Swimmers vs Sharks Adventure! Swimming with Real Swimmers and Sharks in Swimming Pool!

– Here’s out Pikachu that we hydro-dipped in our last video, but look, he got some paper towel stuck to him. Man. He looks kinda like he’s had a bad day, anyways. Our hydro-dipped fidget spinner turned out awesome though, didn’t it? Doesn’t that look cool? Actually don’t know what Continue Reading

Swimming Stuffies: Kids Breathing Exercises

This is Greer demonstrating swimming stuffies, a lovely tool for teaching children how to inhale and exhale with belly breathing. So she is laying in corpse pose and we’ve placed a stuffed cow on her tummy. As she takes a deep inhale the cow will rise. As she exhales the Continue Reading

First Hike: Immigrants and refugees set foot into the Outback – The Feed

I’m Farouq and I’m 19 years old. I was born in Syria in a city called Aleppo. I have been plumber for around 9 years. I start working when I was 11 years old with my dad. Aleppo was so, so nice city, I really enjoyed living in Aleppo as Continue Reading

The Best Towns in Colorado

the best towns in Colorado Breckenridge Colorado this beautiful mountain town is located a little over an hour away from Denver and has a beautiful Main Street with shops art and food along with drinks from the Breck brewery and Breck distillery breck is also a popular ski destination and Continue Reading

(롤러스케이트 초보) 쉽게 뒤로타는 법 + 코너링

Hi guys, this is my last video on basic roller skating. I’ll tell you about how to roller skate backwards. My next video will be about how to roller dance for beginners, so if you need these videos, or just enjoy them, please subscribe. There are a lot of videos Continue Reading

THE BEST HIKE IN MADEIRA – Pico Areiro to Pico Ruivo | twoplustwocrew

Just having breakfast and trying to try to work out where to go today … pico Areiro to Pico Ruivo so that’s good seems like a lot of people just come to this lookout it’s about 10 mins with kids when it’s clear you can see for miles but increased Continue Reading

La Sportiva Men’s Core High GTX Hiking Boot

An innovative offering from La Sportiva, the Core High GTX grants lightweight performance with an array of features that are sure to appeal to hikers and backpackers. Let’s take a look at all of its features. The upper is a full synthetic upper with this nanocell technology. It is a Continue Reading

2019 Salomon XDR Series Skis Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Adam from Skis.com and today I want to talk to you about a fantastic new line of skis from Salmon. These are the XDR’s. XDR has a ski for everyone from your bare bones beginner starting with the XDR 75 all the way up to your hard charging Continue Reading

Ice Skating Fails Compilation | The Best Painful Fails On ICE Of 2017 | Ice Skating Falls

Ice Skating Fails Compilation | The Best Painful Fails On ICE Of 2017 | Ice Skating Falls you were hot mama the phone they’re gonna fall they’re gonna fall kid can let me go a little fast teachers here he’s going to really date about now backpack her hot mama Continue Reading

How to Ice Skate : How to do Backward Strokes on Ice Skates

Hi, I’m Simon Fisher and I’m here at the Clearwater Ice Arena in Clearwater, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village. Hi, my name is Bill Shanks. I’m going to demonstrate for you some backwards stroking. Backward stroking once again, it is very important to keep your whole upper body Continue Reading