Ranch Revolution | The Eric Andre Show | Adult Swim

It’s a ranch revolution. Pbht. Dude, you got to help me set up this urinal, mellow. My hands are tied. Oh, shit. Wait. You’re Stephany Nuggs. What’s up, Steph Nuggs? No bris-respect. You circumcised? I just spent my last dollar on clove babes. Pfft! Pfft! [ Farts ] [ Indistinct Continue Reading

Can Judges Change the Verdict of a Runaway Jury? [POLICYbrief]

Generally speaking, the term runaway jury is understood to relate to civil jurors who get so caught up in the case that they come up with a damages reward that is just not economically rational and the verdict doesn’t bear any really sort of clear, rational economic relation to the Continue Reading

Volkswagen Polo (2009-2017) buying advice

Driving a Polo again, I get why this car was a bestseller. It’s a nice companion to travel with. It’s roomy and has a nice finish. That’s why some buyers moved from a Golf to a Polo. There are a lot of options. A wide range of engines is available; Continue Reading