Rollerblades, Roller Skates, And Ice Skates: What’s The Difference?

What’s up Skate Fam? David Lawliet from Double D Skate here. Have you ever wondered about the difference between skating in Inlines, Quads, and Ice skates? I know I wondered about it a lot, which is why I have finally put together a comparison of all three skates, how they Continue Reading

Do You Love Swimming Pools in Summer? Let Us Ruin That for You

How’s your summer going? Did you spend a lot of time in the pool? Have fond memories of the ol’ swimmin’ hole? Well, let me retroactively ruin them. Pools are gross. The thing about water is some pathogens absolutely thrive in it. Harmful viruses, bacteria, and protozoa can be transmitted Continue Reading

❄ Winterclash 2019 – Amateur Final – Aggressive Inline Skating Contest

Tony Hoggan Joseph Harvey Xavi Eguino Grant Hazelton Clement Boucau John Vossoughi Michael Witzemann Ren Fujiwara Martin Walchshofer Amateur Winner 1. Xavi Eguino 2. Martin Walchshofer 3. Michael Witzemann


imagine there’s a liner that when you put it in without doing anything just with the temperature of your body will adjust your foot Olá youtube, My name is Ricardo lino and I’m a Wheel Addict. today I’m going to talk to you about the recall liner from MYFIT and Continue Reading

Jack Wolfskin ACS Hike 24 Pack SKU:8570074

Hello everybody! My name is Richard and today we’re checking out this awesome hiking backpack from Jack Wolfskin Now this bag is going to allow you to carry around all your outdoor essentials really easily Have compartments and pockets throughout the front here which is nice Got loops you can Continue Reading

Ski Tips – Skiing Bumps – Advanced Ski Lesson for Moguls

The biathalon of snow sports – Ski jumping and cross-country skiing collide

I think I started skiing when i was two or three years old. Since then, I’ve been following my brother. Slowly but surely we started cross country skiing, and then ski jumping afterwards. Everything begun from there. Let’s just say- ever since I started to walk, I also started to Continue Reading