3 Triathlon Swimming Technique Tips: Breathing for Freestyle

When I first got into Triathlon it was after about 20 years of never being in the pool I was actually quite afraid of the water a few years later I went from struggling to swim just a 25-yard length to actually completing a nine-hour 17-Mile 27 kilometer Marathon swim Continue Reading

Appalachian Trail – WHY WE HIKE (original version)

Today’s December 20th 2009 and I just spent the last two hours shoveling out my driveway and the sidewalk and while I was doing that I was thinking about hiking and all the great people I met while hiking the Appalachian Trail and seems kinda silly, I know, but today Continue Reading

Exploring Ojai: Arts, hiking, funky shopping and travel tips for this hip California town

Hi, I’m Rosie, an editor at Where. Today we’re in Ojai, a small town nestled in a valley about 80 miles north of Los Angeles. Ojai is known for being an artsy, eco-conscious community with everything from gorgeous hiking trails to funky shops and luxury spas, and there’s a charming, Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Head V Shape V6 Skis 2019-Skis.com

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the Head V-Shape V6. Great ski for that athletic intermediate skier who is just looking to carve on the front side. It has Heads LightTech technology, which really surprised me as to how light this ski felt on your feet, but Continue Reading

INEOS News 9 – Jim Ratcliffe, Manufacturing in Belgium & Olympic Ice Skating

– Hello and welcome to Antwerp, Belgium. This is one of 11 plants we have here and we’ll be travelling to four of those sites to find out what plastics, pipes and beer have in common. Coming up, Belgium. Famous for chocolate, waffles and plastic. We take a look at Continue Reading

All About Winter Sports | Skiing, Ice Skating, Sledding & More | Wiki for Kids at Cool School

Hi! It’s me, Nikki, with an all-new Nikki’s wiki. Today’s wiki is all about winter sports. My favorite winter sport is throwing snowballs at my brother! Playing sports outside in the freeeezing cold has actually been around for a very long time! In fact, the first set of skis were Continue Reading

Unwelcome Gator In The Family Swimming Pool | Gator Boys

we are the Gator boys are you doing alligator yeah what’s up oh yeah there is an alligator new partner and you don’t want it in the pool huh nope no how are you gonna catch the alligator I’ll probably just go in the water and get in close and Continue Reading