How to Rollerblade : Skating Backward: Tips & Techniques: Learn How to Rollerblade: Free Video

Hey guys Adam Silverstein again on behalf of In this next clip I am going to show you guys how to roll figu or backwards. In the previous clips I showed you how to make the transition from rolling forwards to backwards. Now what we got to do is Continue Reading

Phases of Death Volume I, Part V Stan The Crazy Roller Skate Man

Phone Rings Hello? No, Frank’s Not Here. Yes, Margaret’s Here. Margaret, Telephone! Putting her cat down, Margaret did not realize Stan the Crazy Rollerskate Man was on the loose. Oh My god! Oh my god, Barf’s dead! BARF! Baaarf! Barf the dead cat Daaah, What I do? Daah? Crazy Rollerskate Continue Reading

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Hiking to Bastille – Grenoble | A nice path with trees | Part I

So, I came back around the same place My jacket and water bottle My helmet My Quechua headscarf My cycle Yes, this is the helmet So today’s plan is I will take my cycle To go to the nearest place I have to look into the map for a parking Continue Reading

etrailer | CIPA Mirrors – Boat Mirror – CM01875 Review

Swimming in village | my village show | village comedy

Hey, nothing like that, bro. The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in ‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai is asking for them. He’s wondering why the uploads are not regular. Make Continue Reading

Barbie – The Twins Learn to Swim | Ep.93

Barbie – The Twins Learn to Swim Ah, ah ahhh… No peeking I not looking I just see if Chelsea looking Your Dad is nearly finished outside Come on Daddy! I want to see surprise! Chelsea! I… I… Alright, I was trying to see Ready! Yay! I not see where Continue Reading

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