get down olá youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a
wheel addict it’s right now 555 557 it’s almost 6:00 and it’s Sunday
550 7 a.m. Sunday morning and I’m about to go downhill skating it’s been a while
since I went for a downhill session my knee hasn’t really been good but I
somehow feel like my knee will be strong enough for a downhill session I won’t be
able to go for like a lot of jumps and a lot of torsion in my knee but a downhill
section seems like it’s a good thing for my knee so we’ll try it all so today I’m
gonna make a little test I’m gonna test my 5 x 90 against my new boots which I
can’t really talk a lot but for 110 sand in the exact same boot I will also try
my long 3 x 125 we’re going to do one of the fastest hills it came town called
the Fair Cape and if you remember well a few months ago I made a video saying
almost 1 in this case per hour can we heat the one in that case so that’s the
exact same Hill and maybe stay there cuz today might be the day that I’m gonna
hit the 100 case per hour on skates who knows stay there is this a good wind oh it’s gonna be a
fat the wind is it yeah hopefully going downhill my shoes we’re here so apparently there’s some
tailwind which means high speeds extra speed today’s the day that I’m gonna get
to another K today mo came running from home that’s why I like that guy he’s a
little bit crazy right one set up number two and then it’s not
together yet but it’s gonna be something like let’s check what’s fastest so they
say if I put these tight things you go faster why hello thee so basically behind the
Darth Vader helmet its mighty mo guns okay in LAN machine what we’re doing
what is this thing it’s a scratch it’s a lot of dust because you don’t down you good I would like to see you know I have
an excuse I can’t really see if I go too fast enough it’s because I can’t really
see okay let’s do this test number one five times 90 the wind seems to be on
our side right yeah a small bit of tail wind not something that we were actually
expecting we’re actually expecting something way gnarlier than this but
we’ll do with a small bit of building we’ll see it’s my first time going down
this hill we’d wind in the back so yeah yeah let’s hope my knee can handle this
one just to buy shoes and ran kid you watch shut up I’ve had
enough that
very bad dogs are the worst dog wait gasps and puked up a rat drag your
butt across the carpet that’s on the wall not above all joy in your toys
making that noise very bad
the 90s is done I tried to keep this technique like the
two feet down because I haven’t been doing this in a while so that my legs
can keep for the trio’s it doesn’t seem like it’s long but it’s it’s hard on
your leg that you haven’t been doing it consistently so actually a lot the
wheelbase is not that much bigger so now I got to 110 and Moe check moe moe is
trying my five 90s because mowers been skating 584 so today is gonna be trying
the five 90s they like to size is too big so it’s me ah come on so faster than
me so let’s do this for one tens gets my nose right away just lying
straight with the flats and different cabs are circuit dance hey don’t say you
her good so that’s all we’re so is no 401 tense done my legs
are kind of killing me did we went faster or said speed okay
according to what Landon say and he’s been driving weird like ten case faster
I don’t know I’m gonna need to see it on the GoPro once I’m editing so probably
you guys saw it already on the top section okay on the top section which is
before this little drop whoo I don’t really know if it’s less stable because
I’m on why is it less stable okay according to an another F but it can
also be my legs huh yeah because my legs are also giving in but also if I’m
faster it’s also normal that it looks that I don’t know we’ll see the speed in
the end we’re looking for the is speed that we can so now I got the three 125 is the first
time that I’m gonna be using three 125 for these type of speeds it’s a lot it’s
supposed to be higher but because I got the trinity boot it’s supposed to be
lower so let’s see if it all balances it and that guy works and then in the end
let’s see if it’s faster or not my wheels in Wales we go in our whales Oh Oh in Wales gasps grass so left one yeah man my legs are killing
me let’s go to define it up that’s the last
one you’ll be seeing us skating after this so it’s the father on the 110 thank
you boys 84 here we go three two one get down the lies caricatures of endless memories lost profit alibi so far better light ow Beth died magazines magazines all right boy
goodbye was kind of like we need help with him
when I did yeah when I did a 1 foot stance I felt a lot faster but the death
needed to be with like all the wheels are same so it’s good we’re done before
this hill and now we just want to check something else but that’s not for this
video so if you want to see the next hill that we’re gonna check now me and
Moe was gonna do it but I’m not gonna show it to you he’s still like ready I’m
not gonna show you the hill because if you want to see it what do you need to
do is you need to subscribe to this channel and if you did like this video
you know what to do give me some thumbs up give me some thumbs down if you
didn’t like it and let me know why also I have no idea at what speed I went
while I’m recording this but at this time at least you know you’ve learned
something in this video but what you also need to learn in this video is to
never forgot why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers guys
hope you enjoy this one see


  1. Is the speedometer in the corner an app on the phone to measure speed? I know I use the endomondo app for long runs and it gives a max speed but would love to be able to see what my speeds are throughout a journey/downhill. Also cannot wait to hear more about those Next skates. Everytime I get the email I am on the edge of my seat hoping its your video about them.

  2. Yeahh Ricardo, amazing video. I really like it…. Makes me wanna put my skates immediately and go for a downhill sesión 😀😀

  3. This is what youtube is all about: nerdom in a global setting. So interesting to sit in a small town in Denmark (where not everything is rotten) and watch what you are doing in your South African hills. And looking forward to skate myself tomorrow if not cold winds and snow makes it impossible.

  4. I saw a kid rollerskating when I was 8-9. I had never heard or seen skates ever b4, man he was rolling on the street and jumped to the sidewalk I was like "WTF????? That is soo cool I have to do that too" I drove my mother crazy until she bought me my first pair on Rollerblades i was so proud lol

  5. Although there were too many variable (wind and fitness, especially), your experiment went about as I expected it to, with similar resulting speeds, the biggest factors contributing to differences, being tuck position and wind. All things equal, top speed will be the same for all wheel selections. Larger wheels have an advantage on flatter sections, as they carry slightly more speed with their roll. Larger wheels will also carry more speed on rougher surfaces to a very small degree. Shorter/higher: less stable/less responsive. Longer/lower: more stable/more responsive. Grip is affected by number of wheels, clearly.

    It's an interesting topic to consider, depending on the track. 4×100 on 110 frames may have a slight advantage on flatter downhill tracks to carry speed, assuming that technique is maintained. 5×90 with 90 or 84mm wheels or 5×84 are definitely the choice for any tracks that require braking or technical cornering, as it will far outweigh the slight advantage in carrying speed on flatter sections.

  6. if you will shave off you beard you will have +30% in speed. It's sticking out from underneath your helmet and decreases your aerodynamic. Believe me, i'm beardy too.

  7. Am I the only one that didn't like the PS Next boot design? Haha

    When I compare it to Imperial, Kaze and Virus boots, the Next boot looks so poor and simple.

  8. Got a 5×84 frame from a brand named Traxxart, but I don't think I'm going to do downhill. So I'm thinking on selling it.

  9. Hi!
    Is it addictive?
    Just started a few weeks ago and… d*mned sh*t can't wait being on my rollers…
    Thank you for your videos!
    Have a question: what are the music credits for this video?
    Have a wonderful week,

  10. wheels are as fas as the skater, the technique is very important and you guys are recreational! but nice video anyway!

  11. I like going fast just like every other person but i don't think i'd ever wanna go that fast on inline's thats just asking for something to break but your very good

  12. Please stick to your side of the road. I haven’t gotten a downhiller skater stuck in my grille before and I’d like to keep it that way 😁

  13. What I didn't like was that it wasn't in mph screw that metric crap who ever invented it needs to be kicked in the nads or bearded clam

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