In 3 Std von Detmold nach Münster | 100+ KM Streckenflug | XC Paragliding VLOG

In front of me is a buzzard. He climbs well past me.I’ll follow him! He must know where the core is! Thanks Buzzard! Ha Ha so freaking cool! Beautiful good morning Today for two You may have already seen Olli at one point or another “Olli is calling” (from an Continue Reading

CAPiTA Black Snowboard Of Death – 2020 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax, I’m the main snowboard buyer and one the main testers for Snowtrax. Here today to talk to you about our old favourite, The Black Snowboard Of Death. This is built by Capita for all-mountain technicians so they say but ultimately it’s their top of the tree Continue Reading

LIB TECH ORCA – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hey, Rob from Snowtrax. Here today to talk to you about the Libtech Orca. Probably a little bit late to the party last season didn’t have a chance to ride this then but managed to take it out in nice powder conditions in Austria in May. Absolutely blown away by Continue Reading

28 ways you can get disqualified. Swimming rules and regulations according to FINA

Swimming doesn’t seem like a complicated sport with a lot of rules. However, there are at least 26 rules that can get you disqualified. Start 1- On the starter’s command “take your marks”, swimmers shall immediately take up a starting position with at least one foot at the front of Continue Reading

Learning Freeride Snowboards

Freeride boards. Now freeride boards are a little bit more asymmetrical whereas free style boards They’re twin tip a freeride board can be directional meaning bindings are set back or Asymmetrical the the sidecut doesn’t doesn’t start going back right up in the center It’s set back a little bit Continue Reading

Snowboarding : Skidded Snowboarding Turns

Hi I’m Aaron. What you’re going to learn from me today is dynamic skited turns and that is nice and slow turn, make sure you slid all the way through. You can really hear it slide and feel it as it going through on each heal edge and toe edge. Continue Reading

Scenic hike along the Wild Coast, South Africa

Okay, so we are continuing our trip across South Africa. Right now we’ve arrived in the Wild Coast and we’re staying at a cool hostel called The Wild Lubanzi which is just off in the distance over there. And apparently there is a really cool hike we can do from Continue Reading

Hiking Lost Horse Mine Trail in Joshua Tree National Park, California

Alexandra: “We are in Joshua Tree National Park. We are going to hike to the Lost Horse Mine, which is about 2 miles in and 2 miles out.” “This trail use to be the wagon road to go to the mine. It’s pretty rocky.” Alex: “What do you see? Child: Continue Reading