2,000 POUNDS OF DRY ICE POOL CHALLENGE! (Police Called) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2,000 POUNDS OF DRY ICE POOL CHALLENGE! (Police Called) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

here goes Papa Jake into the world’s
biggest pool pool dries one almost forgot you guys here we go
oh no no this that’s this isn’t good this isn’t good
at all Logan you got to get over here right now all right this is an extreme
emergency yes yes to the old house just get over
here right now Oh Jake what’s going on why did you call me all the way back to
the old house Logan I don’t think you realize what’s going on I was on my
computer here doing some research and I came across these snow monkeys Jake
those are polar bears poking it doesn’t matter what they’re called okay when I
read online says that there’s something called global warming and Logan this is
making the polar bears want to move away from their home Logan if we don’t do
something these polar bears are gonna be gone they’re all gonna move to Florida
like my grandpapa I don’t even know what you’re saying like the polar bears
aren’t going to Florida not if I have something to do with the Logan I’m
composing a solution it has been so hot outside Papa Jake can’t even go swimming
the pool is so hot you could literally cook a spaghetti in it but I have an
idea what can I have got a guy on my phone I can call up and he can deliver
us enough dry ice to cool down that pool Jake that’s literally gonna salt
absolutely nothing let’s go solve everything walking is good it’s gonna
bring the polar bears back trust me Papa Jake’s gonna do something about
global warming yeah it’s Papa Jake send me all your dry ice and we are back with
a brand new video and today guys we are following up with a video you guys have
been wanted for quite some time Logan’s been over a year has been over a year
since we filled the pool with a ton of dry ice and today we are exactly doing
that again but even bigger guys on the last video you absolutely crushed the
like button I mean the like button is no longer there because you got over
360,000 likes on the last video that was insane we are going double what we did
last year because guys it has been so hot I mean the pool literally is hot
enough to cook spaghetti and trust me I’ve tried
I made some perfect Papa Jake spaghetti in this pool but that’s besides the
point guys we need to cool it down and that’s why we’ve ordered double the
amount of dry today and we’re gonna be dropping it all
in the pool plus doing some really fun dry stuff because it’s a blast to play
around but here is all of our dry ice dude there is an eat spoon of dry ice
walk your I feel like I’m on an earth that’s actually kind of cold on my feet
you can just feel the cool rainy guys like an air conditioning unit so
obviously this isn’t right looks like it’s covered in bags but we’ve got eight
massive ice cubes of dry ice straight from Antarctica so I think that’s where
it comes from alright let’s bring all this out to uh
to the pool and get it set up on the outside oh it’s so cool back home for the double
driest pickup oh this is really cool alright let’s get this over the pool and
now every single one of these blocks is out and ready to be thrown in the pool
so the next step is to check it out and see what it looks like
this is it right here block Oakland Cap’n it’s starting to smoke out but
it’s gonna smoke up even more once we put this in the pool and guys I cannot
explain you how cool this is like I’m wearing gloves but even right here like
this is frigid feels like it’s negative like 40 degrees outside
alright guys so this is one of the blocks of dry ice and as you can see in
the Sun there it is absolutely just well it’s turning into gas because it’s dry
it doesn’t actually melt and get wet but I want to show you guys just how cold
this is and give you the examples so that almost went down my foot okay
alright so this is it you can’t hold it for very long as it starts to freeze the
glove but if you put it in something like water and add a little bit of soap
I’m gonna move this because this year to go crazy this is what happens check this
out guys dude look at that dude their smoke bubble so this is gonna
start getting really smoky it’s almost like a witch’s cauldron or something
gonna pop the biggest football in the world in three two one clap my hands in
three two one mmm that’s smoky alright well we’re
gonna be pouring all of this in the pool guys so this is gonna be the pool and me
and Logan are gonna be both swimming in here and getting it’s probably not a
great idea Logan why is that well this I won’t be able to
see you if you’re over here and I’m over here it’s gonna be all very low
visibility and it’s the this is getting really cold in my hands guys I think
this is gonna work I think we’re gonna turn the pools temperature down at least
10 15 degrees 3 2 1 oh oh that was a massive bubble before you do some more
experiments and actually jump in the pool with this let’s get it all stacked
up here so we can see what we’re working with and then we can start throwing it
into the pool all right guys now that we’ve got all the dry ice check out how
much this is guys so this is a ton of dry ice guys when we bought this the
people at the store honestly could not believe that we purchased this amount of
dries and we’re gonna be dumping all of it into the pool you ready to do this
dude tape tape before we do it you got to remember safety right oh yes that’s
right yeah yeah okay all right guys jokes aside dry ice is dangerous it’s
extremely cold and well if you play with it you could hurt yourself so remember
guys do not try this at home because this this is danger thrown in the pool
also I set up mr. smiley over there asking me bonus points Logan I don’t
know what’s gonna happen I don’t know if it would sink him you hit mr. smiley
it’s some extra bonus points but let’s get this a pool and have some fun let’s
get it in dude you look big block let’s see what happens three two one Oh Oh got
it got it oh dude is like breathing get all of these in the school as quick
as possible and then once it’s in I’m gonna jump inside with the GoPro and
we’re gonna see Kaplan – this is crazy insane this is like double the size of
last year guys and I know this is double from the last video but if you guys want
even again and go even bigger smash that like button down below and we will
double this another size for a triple size dry ice challenge before it covered in those Papa’s ate
into the world’s biggest pool pool dries won almost forgot you guys here we go I literally jumped in I hit the center
of the pool and it pushed me away it’s a go it’s like a really strong guys the
backyard is quite literally filling with dry eyes smooth on the ground right now
and look at the guys are in the middle there if you jump in it literally pushes
you to the side I’m gonna grab the goggles to go down there guys we may
have messed up this might have been one of the people at the store asked us if
we’re sure we want this much dry ice I think we overdid this way too much whoa this is getting crazy guys it’s
just a wallet and this is a lot of fun it’s worth it dude lookit back guys guys
take a look at mr. smiley he’s honestly just been chillin here this is hired
time this piece of dress hasn’t done anything on him at all but the water is
extremely cold here we give that is could literally get lost in here I could
barely even see when I come down here this is the most riots I’ve ever seen in
a pool this is definitely why they told us not to do this there is so much in
here look at the geyser if you try to swim you that it literally just pushes
you away guys this is probably the craziest experiment we’ve ever done the
pool has cooled down a little bit the Logan I don’t you notice but it’s uh-oh
mission successful mission no high five man is successful the fools cool down
but guys do not forget like I said do not try this at home it can be extremely
dangerous Logan look we did such a good job of
cooling the pool the polar bears in fact Logan what look at them we got polar
bears back in the pool we saved the planet we’re gonna told you the polar
bears were all gone now they’re coming back
those are polar bears Logan have you never seen a polar bear on TV oh I knew
Papa Jake could do it I knew Papa Jake could stop global warming and that’s
exactly what I did Logan I win a hand in it hey Logan do you do you know there’s
police at the front door though well gets the toss the watch oh we gotta go
we gotta go right now go out the back door go out the back door Jake what’s
going on where are we going looking at I don’t know I just I ran I ran Logan I
don’t know if that’s a real cop or not look we haven’t done anything wrong how
do we even know that’s a real cop this isn’t good this isn’t good look I’m
taking us back to our old house we got to figure this all out
Jake we can’t just run what if we go back and talk to them a little we can’t
go back now we’ve already started to run okay like I said I don’t even know if
they’re real that someone could hire them someone could’ve someone could’ve
set us up told them we did something no no we just we gotta get out of here we
got to go keep the camera on let’s just document everything doc document all of
this we need to show our viewers what’s going on maybe they can help us figure
out why the cops are after us

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  1. Hey, guys, we will update you on the situation in our next video in the meantime let me know if. you see anything suspicious in this video that can help us!!! Papa Jake Family IS STRONG! โœŒ๐Ÿป

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