3 Reasons Katie Couric Thinks Dutch People Skate to Work #NBCFail | GSUSE

3 Reasons Katie Couric Thinks Dutch People Skate to Work #NBCFail | GSUSE

Hi Katie Couric, it’s me the American Netherlander.
And we really appreciated the unique way you introduced the Dutch
Olympic team at the Winter Games for NBC. “The Dutch are really really good at speed skating.
Skating is an important mode of transportation..” “..in a city like Amsterdam, which sits at sea level,
as you all know.” “It has lots of canals that can freeze in the winter.
So for as long as those canals have existed..” “..the Dutch have skated on them
to get from place to place.” And it’s true! Dutch people love skating! Just the other day we were all hanging out in this oil painting from 1608. Sometimes the Dutch just watch the skating. At night. It’s called ‘Nightwatching.’ Dutch nights are called Starry Nights. And sometimes they don’t know whether they’re skating up or down! “All but 5 of the 110 medals they won have
been on the speed skating oval.” That is true. But Katie, the Dutch have won so many medals! Not just at skating! There’s also the balance beam. Now, Amsterdam is a city with lots of canals. And for Dutch women the balance beam is an important mode of transportation. And as long as those high bars have existed the Dutch have twirled on them to get from place to place. And as you all know the Dutch have lots of equestrian events. Every day, Dutch people are riding to work in top hat and tails on horses which are fed with space cakes. “Now, ‘why are they so good,’ you may be
asking yourselves?” Well Katie, it’s because there really are Dutch people who use skating as an important means of transportation. It may not be on the ice, but believe me it’s still plenty chilly. ;)! Thanks for watching! And now if you’ll
excuse me, I have to get to work.

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  1. Lol, I think Greg is one of the very few Americans who knows the Netherlands isn't some 3rd world country where we all live in windmills, eat tulip bulbs, smoke weed and kill off our elderly folks. Now if only word of that got out to the morons in the U.S. main stream media 😉

  2. NL can only forgive Katie if she completes her USA-punishment: Listen to Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice baby All the way through..!!

  3. Truly enjoy Greg and team's response to yet another statement made by an un-educated reporter. You wonder if they know that you can actually do research work on the internet before you make remarkable stupid statements.

  4. Thanks Greg. American journalism is just pulling shit out of your ass and sell it as truth. Too lazy to check and too ignorant to know. Can we have that wall please? Perhaps it will stop stupidity to infect this continent as well

  5. Did you know the Dutch capital is called THIALF? And that Amsterdam's canals are shaped like an oval for speed skating in winter and powerboat racing during summer? #themoreyouknowkatie

  6. Of course. We Dutch all travel by skating all the time and all live in mills, smelling of Gouda cheese whilst planting tulip bulbs.

  7. A typical Dutch traffic jam during rush hour in the morning : https://www.hollandpix.com/wp-content/uploads/schaatsen-kinderdijk-winter-windmolens-1-1600×1066.jpg

  8. It's pretty simple the dutch love speed skating as much as the americans love their baseball for example if you have the number of skaters as you have players in baseball you would win as much or much more having like 20 times the population once those skaters are trained.

  9. we can't skate in winter any more, all our politicians are burning on the streets creating polution warming up the earth so no more ice.
    police and fireman can't help and put out the fire since there in "NO GO ZONES" yes there are "NO GO ZONES" in the netherlands.

  10. I really liked that, it was hilarious.
    There actually was a day back in the seventies or early eighties when rain on cold streets created a layer of ice in many places and people actually used their skates to go shopping, etc.
    We do ride our bikes a lot, but we don't excel at cycling sports that much. We also grow many tulips, which are an important part of how we communicate, especially when we are eating the bulbs at the same time. They also power our windmills.

  11. well it is winter and they can see the canal behind you is not frozen. that commentator probably facepalmed when she realized how stupid her comment was hahahaha

  12. In January 2016, it was so slippery, a few people were actually skating in the middle of the street. It was a rare occasion where I would have been able to skate to work.

  13. Sometimes they skate all the way up to the redlight district while smoking grass all the time….Good thing iam Frisian.

  14. i mean what she said wasn't entirely wrong some people in Amsterdam when the canals are frozen like the mailmen do skate as transportation

  15. If there is a link between most-often used mode of transportation and winning sporting events, why don't Dutch cyclists win the Tour de France more often?

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