I Dressed Like It Was 1977

[ ♪ INTRO MUSIC ♪ ] Hello friends, and welcome to another video. Today, I’m gonna be dressing like we did 40 years ago, in 1977. 1977 was the year that brought us Annie Hall, the first personal Apple computer, Space Mountain, and the births of Kanye West, Shakira, and Continue Reading

Travel Professors – Hiking from Tung Chung to Tai O, Hong Kong

So, today we are hiking from Tung Chung to Tai O in Hong Kong. Even in urban destinations now people look for activities that they can do in nature. Even in urban destinations they look for activities like hiking, kayaking and other soft adventures. In fact, in Hong Kong it’s Continue Reading

Bodega Bay Hiking (2019)

I’m Crystyn. I’m Doug. And you’re watching Travels and Travails. Today we are hiking Kortum Trail near Bodega Bay. The Kortum Trail is a 4-mile trail that starts at Wright’s Beach and ends at Blind Beach. The trailhead starts just above the beach but there’s also a connecting trail from Continue Reading

How To Misty 900 On Skis

With any basic axis there are many spin variations.When it comes to Misty 900 there are two ways to execute it. One is to keep adding spin after setting the Misty axis to the end of the trick. The other is to add to spin before getting into the Misty Continue Reading

Exercises for Skiing and Snowboarding – Leg Press

Hi, guys. This is Michael from St Leonards Physio So, this month, me and Chris are just running through some exercise videos in preparation for this upcoming snow season. Commonly, we see people come into the practice that have injuries from being down the snow. A lot of these times, Continue Reading


WHAT IS UP MY CRANKY CREW! It’s Ethan from CrankGameplays and today we are here in some–*knocking on door* The fuck is that? *knocking a yelling continue* Ethan: Who’s here? Ethan: Hey– Parker: *in skater boi voice* Sup Dude! Happy Birthday! Wanna go skateboards? Ethan: How did you find out Continue Reading

Skiing with Osmo & P4Pro | Travel Film Haukeli, Norway Drone Video

Welcome to my familys cabin in the mountains. This episode will mostly be about me having fun and celebrating easter, and I will do some tests with my Osmo Mobile, and of course fly some with my drone. I dont have any big projects, but we´ll see what I can Continue Reading

Metsäsuksilla Helvetinjärvellä | Yö ulkona -15°C

Hey guys, and hello from Helvetinjärvi National Park in Finland Let´s head out for 24 hours again On this one we´ll head to the more remote areas of the park no tourists, very quiet backcountry I´ve got my new forest skis. Thanks for joining me! It´s the 24th of January Continue Reading