2015 Rollerblade Mens Inline Skate Buying Guide by INLINESKATESdotCOM

Thanks for joining us at inlineskates.com. We’re going to run you through the 2015 Rollerblade Men’s inline Skate Buying Guide. This will give you the opportunity to research feature upgrades and price comparisons. Starting at the bottom and moving all the way up the line. The Rollerblade Zetrablade. Some key Continue Reading

Inline skating in Shenzhen, China with triskates

click on that pal button click on your bad click on the top button and click on ola youtube my name is Raquel lino and a wheel addict in China check what I am right now I’m on the 20th floor from a hotel not really hotel it’s a wig Continue Reading

Disco Dancing And Roller Skating (TBBT: 3×14 – The Einstein Approximation)

oh my god have you ever been so embarrassed not recently I don’t know which was lemur their roller-skating or their disco dancing for me the worst part was when people saw us leave with them thanks to you – you notice all the people looking at us how we’re Continue Reading

Winter Wonderland: Ice Skating In Australia! | The Rybka Twins

(holiday music) – [Teagan] Mandurah! We made it guys, here is the ice rink. We are totally getting a penguin because they are so cute. They’re meant to help the kids. – [Sam] We’re going to need help though. – [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam. – Continue Reading

HOW TO ICE SKATE: Forward Crossover Skating Tutorial

hi guys today we are going to be doing forward crossovers by the end of this video you’ll be skating like a pro alright guys we got this first we are going to warm up with a basic exercise just practicing lifting the foot up and crossing over think about Continue Reading