Choosing the Correct Turn Radius by Skis com

Hi, I’m Kevin from Today I’m going to help you determine which turn radius is best for your style of skiing. On the lower end of the spectrum we have 11 meters and under. This varying range of turn radius is generally for kids skis. Next, when we get Continue Reading

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Snowboard Slam

I went snowboarding once and it was in New Jersey, and it was a like a fake mountain You know like not real snow -right- I would just- I would either bust my ass immediately, or I’d be going like 70 fucking miles an hour And I would literally like Continue Reading

“Generations” – Ski Film – Why Mad River Glen Skiers are determined to Preserve Paradise MRG, VT

Not all ski communities are cut the same and are as passionate about preserving its history that they hold so dear to their hearts My name’s Chris Crowley I ski here at Mad River Glen, our family has been skiing here since 1961 and we haven’t gotten to any other Continue Reading

Dog Life – Powder Skiing in Japan | VAUDE

“Hey, my name is Woodley.” “I know that’s an unusual name for a dog,” “but I kinda special.” “I was born here nine years ago, and I never left that goddamn freezing place.” “So I’ve got this question: what makes people come here?” “This place is so buried,” “tons of Continue Reading

Tugela Falls – Hiking to the Second Tallest Waterfall

Here we are in beautiful South Africa in the Drakensberg mountains and as you can see it’s snowing even though it’s November. Here’s our beautiful view. We’re at 10,000 meters or 10,000 feet one or the other Probably not either Not quite sure if we’re on the right trail I Continue Reading