Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is AMAZING

So we’re in the town of Peru getting ready to hop on Peru rail to head to wherever it is we’re going to head to get onto the Inca Trail. By itself, the train ride is pretty amazing. You”ll travel through some pretty spectacular scenery on your way to the Continue Reading

Sakhalin Island, Russia on $200. Seafood, Skiing and Sushi

The main thing that penal colony works did was mine for coal As you can see they’d bring the coal up to the surface on these sleds. Here you see a model of the first oil rig as you probably know today oil is a big deal on Sakhalin. But Continue Reading

Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Wedge Turns: Skiing Tips

Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of Expert Village. In this tutorial we will cover beginning skiing. In this clip we’ll cover how to make a wedge turn which is simply a turn across the hill from the wedge position. To Continue Reading

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : One-Foot Spins in Ice Skating

Hello my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I teach at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at www.www.pinesicearena.com. Now I will teach you how to do “One Foot Spin”. This way I will bring my arms the same way I did on the Continue Reading

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : How to Stop in Ice Skating

Hello my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I teach at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at www.Www.pinesicearena.com. Now when you’re a good skater and you skate fast, one thing you need to learn is how to stop on the ice. One thing Continue Reading

SKATERS vs. THE WORLD! | Skateboarding Kick Outs / Skaters vs. Haters

Yo, what’s up guys hope you’re doing well I just have a couple of dates in a couple questions before the video starts So we’re getting close to a hundred thousand subscribers And I kind of want to know I want to figure out what the prize is for The Continue Reading

Why I love to Skate, Skate memories

Why i love to skate and the winner of the free socks. Why I love to skate. Shaun here at shop task YYC. Super exciting for me to be here again today. I get to share a little bit more about myself and maybe articulate a little bit on why Continue Reading

Learning to Swim as An Adult: How To Glide in Water

Hi I’m Alex and I’m a certified swimming instructor with AquaMobile. Let’s recap our previous lesson when we learned how to do front and back floats. Remember, when doing back floats, to tilt your chin slightly back and look up at the ceiling. Push your hips and stomach up to Continue Reading

TOP Walking on Water Challenge! Awesome Swimming Pool Games!

(video game music) – [Kyle] Welcome back to Kyle’s toys and games. Let’s have some fun. (splashing water) – What’s up guys? Today we’re showing you five awesome pool games that we love to play in our pool. Because we moved into this house, with an awesome pool, and we Continue Reading


olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and a mobile addict on his birth date so if you remember last week I showed you the worst skate ever today because it’s my birthday I’m gonna skate those plastic wheels that came on that skate and because I’m 37 I’m about Continue Reading