Waterfalls in the United States – Graveyard Fields, North Carolina Vlog

hello and welcome to our channel this is Jamie from Explorcation this is the second video in our North Carolina series and highlights our hike to the waterfalls at the graveyard fields and we made it to six different breweries and one coffee shop we enjoyed each of them for Continue Reading

How to Play Ice Hockey : Skating with a Hockey Puck

Alright when your stick handling, you always want to keep your uh knees bent, keep moving that puck, keep your head up. Keep skating, keep moving that puck, you always want to know where the puck is at all times, but keep your head up so you can see the Continue Reading

Wilderness Hike, Death Valley

[birds chirping] Class is over Spring break is officially beginning I just woke up, I’m late to my meeting, I’m walking the wrong way. I’m about to meet everyone, I feel really bad because my alarm didn’t go off Up, there they are Good morning! I’m really excited for Death Continue Reading

Popeye Breathing Technique for Swimmers: Swim Training by SwimSmooth – Ep. 6

Keeping one goggle in the water and one goggle out is a very abstract way to make sure you’re keeping your breathing head or your head position, I should say, when you’re breathing in the right spot. It’s a nice abstract thing to look for, is this line that separates Continue Reading

Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the Cody trust shot. Yippee. Dude Perfect. What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect. I’m Logan. World champion boomerang thrower. Let’s have some fun! Let’s turn the lights out. This one’s called the balloonerang. Very nice! Now over the years here, we’ve developed some targets with nice payoffs here Continue Reading

The Best Swimming holes in Colorado

Devil’s Punchbowl near Aspen Colorado just off of Independence pass is this beautiful swimming hole the swimming hole offers cliffs to jump off and beautiful green water to cool down in about an hour away from Colorado Springs is Paradise Cove it is a short hike from the highway and Continue Reading

Things To Do In Colorado Springs – Hiking Edition

hey what’s up everybody it is mark with my Front Range living and we often get asked what are some of our favorite hikes here in Colorado Springs because let’s be honest everybody moves to Colorado Springs for the outdoor beauty and the adventure that comes with it . so Continue Reading