HOW TO NEGATIVE ACID // aggressive inline skating grind tutorial

Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Ino and I’m a wheel addict today I’m going to teach you an avenue my favorite three color graphics game negative x so negative Estes has been my safe Street it’s kind of waiting for some people that’s a trick like negative asset it’s Continue Reading

How to Do the Axel Jump! Figure Skating Tips

hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are gonna master a difficult jump the axle so the axel is a scary jump because you’re jumping forward and rotating one and a half times in the air but don’t worry we got this I’m going to show you a Continue Reading

ICE SKATING TO MOVIE MUSIC! | Alexandra Palace Ice Rink | Emma Grace London

Hello I’m Emma Grace and this is Emma Grace London On the weekend I went ice-skating at Alexandra Palace Where they had a special themed night We just had the Oscars So they had an Oscars movie music themed ice-skating night Spoilers – I loved it! The night was hosted Continue Reading

Brewstew – Couple Skate

Alright, when I was in fourth grade, I had a crush on this chick This chick was pretty popular, she was WAY out of my league This shitty drawing doesn’t really do it justice So I’m just gonna use a picture of Topanga from Boy Meets World *Pop* Yeah, that’s Continue Reading

Drinking & Skating w/ Dustin Dollin – Epicly Later’d – VICE

DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m going too fast. (SINGING) Little red corvette. See if you can hear me. PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah I can hear you. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Can you hear me? Is that way better? Can you hear me now? Aren’t you the fucking filmer? I’m just a puppet. PATRICK O’DELL: Hi. Continue Reading

FENRIZ of Darkthrone hiking in Norway on TV (English subtitles)

I’m a Swedish guy who made this upload and sub. Excuse me if I did not get both languages correct. //Herr Tompa Here you go. Philosophical I say, if you take your children to the forest. Even if they like it or not. You have showed them an “extra room” Continue Reading

Hiking Torres del Paine Circuit & W in Chile (Patagonia Expedition #08)

In the previous episode, we saw ice cracking down from the Perito Moreno glacier and listened to the story of the cyclists from Pedal South. Now, we’re back in Chile and doing the full 8-day circuit hike in the National Park Torres del Paine. (Kristin) Hola from Torres del Paine. Continue Reading

Ice Skating: Tonya Harding Attack on Nancy Kerrigan [1994]

That’s smash of a baton on Nancy Kerrigan’s knee kept her out of the National Skating Championships and on the front page for months. It meant she couldn’t qualify for the Winter Olympics in February. The whispers began immediately that people close to rival Tonya Harding were involved. I can’t Continue Reading

Freestyle Ice Skating: Spiderman Tutorial

Hey guys! Look what a lovely day we have here! So, let’s do another tutorial. This time about spiderman! I had troubles learning this, because no one was teaching me. That’s why I made this tutorial for you. The challenging part was to find the FINAL correct position. It was Continue Reading