Hi, Sisters, James Charles here and Welcome back to my YouTube channel For today’s video I have something very very crazy and fun planned and that is this: take her swimming on the first date makeup Tutorial now this video is totally inspired by sister Kathleen lights she posted a Continue Reading

How To Switch Rodeo 540 On Skis

If you’ve got Misty’s dialled, Switch Rodeo 540 is essentially the sister trick to the Misty. Though there may be similarities the two tricks feel very different. The main difference is the orientation in which the trick is set on snow. Instead of a forward rotating 540 traveling forward. Switch Continue Reading

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Documentary

So we’re off the train and this marks the start of the Inca Trail. So I guess we should explain that we aren’t doing the traditional Inca trail. Normally you can do a four day walk or a 10 day walk. We’re actually only doing a two day walk. We’re Continue Reading

How To Wallie with Magnus Granér On Skis

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey. SkiManGuy, Ski Addiction back at it. Okay guys, hello, hello guys and girls and ladies and boys and gentlemen and female-e-o-nio’s! Today we are going to do a Wallie, so that means you are just smashing into something with your noses and catching air. It’s Continue Reading

15 Warm Up Movements & Excercises before Cross Country Skiing, Running or Exercise

it is David Lawrence with XC Ski Academy.com I get sixteen tips for you on how to warm up how to prepare before you go out ski now the story kinda fundamentals to these tips one said I like p week he easy its complex in part I won’t do Continue Reading

Hiking Amazing Amicalola Falls State Park – Traveling Robert