P.s. A youtuber with a dream❤️❤️

  2. It is stunning to me that the English, who murdered so many French peasants (as portrayed in the beginning of the video), should have won this battle. In my opinion, they didn't deserve to.

  3. When will you do battle of marathon, or a battle between romans an carthaginians, or a battle between romans and huns?

  4. Was it worth it ripping some off your Lego prices to just make it realistic death?

    Edit yes it is satisfying

  5. I would really love to see more battles set in classical antiquities. Seeing elephants in warfare would make me so happy.

  6. At 1:15 or 1:16 or 1:17 a naked guy was running and he is like he only one to survive when the villagers were running away from there village I laughed

  7. Hey, brick dictator, it’s ok if you don’t reply, but I was just wondering what happened to captain Zach’s channel. It would be helpful if u told me 🙂

  8. I wish to see the Battle of Patay, the 18th of June of 1429, where 800men of the french cavalry have won against a huge english army.

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  10. the way you do the blood is amazing i feel sorry for the lego guys you had to break to make an amazing animation i loved it though

  11. The crazy thing about this animation is that it's actually really historically accurate they pillaged villages town of innocent folks and killed everyone. Men, women, and children without any mercy because back then they only cared about there own kingdoms.

  12. Dude that was absolute gold ! I really felt like I was a soldier lost in the blood of that battle. I had the same feeling watching this than watching the battle of the Bastard in Game Of Thrones ! So much work put into this ! You've got all my support from France

  13. Один вопрос: вам не жалко плавить оригинальные Лего фигурки 1984 года? Они-же вроде как винтажные, их не производят больше
    P.s. если можете, переведите это на английский, но я не заставляю)

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