Swimming With Red Belly Piranhas – River Monsters

Welcome to my piranha pool. Here at a local hotel, just like my favourite [James] Bond villian, I’ve filled a small swimming pool with over a 100 Red-bellied piranhas, and they haven’t eaten for days! It’s the perfect opportunity to test just how voracious these creatures are. Everybody knows about Continue Reading

Swim Like Lucy Charles-Barclay | Swimming Technique Analysis

– Right, If I asked you to think of one of the fastest swimmers in the sport of triathlon, I’m pretty sure most of you would think of Lucy Charles-Barclay. Yeah, she has brought a whole new dynamic to the long-distance racing scene. She basically just attacks from the off Continue Reading


3 guys on Triskates in Cape Town Olá Youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict. we are in Cape Town me, Ramon Daniels and Greg the Rapper he doenst want to be seen so, we´re on the top f this hill and we´re about to start Continue Reading

Inline Speed Skating, Part 1: TO2015 Pan Am Games Hopefuls

This is probably the coolest sport I know because it’s a combination between short track speed skating and roller derby. You’re really on the edge of your chair when you’re watching that sport. Everybody’s moving everywhere. It’s just pretty cool; pretty exciting. I grew up as a hockey player. I Continue Reading

Tonya Harding Gets Back in the Ice Skating Rink Following National Attention

Tonya Harding is back on the ice are you home on the ice absolutely I mean this is my sanctuary I just love it so much that’s why I’m here the release of the critically acclaimed movie I Tonya starring Margot Robbie has put the spotlight back on the real Continue Reading

I Trained Like A Professional Figure Skater | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but every so often I like to try — I’m gonna do it again and just do it slowly. But every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at the Chelsea Piers Sky Rink to see if Continue Reading

Obamacare Takes a Price Hike: The Daily Show

But let’s move on to our main story. A little bit more serious. It’s about Obamacare. All right, if that’s where you get your health insurance, uh, the one doctor who does accept you, well, he has some bad news. Millions of Americans will face big price hikes and fewer Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Stockli Laser AX Skis 2019-Skis.com

Hi I’m Thom I just got done riding the Stockli Laser AX, and well this kind of carving ski usually isn’t my bread and butter, this is about as fun as they come. It is an absolute riot. I don’t think i’ve skied a ski that feels as polished and Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Volkl 90Eight Skis 2019-Skis.com

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the Volkl 90Eight. Great ski for that strong intermediate to expert level skier who wants to spend their time divided between on the groomers and getting off into the soft snow. 98mm underfoot it can really do both very, very well. Continue Reading