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my name is Ricardo lino and I’m wheel addict I’m trying to make this challenge
called 24-hour challenge on skates so I’m going to show you what happened over
the last 24 hours until we get here okay so 24 hours challenge starts now afterward so the real challenge starts now because
you see that box that little box that box I need to put that box there
these are still my feet and I got that chair so let’s see if I can make this
one work by the way if you want to know what that is these is my ghetto
microphone stand when you see my videos filmed in this
little thing that’s where the microphone goes here’s the microphone
here’s the camera here is the new food my name is Makar lino and I’m a wheel
addict today I’m going to show you how we can make all of your skates
comfortable wait 12 euros ok so today’s video is done I’m about to leave this
place let me get some light in here I’ve been working on my emails and stuff
already and now because I’m still on skates and it’s right now
10:04 Janice is waiting for me outside and we’re supposed to go for these work
together so that’s that pretty girl that makes my videos awesome hard to fit in here so this is the new Radisson rabbit alley
open today and this is probably the only opportunity this case inside this thing and that’s how you promote the hotel and
I’m running alone I got a crew there’s three boards and the security is my
friend today security I’m going to take advantage of
today I can skate so I’m going to my enjoy I enjoy the one what tell me about
your experience I don’t have my wallet so wife is buying
food so she found the cheapest healthiest place on earth I’m not
getting his salary yeah she’s a mom at home now
so first you want a willing my hobby or is the beak in the beak and check where
we are let’s see let’s see if they let me get in with digs so back at my office I have a lot to do
I need to edit some videos the video that I filmed before I have a lot of
emails and post internet posts to do so that’s what I’m gonna do next I’m gonna
keep my skates on but not really gonna skate a lot now but later I will because
Tuesday’s it’s usually the skaters night at the shred so inline skaters usually
come to the Shred but today I’m on DS so I’m gonna skate two days later on three hours later work is done here here
and here and now it’s time to skate so it’s alpha 6 I’ve been skating since
I told you but I don’t want this unit to be just me skating so I’m gonna try to
bring the camera outside now and show you a trick on roller skates and the
park is quite practice you will see right now there’s a lot of inline skate
is not a lawful like quite a few where’s the statement Chris I’m gonna ask you for a favor just
to film it yeah I almost changed I’m about to leave and
I almost took the skates off but I did it wrong I promise I didn’t I’m not I’m
not but the funny part is going to start now because you saw how much I was
hurting now I’m gonna need to shower I got very little sleep so that’s when the
fun starts I’ll try to find a way I think I need to bring the tool because
to take these pants I might need to take the trucks finally going home
that’s these are still on my feet are starting to hurt a little
bit don’t give them I’ll keep them on my dad
my office is done which means 12 hours are gone I got 12
hours more stay there I’m home baby and Jenny’s already sleeping and I
want a shower but I don’t know if I can take my pants so I’ll try but in case I
can’t I got this and I might need to take the trucks off so that I can take
my pants and and then a shower or a bot I can’t make noise and because the baby
slipping and it’s really really hard to skate inside house with my wife sleeping
and with the baby sleeping so that’s a hard challenge I’ve done a lot of heart
rates in my life but one of the hardest tricks that I’ve ever done was come out
of the bath weed teeth this was probably one of my hardest tricks ever see what time is it right now I’ll bust
man okay so it’s been about 14 hours since I started with this and I think I
gotta go to bed and I don’t want to go to bed with my skype like this and go
like wife is sleeping and I wanna touch a with my dirty outdoor skates so I had
this idea of using like some old shirt and just cover it so I’m gonna try to
cover my skate with some old shirt so that I can sleep with them and if I need
to move in the room I don’t wake up anyone not the best-looking skates but at least
a lot more hygienic you like this it smell good even my cat says it smell
good guys like this gate now let me go to bed so again it’s been 14 in about 14
hours this up with my skates on I’m not gonna show you what happens during the
night usually I need to to to feed the baby and change nappies and all that but
my wife is also gonna be sleeping on my side so speak to you in the morning
I won’t skate it’s it’s 8:00 in the morning Thursday and I’m doing these 24
hours charge what is it five minutes it’s now 847 I have two minutes more
with the skates and then I can take them out and the challenge is complete one
minute I have to admit that my feet are hurting and they’re not hurting because
of the moral of these cases they’re hurting because it’s just way too long
on skates and especially at night your feet kind of swallow a little bit and I
had to unloose the laces but I didn’t took this case out so let’s see we have
like a few seconds and then I can take these ones out
meanwhile what I can tell you why don’t you try this try it I want to see what
you got 24 hours this is a roller skates I believe that
on inline skates would be harder because every time I stand up you need to
stabilize your food in this direction so probably would be a bit harder with
inline skates then with roller skates so that might be an X charge and maybe you
want to do it so and that’s it 24 hours 24 hours now I’m gonna take away no blisters but definitely I feel some
pressure here see the skin was way more sensible in some places but anyway it’s
done so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video don’t forget
the subscribe to the channel give me some thumbs up if you liked it give me
some thumbs down if you didn’t and I think I got my scanning done for today
hope to see you guys soon just don’t forget what we all started skating
because it’s fun Cheers


  1. Janice's reaction was priceless and it seemed Deco didn't know how to handle you or what to make of you in the house. But you did it, you sir, you did it. Congrats on making it, as comfy as my inlines are, I don't think I'll make it. The tub will probably do me in, that and me skating around my office would probably get me in a fair amount of crap. Would I skate around the office if it was allowed? Hell yes I would. Good job Lino!

  2. hola Ricardo 🙂
    It's quiet funny to see how your energy and level of positive vibes rises as soon as you get to skate (at the park).
    At first you seemed a little bit stressed out or somewhat forced to film the video.
    However after the first half the video was as awesome as all of the others.
    Thank you soooooo much for your effort and great videos!
    I love your content and it makes me wanna skate everytime!
    I know it's pretty warm at your place but did you try/like ice skating before?
    Keep the good work up and thanks again! :)) <3

  3. I was thinking, man I should totally try this but then I was like… driving. I'll admit looks for cops I have driven with skates on before but I did'nt make it out of the parking lot haha, it's really hard! Usually I take my right foot out of the skate and drive like that, popping the skate back on before I exit the vehicle, but that would feel like cheating if im doing a 24hr challenge.

  4. Growing up, my local rink often had "lock-ins" – 24 hours at the rink, on skates, for various charities. They used to do them about every other month….but the best was New Year's Eve. 3 PM December 31st to 3 PM January 1st…best time EVER. Few kids ever managed to make it the whole night…my best friend and I often had the rink to ourselves as everyone was sleeping in the booths….we had a BLAST! They won't do them anymore since our stupid town now has a curfew law (that even clearly states if a minor is with their parent, they can be out past 11 PM on weekends)…but many parents don't want to be bothered if their kid calls to come home early. 🙁 Meanwhile, I'd be the crazy parent at the rink with my kids doing it! LOL

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