15 Warm Up Movements & Excercises before Cross Country Skiing, Running or Exercise

15 Warm Up Movements & Excercises before Cross Country Skiing, Running or Exercise

it is David Lawrence with XC Ski Academy.com I get sixteen tips for you on how to
warm up how to prepare before you go out ski now the story kinda fundamentals to
these tips one said I like p week he easy its complex
in part I won’t do it number two they like to focus on dynamic stretching
versus static stretching stratocaster G be unionization holding up early time another static position for delivery
time and number three I like to incorporate down smooth whenever possible those are
the three things and trying to accomplish with the 16 exercise duration: wise I’m
not gonna do the fall twenty seconds but when I recommend I’m goal a shorter gone longer up to you and
now I was gonna run through these in the number two pick and choose what
you like you have to do all 16 every time you’ll find what works for use what
works for me when I you start of is this is the only one
thats wise I static is like do the Sun citation I’ll come down a touch my toes typically have probably been sitting a
lot during the day arriving to the trail in a bit tight holders Prabhat eight seconds are slowly is where I’m at in a dynamic movement go
slowly come up leaving the spine my palms are raised %uh open though shoppers out leaf in my
body my home my back my legs come back down arms open really trying to open all I’m and I’ll
go back down touch my toes phone number about eight
seconds will come back down over my arms again really trying to open
up the shoulders man’s body has really tried deleting
case I star in San citation banana quickly moved going over my feet
I start with my Eagles I will those around a little bit on and
get remind me who this summer wrote a pretty bad I find this really just kinda breaks up
everything opens it up go from here goes to my knees Monroe
those around both directions were a little bit body
my hips low Mosby suenos on to the reins the
last and now gradually switching my bag
stoneman mustard open up here star Nina was the
moving on I got my shoulders loans I’m the
direction go with my neck the mall then around
both directions probably taking 10-15 seconds her on her
body by the peace it then I’ll I had was a
ghost whole body I like to then jump down Hindu simplex now didn’t lead is movin agree with snow
now reluctant activity my core muscles my back muscles its can not be that body those bockman
whole body pieces my mind so are due by Oct 20 seconds I
just replaced strike this I’ll go to my left hold that for about
15-20 seconds you know moved to my right and hold back for another 15-20 seconds ago from plank
I love to do so slots and I just do by squads that he hears
make sure the bike goes back me too but it’s just below the knees not
come up and what I do is act the closer I get to
ski season I like to add a double pole variation that polls
his heart as it pulled down add double pole technique to my squat I’ll probably about twenty
of those I’m after squats I this were a minute
and a bit ballots to this and so I’ll start swing my arms
and legs for about 30 times adding that balance warming up the arms de Lange’s cool app Michael Wright UK if you have a
problem with definitely use along your ski pole to help balance as you do this just to
make sure that your core meeting you arms you like to be the right time alright in it from here I like to do little bit skate extension this where I
like have something talents on activist people swing by lank in front of me and out to
the side really warming does abduction adduction movements out there where to go from got like to act a bit
more hi no magic Intensity to warming up Sol
Duc few tote jumps not his jump up and down
a little bit 320 those through 21 work jump up and
down there through to the other foot jump up and
down there before I really stirred at cross country specific high and measured were much luv we’re gonna go back night
diagonal stripe month and had a job to it every time my arm swings you go back to me other foot this is
great for tiny it warm enough those key muscles then I
like to add the skate pylori jump size this side BB 28 those before I finish know that’s it and that’s a that’s my 50 Korea and I hope those help please use
what you can do what you want to add to that list and I thanks so much for watching please
below is video leave comments let me know 200 videos
you like to see we think about the rest those exercises
maybe if you have more to contribute to the conversation add that the envelope thanks so much

7 thoughts on “15 Warm Up Movements & Excercises before Cross Country Skiing, Running or Exercise

  1. This was a really helpful video.  Thank you for putting it together.  I just started XC skiing again after a 25 year hiatus.  I am 71 with an artificial right hip.  For me it is difficult to rotate my hips and knees to get into a snow plough.  Do you have any recommended exercise that would strengthen my hips?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jerry. Here's a link to some great post hip surgery exercises: http://orthoinfo.aaos.org/topic.cfm?topic=a00303. I would consider these exercises very, very moderate in intensity, but a great way to keep good technique during these movements because you're lying down while doing them. If I were to take it up a notch or two in intensity, if you're ready, I would do this: front plank, side plank right and left. Great for the core, great for the body. All movement comes from the core, develop a strong core, other movements are strengthened. Establish a base line, like 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Do that amount of time front (30 seconds), right side (30 seconds), left side (30 seconds) without taking a break = 1 set. Start with one set two or three times per week, work-up to 2 sets. Then increase the time by five or ten seconds. It doesn't have to hurt or be hard to be effective. Adherence is most important! Next, add a squat, BUT make sure you have perfect form: knees behind the feet as you lower your body, knees track straight, and only go down as far as you are comfortable, weight on the heels of the feet. Again, do an amount that doesn't tax or fatigue you. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HURT TO BE EFFECTIVE! Last exercise, cross lateral balancing moves like I show in the video. Stand on a single leg, move your arms and offside leg like you're classic skiing. Use a wall or ski pole for balance until you don't need it. Also stand on one foot and swing the offside leg out to the side (also described in my video and at the site linked above). That's it: planks, shallow squats, cross lateral balancing moves. My last tip, do short, quick sets throughout day. I set an alarm every 55 minutes while I work in the office. When the alarm goes off, I do squats, planks, push-up and pull-ups. I keep it to one set, then go back to work. It truly amazes me the definition and strength gains I developed from a little pushing, pulling, squatting and planking throughout the day. ONE MORE LAST TIP: eat a low inflammation diet. The best low inflammation diet? I think it's this: low carb, no sugars, no grains of any kind, avoid seed oils (canoloa, cotton, soy, etc) at all costs, eat healthy fats like avocados, coconuts, olive oils, butter, animal fats (butter, lard), eat healthy protein (fish, chicken, beef, lamb and animal innards, sardines, etc) and tons of veggies. With your protein, try to go grass fed and finished.

  3. Thank you for the link.  I use your video to stretch and warm up for my 3X week brisk walk.  I am determined to be a strong XC skier by next winter.

  4. Hello from the Methow! I typed in dynamic skate ski stretches on google and your video came up first. Thanks for the inspiration! See ya back in Bend sometime soon!

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