Meet the Woman Balancing a Career in Architecture & Professional Hockey | Mission Unstoppable

professional goalie Kimberly Sass is one fierce hockey player but surprise she’s also an architect I love art and that you kind of create your own rules whereas architecture the rules are kind of presented to you we all know that architects design buildings but did you know that architectural Continue Reading


hey guys today I am with Olga, her youtube channel is called Wardrobe on Cruise, she’s filming a videos about fashion and today we are filming a video together about ice skating rinks in Milan and we are going to explore like five or four of them. The first one Continue Reading

Olympian Johnny Weir joins Netflix’s ‘Spinning Out’ ice skating drama

 What is two-time Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir doing after his return to the spotlight as NBC’s Olympics commentator? Oh nothing, just acting in a new Netflix series  Weir, who made his acting debut in 2016’s Zoolander 2, will now costar in the 10-episode drama series Spinning Out with Maze Continue Reading

Jackass: The Movie (4/10) Movie CLIP – Rocket Skates (2002) HD

Hello. I’m johnny knoxville And we’re about to test my rocket skates. Go! (rockets whistling) (explosions) (chuckling) All right, this is rocket skates, take two. (rockets whistling) (explosion) (grunting) (whistling) (explosion) This one’s gonna be a little more powerful Than the last one, so… Why, these are different bottle rockets? Continue Reading

Wet City “Chapter 02″ | adult swim smalls

♪♪ I wasn’t much of a sailor before the flood. Even now I never got used to the open water. Nothing in sight for thousands of miles. And beneath it all, strange creatures inhabiting a forgotten world. Under normal circumstances, I might’ve stopped for some treasure hunting, but not today. Continue Reading