3 Cool Skates Invention Ideas

3 Cool Skates Invention Ideas

Strap on your skates, one foot at a time,
make sure that the red buckled skate is on your leading foot, and turn on the
button on the back of the skate. Press and hold the red Acton button on the remote, to turn it on, double click the button to toggle
through the user modes: beginner, normal, and pro; push on the throttle, to start
the motor on your skate, let go of the throttle to slow down and pull back to
brake; press and hold the red Acton button again, to turn off your remote; if
you should lose your remote, you can also use our backup remote, built into our app,
which you can download from the App Store. Never ride with your skates
side-by-side, make sure you position your legs, in an in-line stance, in order to
ensure balance. Hi, I’m Alan, today I’m going to show you
guys how to get started with the new Jetts by Razor. Jetts with the use of spark pads are recommended for ages 8 and up, parental supervision is always suggested; always make sure to wear your safety gear, like your helmet, elbow pads, and
knee pads. You’re gonna want to wear flats sole shoes, with your shoe laces
tied, and out of the way of the wheels. Make sure the area you’re about to ride
is smooth and clean, avoid water, sand, gravel, sharp bumps, and drainage ways. Always make sure you obey all local traffic laws. Sparks to start a fire, so
avoid any flammable or combustible materials; also keep sparks away from
your eyes, hair, clothes, or exposed skin. If you want to spark, while you roll, slide the skid pads out and replace with the optional spark pads, we highly
recommend, that you become familiar and confident with your use of the Jetts, before you attempt to spark. First, adjust the width, so that it fits snugly on the
heel of your shoe; next, adjust the strap, so that it holds the heel wheels
securely on each foot; there’s a right and a left, make sure that the strap tab
is on the outside of each foot; spark pads can get hot during use, so do not
touch after use. Position your feet one foot in front of the other, you might
experiment with which foot feels more comfortable, have a friend help or find
some support to hold on to, when you first stand up, this will help you
maintain your balance, as you get used to the way they feel, you want your knees
slightly bent, and your hands held out in front of you, practice lifting your toes
to feel your balance point with the wheels. Once you feel comfortable with
your balance, place your front foot solidly on the ground, step again, and set
your wheels, then push off with your back foot and roll, lifting both your toes off
the ground. When you get the hang of it, you can try it by yourself, rolling is all about lifting your toes and keeping your arms and weight forward. To stop, transfer your weight to the balls of your feet, and then walk or jog out of
the roll. When you feel comfortable, it’s time to try sparking; to use the spark pads, first scissor your feet, so that one foot is in front of the other, double-check
the area that you want to spark in, is clear of things that might ignite from a
spark. So click in, and get ready to spark and
roll, and don’t forget to share what you do with your Jetts on social media, using
hashtag #riderazor.

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