4 Scary Stories | Hiking and Camping Stories/ Possible Encounters With Serial Killers

4 Scary Stories | Hiking and Camping Stories/ Possible Encounters With Serial Killers

I grew up in a very rural, mountainous area
in western Massachusetts known as the Berkshires. It’s part of the northern stretch of the Appalachian
Mountains and the Appalachian Trail ran right through my neighborhood. When I was about 5 or 6, back in the early
90’s, I had a friend named Jared. Since it was the days before cell phones and
video games were still in 2D, we would often go exploring the vast forests behind our houses. It was like a giant, unsupervised playground
where we would occasionally find some interesting or even downright creepy things. One day, instead of taking the usual hiking
trails, we decided to take an old ATV trail that began at the end of a small cul de sac. It was a steep, narrow, and rocky dirt road
that was used for telegraph lines at the turn of the century. There were deep dirt bike tracks and large,
jagged rocks along it, making it nearly impossible to drive with a normal car or truck. We figured it might be a cool shortcut and
we went on our way up. I decided to bring a little disposable camera
because we had heard that there was a creepy abandoned house somewhere in the woods and,
well I was already a budding horror nerd and urban explorer at that time, so documenting
it to scare our other friends later on was a necessity. It was a beautiful sunny day and dead quiet
as I recall. Suddenly, when we were about a quarter of
the way up, we began to hear the humming of an engine. It was coming from back down the hill. As it grew louder, I noticed a big rusty pickup
truck bobbing clumsily up the trail towards us. We froze, not knowing what to do. It was a shitty looking old truck and there
appeared to be some sort of tarp over the bed. When it was close enough, I could see the
driver’s face, and he was staring directly at me. He was pudgy, middle aged, and wore really
big, outdated glasses. He stopped the truck right next to us and
rolled his window down. I could see that his hair was unkempt, and
there were beads of sweat all over his face. He smelled terrible. The man began asking us who we were and what
we were doing. He had an accusing tone to his voice. Assuming he was some sort of park ranger or
off-duty sheriff, we answered his questions obediently. When he asked what we were doing I told him
we were just taking pictures, then held up my little camera. For some reason, this made the man’s demeanor
change from authoritative, to overly friendly. He began saying what a good idea that was
and how nice the scenery was here. He then remarked something about how he’d
like to join us. Jared and I had stopped responding at this
point and started exchanging concerned glances. The man just sort of trailed off, looking
down. Then he said goodbye and continued driving
up the rocky trail. Jared and I just stood there and watched him. We figured we’d wait a few minutes until we
were certain he had driven away and then continue on our way up. We were genuinely confused, but tried to dismiss
it as just some crazy hillbilly passing through. Another thousand feet or so up the trail,
I saw the front end of a pickup truck sticking out from a clearing just ahead. It was him. The engine was off and as we got closer, we
met the mans eyes again. He was just sitting in the truck, staring
at us in a way that I could only describe as predatory. We had both grabbed a couple of decent sized
hiking sticks at this point and were nervously clutching them as if they were swords. The man just stared at us. When we got past the truck, the man suddenly
stuck his head out the window and shouted, “Hey! Do you know what day it is?” … not what time, or what the date is, or
any other question that would have at least seemed somewhat normal; he wanted to know
what fucking day it was. “Saturday,” I replied. “Oh, ok,” he said in a timid tone and then
sat back in the truck. Still staring at us with that blank expression. We hurried up the hill and quickly abandoned
our plans. We didn’t know what exactly happened, but
we knew we did not want to run into that weirdo again and decided to take the much more wooded
Appalachian Trail back. Thinking back on things like this, it’s almost
funny how parents take steps to protect their children, but also not want to emotionally
scar them at the same time. They would tell us to never talk to strangers,
but never say exactly why. I suppose a brief biography on someone like
John Wayne Gacey or the Green River killer would hit the point home, but no one needs
their kids having nightmares about killer clowns. The reason I’m saying all this is because
many years later, when I was home from college, I was at a party with a kid named Tyler who
grew up in the projects not too far from my neighborhood. Tyler and I always used to like exchanging
stories and trying to drunkenly out-tell one another. On this particular night the subject was of
course scary stories, and he went on a tear about local lore of murderers and haunted
houses. Eventually, after a significant amount of
beer and scotch, I told the story I just shared, thinking it just a creepy, but more down to
earth anecdote to counter his increasingly hard to believe ghost encounters. As I was telling the story, I could see Tyler
growing uncomfortable. He began asking me questions about the man
and the truck, like what color it was and what kinds of things he said to us. It was so long ago I couldn’t quite recall
every little detail, but I could see this was all familiar to him. Tyler’s face had a look of genuine fear, so
I finally asked what was wrong. His name was Lewis Lent, a serial killer that
was arrested in 1994 in connection with the rape and murder of two children in the same
county. The police believe he is responsible for even
more disappearances than just the two that were found. He would dispose of their bodies in the woods
using the same truck. Tyler said the same man would drive around
his neighborhood, creeping around playgrounds and anywhere children were playing, but he
also worked at a nearby movie theater. Around the same time, a boy he knew had gone
missing and Tyler is certain it was him. I was speechless and don’t really know what
to say to this day. I can’t say for sure that the man I saw was
really Lewis Lent, but my friends believe it was and I shudder to think of how I’m going
to prepare my future kids for a world where there monsters like that roaming around. Hunting… It’s an avid hobby of mine, and runs in
the family. My favourite animals to catch are deer and
boars, as they are quite a challenge to catch, and I love a challenge… As well as general hunting, camping in the
woods is therapeutic for me, as you’re in nature’s natural habitat, which can be greatly
enjoyed when by yourself. Accompanying this are the type of people you
meet whilst hiking… I’ve met people who shared their food and
campfire with me, and some even hiked with me in the gorgeous wilderness we call the
woods. But most of the time it’s your animal friends
who accompany you whilst walking and camping. I wish this story was about all of the above,
but things took a plummet for the worst… And this is my story: … I had recently completed an assignment which
I would like to describe as ‘long-winded’ and quite boring, even though it was my favourite
topic, human biology… Due to this, I decided to take a five-day
hike across a vast stretch of woods, brilliant for hunting apparently. As a hunting enthusiast, I decided to hunt
for some deer and possibly some boars if I came across any… So I prepped up my water filter, packed my
tranquiliser and hunting equipment as well as my pop-up tent and some snacks high in
energy, and took the 3-and-a-half-hour drive to my destination. I was stoked and excited, as I loved camping
and hunting, as I could unwind around nature and overall enjoy the set atmosphere the woods
provided. After what seemed like days behind the wheel,
I arrived at what looked like an abandoned parking lot at 3:30pm, as all the bays were
empty, and the ranger’s office looked as if it hadn’t been occupied for years… But I brushed it off, parked up and began
my hike. The place gave me a very uneasy vibe, as if
the woods beyond the ranger’s office was sinister, in a way. I can’t really describe what gave me this
uneasiness, but I honestly chalked it up to the place looking abandoned and creepy… Either way, I headed out onto the path and
began scouting the area for animals. I’ve gotta be honest, this set of woods
was exquisite. The sun was shining through the trees, and
the animals were up and active, and I came across a few deer, but no boars unfortunately. Fast forward to 8:30pm, it was uneventful
to be honest, and it was getting pretty dark and gloomy now as it’s mid-November… Now, I need to add that I’m quite a paranoid
guy, as I was burgled at the age of 15, and all was okay in the end, but that paranoia
of something or someone lurking in the shadows stays with me in the back of my mind when
I’m out alone at night. Anyway, excuse the babbling. I then whipped up a fire, cooked up some marshmallows
and warmed up some beans, and ate away, minding my own business. After this, I decided to go for a late night
hunt, as I did a 2-week course on how to hunt prey in the woods when it’s dark, and I
think it really paid off. Fifteen minutes later I put the fire out as
I was prepared to go on a late night hunt, but then my blood ran as cold as ice and my
hand started to shake when, I saw a silhouette of a person about 100m away from me. It was unexpected, so I internally freaked
the fuck out. As well as this I noticed a small pocket knife
in their left hand, and it looked like they were crouching and stalking something, as
they had their knife at the ready. I believe it was a man, about 6ft tall, and
his back was facing me, so I believed that he didn’t notice I was there, which I took
as a godsend… However, it could just be another hunter,
like myself… After shitting bricks whilst watching this
man for 5 minutes, he disappeared into the inky night, and I got over it pretty quickly
as I thought he was a fellow hunter like myself… I honestly wished that that was the case………. Fast forward one hour, and it’s around 9:45pm
and I’m feeling confident enough to go back out into the black wilderness and catch a
deer or two, or maybe even a boar… I pinpointed where my tent was with the map
and went on my way with my hunting equipment. 10 minutes later, I’m practically in no-man’s-land,
as everywhere around me was pitch black, but I knew what I was doing. I was stalking a deer, which hadn’t noticed
me, and was about 50 metres in front of me, plodding around the eerie woods. I grabbed my tranquiliser, and placed the
deer in my sights…. That was when, I heard twigs snap… My eyes darted, my legs went into jelly mode
and I jerked my neck to the source of the noise. What… The… Fuck… A fucking silhouette appeared out of the tree
to the left of me, about 50 yards away, and just watched me, not the deer, but me… The deer was long gone now, so it was just
me and an unwanted guest… His size concluded to me that he was the same
guy as before, 6ft, roughly 200 llbs. He stared at me, and I stared back, my body
still as stone, but my sudden outburst of adrenaline was making me shake… I couldn’t see his face, as it was too dark. Fuck, was he a late-night human butcherer!? Am I not going to see daylight again? “Um…” I just about choked out… “Who’s there?” I tried to say in the calmest voice I could
do, but fear was evident when I asked the question… The man raised the hand with his pocket knife,
and pointed his index finger towards me… That was it, I fucking bolted it north, whilst
mildly tripping up and hitting my head off tree branches. Twigs snapped rapidly behind me, as this son
of a bitch was chasing me. I looked back once and saw his vacant right
hand brushing tree branches to the side of him… His knife gripped tightly in his left hand… I then realised that during it all, I dropped
my tranquilser. Fuck that shit, I can buy another one. I know, I should have shot the guy, but it’s
amazing what one can forget when in a horrific situation, even if it’s a gun… I wasn’t going back for it… A ton of thoughts were going through my mind
whilst I was fleeing… “Why me?” “What does he want? Money? My food? What could it fucking be?!” That was when I honestly thought I pissed
myself, as he then said in a rapid tone: “Isn’t this fun?” ????? He then, had the god damn audacity to start
laughing in a patronising way, and I couldn’t take it anymore… I sped up, and I’ll tell you now, it’s
amazing what the human body can do when adrenaline and natural instinct takes over. I never ran so fast in my life. I made a hard right, dived into some bushes
nearby quietly and eventually lost the guy; I heard his footsteps go the opposite way,
and it turns out that I went in a huge circle, as I could see my tent, only 50 metres from
me now… I was fucking shaking, and tears were starting
to form, but I had to stay strong, I just had to. What would my father do in this situation? I tuned my ears into the inky darkness, and
heard nothing, and I saw nothing… I was not going to turn on my phone torch,
as I’d be an open target. I checked my watch and it was now 10:30pm… I’ve been in the tent for 10 minutes now… I sat still in my tent, listening to every
small noise I could hear in the woods. *snap*??? I held in my gasp, as I heard a twig snap
behind the tent… And with that accompanied a low and sinister
voice… “You think you could run? I win…” With that, my tent was being sliced open and
the fucker popped head in, he was fucking licking his lips and his wide eyes locked
with my eyes… “You lose!” he screams as he pulls the
knife out… Fighting… Not my strong point, but the gym made me a
pretty strong guy, so as he tried to stab me I grabbed both his arms and fended him
off from plunging a blade into my torso. I tried to disarm the fucker, and he laughed
during the process. I thought he was trying to intimidate me,
however I was ready to kill. Not a deer, not a boar… But a human… I restrained his left wrist, but his knife
was inches away from going into my foot, so I stepped onto his right hand, pulled back
on his left wrist… Then, snap. His left wrist snapped, and he let out a blood-curdling
scream. I had the upper hand and fucking took advantage
of this. I got the knife from his distorted shattered
hand and gave him a taste of his own fucking medicine. I sunk the knife into his right hand, and
he screamed… I lay a few punches and I think I popped his
nose, but I had no regrets. I grabbed my arm in pain, as he made me bend
it in an awkward position when he was on top of me when he first ripped the tent open. But I honestly couldn’t care about my injuries… He tried to kick me, but I punched him in
the face until he was unconscious… I checked my phone, and I had no phone service. “Fuck” I panted… I picked up this fucker into a fireman’s
lift, and I remembered my way to the ranger’s office as it was exactly west from my tent… After an hour of struggling with a killer
on my shoulders out cold, I found the ranger’s station, and to my surprise, a young man,
around 20 was there. I collapsed to my knees as I explained the
situation, as it turns out the guy slashed my left bicep, but the adrenaline numbed out
the pain. So when it wore off, I suddenly was in pain
and noticed the laceration. The ranger called for backup, and the eventually
arrived. I don’t know how long it took. Fuck my belongings, I was not going to go
back out there to retrieve them… The ranger offered to drive me to the nearest
hospital in my car, and I did… The ‘Night-Stalker’ was taken away, but
was semi-conscious… The next day, I woke up in a hospital bed
to an officer… And what he said next was burned into my memory,
never to be erased… When I first saw the killer, his back was
towards me, knife in his left hand and was crouching as I mentioned earlier… It turns out that he was stalking another
hiker, who he brutally murdered and mutilated at the scene… They found chloroform at the scene, hence
me not hearing any screams or cries for help… I vowed from there onwards, to never go hunting
again by myself… The next time I went hunting was half a year
after this incident, with four other mates… And although the woods has a beautiful atmosphere
and vibe, never judge a book by its cover, as the tables can turn within the blink of
an eye… For all of you going camping and hunting,
stay safe. And remember… Don’t think that these things can’t happen
to you… So this story happened back when I was in
5th grade in 2005, When I lived in Western Montana. My bedroom was shared with my 2nd grade sister
and we had a king size bed that we shared. To describe my house a little, our room was
facing the backyard but was a basement room. Basically standing up looking out the window
in my room, I was eye level with the ground outside. Up and To the left above my window, I could
see onto our deck which looked into our upstairs kitchen. Kind of confusing, but bear with me. Anyways this particular night my sister and
I were having a sleepover and our friend was in the bed with us. When we were falling asleep around 1 am, our
friend woke us up to show us that a deer was on our deck. We looked out and we all saw a “deer” on the
deck. This was normal in Montana so we laid back
down. I guess my friend stayed up staring at it,
and she woke us up about 5 minutes later saying she thought it was actually a person. Right then, we looked and we saw the shadow
move a little and it was CLEARLY a tall person’s silhouette. We started freaking out, and then we saw two
green laser lights. They were just two small pinpoint lights that
were coming from the guys head area. We all thought it was binoculars. At this point we were on high alert. And our eyes had adjusted a little and we
saw it was clearly a guy looking into our kitchen window. I was too scared to go tell my parents all
the way upstairs, and pass the view of the guy looking in the window, so we used my friend’s
cellphone and called the home phone (none of us owned cells at the time). It rang loudly and we watched the guy run
full speed off the deck. As soon as he ran away, the three of us ran
screaming upstairs and told my dad. He called the cops and they searched the streets,
but never found the guy. Now here’s where things get weird. So just two weeks earlier, the town’s police
station sent around notices in our neighborhood telling us that a “person of interest” and
dangerous sexual predator who had a warrant for his arrest had been spotted in our area. (link to his Wikipedia below) A tip had said
he was staying with a family member three streets down from us. I remember this because I remember my mom
(who is a bit paranoid) drove us by the address of the house on the notice one time and made
us VERY aware that this was going on and would not let us ride our bikes outside during this
time. I remember looking at the house every time
we drove by. Turns out, maybe two or three months later,
This same man was apprehended for the kidnappings and abuse and murders of two children and
killing their family in Couer d’ Alene, Idaho…. only two ish hours away from my house. In some of his interrogations he confessed
to stalking the kids by watching their homes at night with what? Night vision goggles. The same green lights we saw that night. I also one time found some obscure website
that had some of his writings where he discussed living in Montana at various times, and discussed
that right before killing this family he was searching for children to kidnap. We were the same ages as the kids he kidnapped. Disclaimer: I have no proof that he was the
person looking in our window, but the evidence all adds up for me, down to the timeline and
area I lived at the time. I won’t go into the whole detail of his crimes-
they are all over the news and you can read all about them in the links below. I’ve researched this guy in depth and he was
a sick m-fer. He has alleged encrypted diaries of his crimes
and flimed the tortures he committed…. so I consider myself blessed. hopefully he stays locked up so I never have
to meet him. Until now I haven’t actually had any scary
stories to tell. This happened a few days ago. My name is Lilly, and I am a 5’3″ female and
am eighteen years old. This story takes place in Colorado Springs,
Colorado. I would like to note that my mom has lived
in this area for several years, but it was only three months ago that I moved here from
Ohio to live with her. I live in a very shady neighborhood but in
a really nice, decent-sized house. Tonight, I got the idea to head out to the
park two blocks away from my house and enjoy some time alone swinging and listening to
music. This was at 7:30pm, but now that fall has
rolled around, it gets dark outside at around 7 o’clock. I don’t know what I was thinking going to
the park at night, alone. The area was completely dead, and a car only
drove by around every five minutes. I suppose it was a mixture of living so close
by and just being a typical teenager that made me feel like I was invincible and had
nothing to worry about. I sat down, put on my headphones, and began
swinging. It might be a childish thing for someone as
old as me to do, but I really dislike sports and physical activity and swinging is a one
of the very few physical activites I DO enjoy, and always have. Across from this swing there is a road, again,
not a busy one, and beyond that there are some more streets and another park near Prospect
Lake. I wouldn’t say it had even been five minutes
yet before I seen a speck near the lake illuminated by street lights. This person was far away but was getting incredibly
close to me very fast. I’ve never been in danger in public, at least,
not that I can remember. My innocent mind and optimistic view of the
world thought that perhaps this person was running towards me because they lost their
pet or someone else was in trouble, I don’t know. I know it was naive of me to think that way. As the person charged up to me I skidded quickly
to halt on my swing and stood up. The person was a male, caucasion, had dark
hair from what I could tell in the darkness, and was wearing all black. He wasted no time in slipping off his book
bag and pulling out a gun. My heart lurched and he said nothing to me,
but as he loaded it I began running toward the road to my left. I don’t know anything about guns, but this
one appeared to have a white or gray barrel that was roughly four inches in diameter. I heard him run after me and, not knowing
the type of gun this guy had or his intentions, I was terrified and I remember thinking I
was more than likely going to get killed. I didn’t really have time to think, but in
a split second I considered what happens after you die, which no one can know for absolute
certain. I thought about how devestated my mom, my
other family, and my boyfriend would be when they found out I was dead. As I ran I attempted to zigzag, but it was
a really weak attempt being as the area was fairly open except for a few trees. A red truck drove by on the road I was approaching
but as I approached the road, I heard a shot go off and felt instant pain in my left foot. I think the kid probably did this so I would
fall, because if all he wanted was to cause me pain, he could have hit an easier target
like my back or legs. I was limping now, but quickly. I screeked in terror, crying, begging, and
screaming for someone to help. I refused to look behind me to see if I was
still being chased. Luckily the red truck stopped and the family
which appeared to be a father and his two sons stepped out. I breathlessly explained the situation, sobbing
and shaking. They let me get into the back seat, but weren’t
happy about it. We glimpsed the man who shot me run across
a busy street farther to the right, in the opposite direction of the truck and past a
seven eleven before he was out of sight. With the lights in the truck on, I was able
to see that I wasn’t bleeding. I was able to put together that I hadn’t been
shot with a real gun when I had been able to continue running, but I was still incredibly
shaken up. The father scolded me for not calling 911
immediately, but if I had even paused or slowed down to call them from my phone, I could have
been put in serious danger. That man shot me in the foot because he wanted
me to fall, why else would he have done it? If I had fallen, as I said, no one was around
and the area was dead. I could have been shot more, attacked, raped,
or even killed had he gotten a hold of me. The family dropped me off at my house and
I went inside. My mom’s boyfriend who is known for his bad
temper and protective nature stormed out of the house and to the park to find the guy,
without even asking me what direction he had gone in. I stayed with my mom and we called the police
to file a report because I was worried about other people getting hurt by this sick fuck. Turns out someone had already called the cops
when they heard my screams for help, and an officer was already posted there. The police came and took my statement. As I said I just moved here not long ago and
don’t know anyone let alone someone who would want to hurt me, so I know this was a stranger
who simply just wanted to be cruel. The top of my foot is very swollen and my
entire foot aches. When I step on it, my level of pain shoots
from a four to a ten, but again, I’m not bleeding. It was more than likely a BB gun or pellet
gun, but to be safe, peramedics checked me out and didn’t seem alarmed, but told me if
the pain continued I should go to the hospital. There are so many tiny bones in people’s hands
and feet that it would be hard to tell if one was broken without an x-ray. As I write this I am still very shaken up
and anxious (well, I have an anxiety disorder I was diagnosed with last year so I was already
anxious in the first place). I can’t sleep and although the situation could
have been much more severe and I am grateful it wasn’t, that was the only time I had felt
that much in danger. I wish I had gone with my gut feeling and
ran immediately, as soon as I noticed him. Actually, I wish I hadn’t been so stupid as
to there by myself at night in the first place. To the people listening to this, especially
women in their teens, but men can also be targets for things like this as well and also
people of different ages, don’t go out at night by yourself, even if you’re not going
far from home. Always take your phone and someone with you. Though most people have more brains than me
and wouldn’t have gotten themselves into this situation, I hope this advice helps keep someone
safe, because it could happen to anyone.

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  23. The one of the hunter may have been fake but the one about the child predator watching the kids in the pickup truck is true , I had just researched it and found the case where he murdered an innocent girl and other children

  24. Guys always remember, you can always call the cops without phone service. Just because you don't have service don't mean any phone service doesn't.

  25. Sometimes when people over analyze when these situations happen. It's annoying. Who gives a fuck why you. It is you and you need to act.

  26. Man! That Ben guy who wrote the second story;was full of so much shit he's lucky he didn't explode before he were done with it. 8:30pm mid November,and it's getting pretty dark? wtf Mid Nov. it's dark at 6:30 in N.A. Also in the dark woods as he was putting out the fire;meaning Ben's eyes wasn't acclimated to the dark,and he was still able to make out the silhouette of a man from over 100yds. away,and was able to tell he was holding a pocket knife in his left hand. Their's more,but you get the idea. I'm pretty sure we all know someone like Ben. Tells a pretty good story,but you know none of it's true.

  27. Tranquilizer hunter story is fake because people don't get knocked out for more than a couple of minutes without suffering severe brain damage. That's a Hollywood fable. Besides that no one would carry some serial killer on their back – or describe their most traumatizing moments in flowery rhetoric "inky night" and the likes.

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