How to Ice Skate : How to do a Forward Swizzle on Ice Skates

Hi I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater Florida. On behalf of Expert Village. Hi I’m Georgia Delile with the Clearwater Ice Arena, and I’m going to show you how to do proper forward swizzles, backward swizzles and backward wiggles. To do a proper Continue Reading

Freestyle Ice Skating: Donut Tutorial

Hey guys! There is a trick from the early days of freestyle, even though the whole freestyle is still new. It is called the Donut or Circle, and this is a tutorial for it. Let me introduce you the master of the Donuts: Alex. What we did is: he sent Continue Reading

Why Are The Netherlands a Speed Skating Dominant Force? | Olympics on the Record

If you’re planning a route to Olympic gold, here are some sports and nations you may wish to avoid. In women’s ice hockey, watch out for Canada. For rowing, don’t take on Britain in the men’s four. Kenya just don’t lose when it comes to the 3000m steeplechase. And nor Continue Reading

Skating Santiago with the Pros – Red Bull Ruta 5 – Part 2

Nothing else to say about the stay and how well Red Bull has treated us. ♪ (music) ♪ We had to head downtown, and the street seemed to be all ours, right? And we were living all that energy, we were all together; more than 30 persons having fun, riding Continue Reading

5 Slide Stops on Inline Skates

Slide to Stop … here are five ways to do it Slalom turns are good for controlling speed Put a lot of weight on the outside leg Push with the heel If you do it hard enough the otuside skate will slide Fall back on the inside skate and repeat Continue Reading

Build Swimming Pool Water Slide Around Three – Story Bamboo House

Build Swimming Pool Water Slide Around Three – Story Bamboo House

Build The Most Underground Water Slide House Around Swimming Pool

Dig To Build Most Underground Water Slide House Around Swimming Pool By Ancient Skill

Havasupai Falls, Arizona – Hiking Back To The Hilltop | 4K | PT. 3 of 3

Morning Everyone! It’s 3:16am. And we’re heading out. Ok, we just dropped off our bags. And…we’re starting our hike. Ok, it’s 3:34am. And we just left the campground. We’re hiking up the hill next to the Havasupai waterfall. That’s the waterfall at night. What’s to the right? Hey fox! It’s Continue Reading

Hiking to Kjeragbolten (the Boulder of Kjerag) | VISIT NORWAY

Hikers that make their way up to Kjerag – are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Lysefjord. My name is Johannes, and I work as a nature guide in Norway. This is a demanding 6 hour 11 kilometer hike Along the way you will bridge approximately 800 meters of Continue Reading