5 Essentials: Winter Shoes feat. Rachhloves | Nordstrom Rack

5 Essentials: Winter Shoes feat. Rachhloves | Nordstrom Rack

– Hello everyone! My name is Rachel from the
YouTube channel RacchLoves and today I wanna share with you guys my five Winter footwear essentials because coming from Canada, I know Winter. If you also deal with cold snowy Winter’s you know what I’m talking about when I say that you need shoes for every possible occasion; dealing with like black ice and hail, to inside with work and school. So today I put together a round up of my favorite Winter footwear essentials in collaboration with Nordstrom Racks, so big thanks to them
for supporting this video and without further or do, let’s get into this. Footwear choice number one; the snow boot. This is a classic if you deal with snow. You need something that’s weatherproof, it’s gonna have good traction, it is warm, and this boot is everything. These are made by Sorel which is a brand that’s really well-known for good Winter wear. I used to wear them all the time as a kid and I love these boots. A, they’re super cute and B, they’re also gonna keep me warm which is a necessity for Winter. So whether you’re walking
through slush in the city or two-feet of snow in the back-roads, okay maybe not two-feet but
you know what I’m saying; these boots are perfect. Essential number two is the bootie especially when you’re not walking outside in a ton of snow, whether you get snow, or it’s not quite snow season yet, I love a good chunky heel bootie. Now these are perfect if you don’t deal with any snow where you live, or if you want something
that’s going to take you from the office to drinks with girls, or you can wear them just
indoor at work or something, these are really really cute and they’re comfortable and
they have a good solid heel which is kind of a necessity for outside. If you’re gonna be going
outside with booties, you can’t deal with a stiletto. But I love the grey suede
against the black heel. It’s just a really pretty construction, very neutral, very easy, you can pair it with literally everything and they’re just super super nice. Number three is a good pair of heels. Now heels are a good thing to have regardless of season, but I really really like these in particular for Winter time because I love the crushed
velvet-like texture, and the burgundy I think is a perfect jewel-tone for Winter time, and they’re really nice because they add a pop of color against my endless array of black dresses. Anyone else just own black dresses? Is that, is that just me? Plus the chunky heel is
super on trend right now, they’re very very comfortable and easy easy to walk
in considering how high the heel is; that is a must for me, and I really really like these. Number four is the tall boot and there are a few things
about dressing for Fall and Winter that I love more than having a really nice
pair of riding boots. Just pair them with skinny jeans and a jewel-tone shirt
and like a blanket scarf, and it’s basically what I live in in the Fall and Winter. I actually talked about this pair of boots earlier on in the Fall and I had to include them again because they are perfect,
perfect pair of boots. I love the stretchy back because it makes them super comfortable. They’re nice, really
thick good construction, and they stand up to everything. And lastly number five is a good pair of embellished flats. I actually talked about
these on my channel where I did a Winter haul where everything I bought was under $75, so if you’re interested,
go and check it out. I will put a link in the info bar below for you guys in
case you’re interested. The black plated heel is very unique and different and I really really like that it adds that pop of interest to an otherwise very
simple pair of black flats. And I love that sort of
crushed velvet-suede. It makes it really really on
trend for Fall and Winter, they’re super comfortable, the black makes them pair-able with pretty much everything
you’re gonna own, and I really really love them. And that’s everything for this video. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to check out the haul that I did where everything is under $75 on my channel in case you’re interested. If you’re interested in some of the items that I talked about today, don’t forget to check out
the description bar below for some links. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you all in my next video. Bye everyone.

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