#18, Iran part 4, Isfahan – Märchen aus 1001 Nacht

#18, Iran part 4, Isfahan – Märchen aus 1001 Nacht

We are in the Friday Mosque in Esfahan. It is the biggest Mosque in Iran,.. which is build during different time periods. It is built out of bricks.. .. with beautiful mosaics made out of bricks. At some spots you find colorful tiles, and at other spots impressive stucco.. .. and the different construction phases are quite visible. This is a superb breakfast every day. Pomegrenade, vegetables,.. delicious. Last breakfast. Ulla and Bernd want to leave us alone. Unfortunately! They are so stressed. They have to ride very fast to Dubai. Hahaha! Into the warmth! That is right. It is a little bit cold here. But therefore you still have a mountain pass of 3500m ahead of you. Yes, we will see! And the cuffs are already prepared. Now they are leaving. Next time we will meet them will be around 05.01…. in Dubai. Finally we reached the terrace. We need to fill our stomachs. And where do we go now? Into an old tea house. Tea, Coffee, Lunch? Lunch. Thank you! We had really good food here. It is the 19.11., my birthday! And we are in Esfahan.. ..with Ali Baba and the 1000 robbers. and 1000 and 1 night. If I am moving the camera upwards, you see the entrance of the big Mosque at the square. That is the next site to visit. Before that we visited the Palast… mmm Ali Qapu Palace! Correct. And we are at the moment at the Imam square, which is so beautiful and with only a few visitors.

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  1. und was war das doch für ein hoch modernes land bevor der khomein den schar von persien stürzte. traurig zu sehen wie dieses einst hochendwikelteland zurück in die steinzeit gefallen ist. 🙁

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