♪ See? This is the rainbow of happiness come to destroy Ivry-sur-Seine, because it deserves it. ♪ Happy music ♪ 30 Days of Skating (a challenge) On the difficulty of shooting an introduction Yeah! Hi ! I think I’ve found the perfect corner
to shoot this intro. Well… Hello! Third reshoot, at least. It’s not bad here… To shoot … No, there are people, here too.
[Laughs] Two trains. An ambulance. Thanks, Life! Well! So, I think there will be no
cars. It’s going to be spot on. [huge engine noise] Yes, there will be. [T braking] I am really fed up. It’s been 50 reshoots. I wanted to start filming before
I was totally sweaty, but I think I failed. And now, in addition, someone is ringing me!
[Bursts out laughing] The full monty! I will never be able to shoot it! It’s Tzi Timitl calling me.
(from the Esprit Critique channel) For sure! He could call me for 20 minutes, but he decided to do so only once I had my skates on. CHILD: Me too, I have rollerblades! CHILD: Me too, I have rollerblades! Yeah. You should skate more as if on a line. You risk falling the way you skate. Look. Like this. As if there was a line there. You come back, every time,
on the middle line. [Not giving a single damn about my advice.] [CHILD yelling at friends.] I’ve shot this intro so many times that I stopped counting. So… Spring has arrived. Not just yet, as I’m shooting… But I know when I’ve finished
editing the video, it will. And I wanted to make a little video, to motivate you, by my example,
to have regular physical activity, (WHO recommendations in the description) because it’s very important from a physical, but also, mental health perspective to exercise a little now and then.
(reduced depression risks, among other things) Let me lay it out for you: In August 2017 … [Laughs] See? I’m always a lot ahead on
my video editing schedule! I challenged myself: For 30 days, skating every day. BEWARE OF OVERTRAINING
Don’t go for long and intense
sessions every day And I’m not telling you now
whether I succeeded or not. This is small suspense.
No spoiler. About the same time, a Canadian,
called Bill Stoppard, had more or less the same idea as me. But he has a channel about skating,
so he made a video a day. And that’s a good thing, because our videos
are not released at the same time, since I take a long time
to edit my videos. It was also to show you that with my
sh… skill level, as a beginner with the “far from top-notch”
skates I had, too… I had €80 skates at
the time. No, €70! You will see my first jumps. You will see a sh… level. Hopefully, it will make you feel better
about trying inline skating, because I know that people who shoot
demos, while being super good, it’s very beautiful, but it
may easily discourage. You’re telling yourself you will
never be able to do anything. If I can do it, you
you can do it. You can get motivated. And to be honest, I try to convert a maximum
of people to the skating cult. [Laughs] I converted a lot of people,
these last years. I do not know, whether they kept skating
after I lost touch with them. In any case, if you want advice
on how to start, because there are not that many
tutorials in French, on Youtube, do not hesitate to ask me. Also, I can give you advice on
what gear you need to start. In any case, the weather is starting
to be impeccable for that. Make the best of global warming! Skating is excellent for cardio
and balance training. It’s not for the faint of heart. Speaking of which, I must have been
on wheels, for over an hour by now. So, I must be sweaty now. It is a means of transport too. So, you can practice every
day while commuting, provided you have access to a shower at work,
or you do not push it on the outward trip. So, it’s very convenient. It’s not as fast as a bicycle, but on
shorter trips, it’s more adaptable. Taking into account the time
required to put the skates on, it’s worth using for the equivalent of
a 10 to 15 minutes walk or more. I tried to edit the vid eo so that it
would be dynamic and funny and not boring to watch, and that there would be some jokes. ♪
30 Days of S kating Day 1 Very clean hair. I love caving. Wall Along the highway near Paris. Can one dream of a more bucolic
setting for a bike path? #weariness A Journey in the Dark
♪ Try-out for the 2017 Paris roller skate marathon
Timing over 2.5 km (1.55 mile) The maximum allowed duration to finish being 4 hours, you m ust be ableto sustain an average speed of 10.55 km/h (6.56 mph) over 42.195 km (26.22 miles), or half of that if
you team up with someone for the half marathon. I did less than 15 km/h (9.3 mph). [Chuckles] That’s tough.
[Chuckles] That’s really tough!
[Bursts out laughing] First thing, I reckon it’s a no for the
whole marathon, in two months. It’s a big no-no! Maybe the half marathon, if I manage
to motivate someone crazy enough. Given than I need to get
motivated myself first! Behind me, you may see a big jerk with a laser, having fun pointing it in the eyes of
cyclists and skaters passing by. [sarcastically] It’s very funny ! I just fell. Hell of tumble! [Laughs] On this kind of thing. But, as usual, I did not
hurt myself at all. Well, a slight hit in the moment… Not even a scratch or anything. So… All that to say: “There you go. Don’t be afraid.” We are not made of sugar.
I’m only wearing this as protection. My mission now is not to take a tumble. Because it’s August 25,
but it’s bucketting, and leaves have fallen from
trees everywhere, as if we were in autumn. And you will see that, as
I’m careful, hence, I won’t fall. Whereas yesterday, we were going
through a heat wave, and I fell. [Laughs] And now, I think I won’t fall though
the ground is slippery. [Laughs] Almost!
Oh * beep * Well, I had turned the camera off for a m oment,
as there was a slightly difficult passage. So that the video wouldn’t turn into
a “How to break a Gopro” tutorial. New bike paths usually have the
perfect grain for inline skating. [subtitle: #WeLoveGranulometry] Just then, I was on pavement
which really had no grain. And when it has rained like that, with
85A wheels, it’s really very slippery, especially with leaves in addition! Even now, I make small strides. Day 16
(sick) Well. Here, I’m doing this, really
only because of the challenge. Because I swear this is really tough. [Painfully exhales] I’m SICK! For the challenge! I may not be able to go on tomorrow. I can barely stand up. Don’t try this at home! I would like to film a real tumble, without
breaking the Gopro camera, so that people would stop
being afraid of skating, and realize that you can fall, almost without protection,
or only wearing this, and not hurt yourself! ♪ SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGE If you liked this video, do not hesitate to put a
thumb up, to say so in the comments,
to tip, all that… [laughs] Do not hesitate to tell me what you
expect next on this channel. And then… What do I need to add? ♪
As a conclusion 86 seconds of rage and loss I don’t know where I am!
[Laughs] I don’t even know what city ​​I’m in,
to tell you the truth! [Laughs] We’ll try and find out… (car horn) (double horn) People really need to a good f… A road hog has just almost run me over
by parking on the pavement (sidewalk). This happens to be the pavement accessorily! I don’t understand where I am! I don’t recognize anything. No, I don’t know where I am. Definitely not! I will never manage to shoot that intro! I WILL NEVER MAKE IT! Most pavement absolutely terrible, both road and pavement actually, dangerous setups both on the
pavement and the road, permanent engineering work, people barring your way though
you’re on wheels, some of them pushing you, constant incivility from road users… Where could I be, if not,
in Ivry-sur-Seine? I hate this city! Go f… yourself if you like Ivry-sur-Seine! F… s… city.
Thank you, Ivry! See? This is the rainbow of happiness come to destroy Ivry-sur-Seine, because it deserves it.


  1. "Des roues 85A" … Je ne savais même pas qu'il y avait des types de roues en fait ^^ J'aime bien les deux versions en fait

  2. J'avoue je trouve ça super cool les rollers depuis ce fameux épisode de Malcolm, mais bon chez moi y'a juste trop de pavés je pense. À l'époque où je faisais du skate c'était déjà chiant de prendre la planche à la main la moitié du temps mais alors les rollers pour les enlever et les remettre …

    Sinon comment tu gères les montées au fait ? Tu peux attaquer une montée à combien de % tu penses ?

  3. XPTDR grave qu'elle le mérite. XD merci d'avoir documenté des coins que jconnais PAR COEUR MDR. Continue !

  4. J'aimerais bien des vidéos sur comment commencer le roller ! Que ce soit ici ou sur l'autre chaine d'ailleur

  5. Très sympa ! Comme prochaine vidéo, ce serait pas bête de parler de ton utilisation d'Habitica, est-ce que tu l'utilises toujours, pour quels types d'activités, ce qui a changé dans tes habitudes grâce à l'appli etc. En attendant le prochain live à l'arrache ou le prochain Terrene Trash, tchô ! 😉

  6. On sent de la bonne volonté mais t'as pas l'air d'avoir le feeling avec les enfants 😀
    Bon après, je juge sur un court extrait alors que t'as l'air blasé et fatigué…

  7. Tin mais t'es juste le seul patineur à pas mettre des genouillères pour débuter…
    Attention aux ménisque, parole d'un patineur avec +15 ans de pratique.
    J'ai habité là-bas mais j'en ferais plus là-bas du roller 🙂

  8. Les gens ont peur de se vautrer pas tellement à cause de la douleur, mais surtout à cause du regard d'autrui… Et comme on vit à une époque ou tout le monde à son portable pour filmer tout et n'importe quoi, s'ajoute à cela, la peur de finir son Youtube dans la catégorie "fail".

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