5 Healthy Hiking Snacks You’ve Got to Try On Your Next Hike

hey guys welcome Amanda here and today
I’m sharing with you some of my favorite healthy hiking snacks that you can take
out on the trails with you this summer my pack is full of all these goodies and
let’s do it so here are my favorite protein bars to take on the trail first
up are these go macro bars I think I have another one in here yeah they have
a lot of different flavors depending on what you like and some of them say high
protein so I usually grab those but they’re really good ingredients that I
can pronounce and that’s kind of one of the main things I look for in a bar and
of course that it tastes good and it feels like satisfying so these are
really good I also love where are they the oatmega bars these are probably
my go-to bar because they’re the cheapest and I get them at Target and
they taste really good good quality ingredients and some protein and omega
threes and then last step is these square organic square bars and these are
so good they are covered in chocolate which is both amazing and also a little
problematic if you’re hiking a lot in the desert or in the heat like I do and
so usually when I open it up it’s just like the chocolate has melted everywhere
which I will probably never be complaining about melted chocolate
anyway but bring a little baggie to put the trash in because you don’t want to
get now I just look like a crazy person like
Mary Poppins I just have an endless bag of goodies here so the next up is this
classic apple and peanut butter I love these Justin’s packets and this
is the almond butter one but I also love the peanut butter one and just grab an
apple and a fly and I’m good to go next up are just a little trail mix here
this one I just make my own so I find that most store-bought trail mixes are
pretty expensive and they’re mostly just peanuts and I don’t really like eating
just peanuts and so I make my own or just go to the bulk section and grab a
couple of your favorite nuts or seeds or dried berries this I have walnuts and
pecans and pumpkin seeds and you can sprinkle some cinnamon in and so this is
just like a really cost effective way to get exactly what you like next up okay
I love plantain chips I will just eat these out of the bag or put them in a
smaller bag if I don’t want to carry the whole bag on the trail with these and
then if I’m at camp or just my everyday life I’ll sometimes scoop avocado onto
these and so they’re just really crunchy and I love them and they’re also salty
so I like that when I’m sweating out on the trail a lot see and then the next
thing that I love to take on the trail are homemade protein energy bites and so
I made these at home the other night and these are just full of chia seeds and
peanut butter and oats and protein powder and they’re pretty cheap to make
and I probably wouldn’t take this whole bag full of these but maybe just like
two or three of them and while I’m talking to you about this these are this
one and this one are stasher bags and I just discovered these and
they’re reusable plastic bags they seal really really well and I’m just trying
to reduce the amount of plastic that I consume because I love nature and
just why not right these are reusable and for the price of a couple of boxes
of those plastic ones you can just reuse this one and I’ve tried a couple
different brands and this stasher brand is definitely my favorite so you can
make these protein bars or protein bites and I’ll link to a couple of my favorite
recipes on the blog post with this video so that you can try some of those but
sometimes I just make them up myself too just like throw a bunch of things in a
bowl make a ball put it in the fridge and then throw it in my pack whenever
I’m ready to go alright so that’s it these are some of my favorite hiking
snacks of the moment and I would love to hear from you comment below with your
favorite protein bars or snacks that you love to take out on the trails because
I’m always looking for some new ideas like this video if you liked it give it
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amazing take a deep breath and I will see you in
the next video

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