Hi this is Jens at Stomp It Tutorials! In this video I’m going to show you the first 10 tricks to learn on skis. I think it’s important to learn these tricks in this order because, each of these tricks builds upon the next one. When you learn it in Continue Reading

OFF ICE Figure Skating Jumps!

hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my channel today we’re going to work on off ice skating woohoo if you want better singles doubles and triples we got to do these jumps then this video is for you hope you guys are ready for this i usually have shoes Continue Reading

Skate World: France

SAMIR KRIM: That was a fun cruise. Like, we would just go from Bastille, which is on the other side of town, and we would just ride, you know? All along the Seine. Come skate that spot, then go skate that spot, then go skate the museum. And in the Continue Reading

Force of flight: BYU skating device measures impact of jumps and landings

When a figure skater lands a jump, she lands with about five to eight times her bodyweight in force. Those high magnitude forces are due to the fact that she’s moving really quickly. She’s landing from a height. She doesn’t have time to absorb those forces through the body, so Continue Reading

Julia Oppedisano | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Swim and Dive

(water splashing) – Strength, flexibility, repetition, grace, precision, athleticism, awareness. We combine all aspects of athletics. We visualize the movement. We take a breath and then we jump. (water splashing) (soft music) I grew up grow up in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, I did gymnastics pretty much my whole childhood, Continue Reading

Throwing a Gay Pride Roller Disco Party

– Hi everyone! It’s Tyler, and to celebrate the end of “Chosen Family” Season Two, I decided to invite all of you guys to come do my favorite thing of all time while being gay, and that is rollerskating. Me and my queer friends always come here for Gay Night, Continue Reading

The BEST GoPro Mounts for Skiing – Hero 7 & Hero 6

As you can see the weather today is not ideal for skiing. So I decided to show you the different mounts and accessories for skiing. Over the last few years I have tried many different mounts. In this video, I will show you which GoPro mounts I find most suitable. Continue Reading