5 Hikers Who Mysteriously Disappeared | Part 1

5 Hikers Who Mysteriously Disappeared | Part 1

1. Kevin Race
Kevin Race was a business owner in Woolwich, Maine who went missing in the White Mountains
of New Hampshire. On the ninth of September, 2007, a car belonging
to Kevin Race was found in a parking lot of the Appalachian Mountain Club at the bottom
of the Mount Washington at the beginning of route 16. Mount Washington is often referred to as the
“Most Dangerous Small Mountain” in the world. With a height of only 6, 288ft it pales on
comparison to some of the many large mountains on Earth; however, many mountaineers have
cited its fringed conditions and arctic level winds that have reached over 230 miles as
the reasoning behind the signs placed about the trail warning hikers of grave danger. Kevin was taking Basic class so that he could
join Doctor’s Without Borders to help people in third world countries. He was an experienced and enthusiastic outdoors
man who owned a successful rope company, Custom Cordage; however, he had recently come into
some legal trouble with charges of embezzlement and was indicted on charges of embezzling
250,000 dollars from his and his partner’s company. He was due for his first court appearance
two days after he went missing. According to Fish and Game investigators,
a note was found at Kevin’s home which lead investigators to believe he was “looking
for his final resting place” After his disappearance In January of 2008
Kevin’s business partner filed an additional lawsuit alleging Kevin to now have embezzled
over 500,000 dollars from January of 2002 to the time he vanished, in September 2007,
indicating that he may have taken a large sum of cash prior to his disappearance. While some cite his money troubles and this
note as evidence of a possible suicide, a friend of Kevin’s says he was the type of
guy to “always have a plan” and he thinks Kevin may have taken the EMT classes and done
this preparation in order to live “off-the-grid”. Fellow hikers last saw Kevin at Tuckerman’s
Shelter, which is about two miles from the top of the mountain at around 2:30 pm that
Sunday. Despite the use of search and rescue units,
law enforcement K-9 units and a US National guard Blackhawk helicopter no evidence of
him or his remains were ever found. 2. Randy Doyle Parscale Jr.
Randy, then 10 years old and a third-grader at Roberts Elementary School, was hiking in
Peppersauce Canyon near Oracle with his father and other family members. Randy was mere feet ahead of family members,
exploring slightly ahead of the rest of the group. As he turned around a bend on the trail he
simply vanished, despite the fact that family members turned onto the same bend a minute
later and then began rushing around to see where he went seconds after that. Despite the involvement of multi-county law
enforcement, and despite the use of dogs and helicopters to search for the ten year old
shortly after his disappearance, Randy was never seen again. Theories about Randy’s disappearance ranged
from kidnapping to falling down one of the old mine shafts in the area. The only clue was the faint trail of bull’s
eye soled footprints, the same as the ones Randy was hiking in that day that a rescuer
was able to track and follow. But these shoe-prints abruptly ended at a
remote dirt road. Also on this road was the imprint of tire
tracks, which investigators though could indicate we was picked up by a vehicle. In 1985, more than six years after Randy’s
disappearance, a woman told investigators she had found a dollar bill with the words
“ I’m alive in Phoenix, Ariz. Help me. Randy Parscale.” The bill was investigated but turned up no
further clues. Four years after that a man working a construction
site using Parscale’s social security number was rumored to match the description of age
progression photos of Randy. His father went to Phoenix to investigate
but he was no longer employed at the site. The construction worker was never located
and his identity has not been confirmed. Classified by police as a “non-family abduction”
Randy is still missing to this day. 3. Justin Shetler
Justin Alexander Shetler, 35, quit his successful job at a tech start-up in order to travel
full time, he called it “retiring” but it was more like reverting back to earlier
times. When he was younger he left high school at
age 16 to study wilderness survival and the arts of karate. He traveled 18,000 miles across the Western
side of the US but experienced a significant set back well in Sun Valley Nevada where he
mistakenly trusted a stranger to provide him shelter and a much-needed shower and instead
had all of his belongings stolen by the man who was actually part of a group of math heads. After that loss he set out to discover a more
simple life, already with no possessions he decided to go to the extreme. For his new life he traveled to India and
wore a simple bark loincloth and went hunting alongside indigenous tribes, all the while
tracing the path of the Ancient god Shiva. His blog, Adventures of Justin, chronicles
a life many commented they envied. Posting pictures of his treks in the snow
wearing duct tape sandals and living in caves, Justin would caption them with statements
such as “”Going Tribal with the Mentawai of Indonesia ” and “ I’m free to live
the life of my dreams”. But those posts came to an end, with the last
one posted on August 19th 2016, reading, in part,: “A Sadhu has invited me on a pilgrimage
high in the Himalayas to meditate…I ran out of money and food so he fed me each time
I passed {…} He invited me along on his pilgrimage: three days hard trek to a lake
at 13,000 feet, and then ten days meditating in a spiritual retreat” Justin described
the Sadhu’s eyes as “5,000 years old” and those eyes were
one of their only forms of communication as this guru was supposedly a mute. Due to a post on Justin’s Instagram referencing
these Sadhus, or gurus his family has reason to be concerned that this mad has a hand in
Justin’s disappearance. Justin wrote on his post : “They can bless
or curse… Police won’t arrest them, even for murder,
which happens I’m told”. {…} I’ve been cold, damp and hungry a
lot recently, and feeling a bit malnourished and weak already {…} I should return mid-September
or so. If I’m not back by then, don’t look for
me 😉 ” Justin’s willingness to go into rough mountainous
terrain of Himachal Pradesh, North India despite a back injury that was flaring up, vitamin
deficiency, and general fatigue, shows a man so determined to find a higher truth that
he risks dying to find it. This particular area was a draw to him as
it was believed to have been the meditation location of the son of the god Shiva, Kartikaya,
who meditated there for 3000 years and the hot springs there were said to have healing
properties. Justin left with the Nepalese Naga Baba, named
Satya Narayan Rawat on or around August 24th, and on September 3rd he was seen coming back
down from Mantalai lake towards a village by some tourists. They said Justin was walking alone, and that
the Yogi had walked past a few hours earlier. The hikers offered Justin, Who looked haggard
and unwell, some food and a respite from his trek but he was highly determined to reach
his belongings which were stored in the village below. Justin’s post about Naga Babas being untouchable
by police was proven untrue as upon Justin’s family sounding the alarm the police DID end
up arresting the guru he traveled with on October 15th, six weeks after Justin was last
seen. Police interrogated him for eight days, after
which point they left him alone for a few minutes only to come back into the room to
find he had hanged himself with the only thing he had on him, his torn and dirty loincloth. Many followers of this ideology say it was
not guilt but embarrassment that caused this yogi to take his life upon being questioned
about his missing hiking partner. Despite forensic teams combing the countryside
and rough terrain for any sign of Justin or his remains, they found nothing. Some think he had a fall and crawled into
some sort of ditch or ravine to wait to be found, while others believe he encountered
foul play from either the Yogi or some other person unknown. Others comment on the area’s reputation
for being a popular hashish destination, enticing Western tourists with hash fueled enlightenment
can bring with it a potentially criminal enterprise, and Justin may have been in the wrong place
at the wrong time, or witnessed a drug deal gone bad. Justin is still missing to this day and his
family spent considerable time and energy looking for him. 4. David Sneddon
At the time of his disappearance, David Sneddon was a 24-year-old university student from
the US studying in Beijing over the summer of 2004. Sneddon was taking Mandarin classes and had
previously learned Korean while serving as a Mormon missionary in South Korea. In August, after his class finished, he decided
he would travel around western China for a few weeks before going to Seoul to meet his
older brother Michael on August 26. “If you never hear from me again, look for
my body in the western Yunnan Province of China or the Yellow Mountains of Anhui”
joked David in an email to his mother prior to his disappearance. His jests were proven tragically prophetic
when, the emails ceased. The Sneddons weren’t initially worried that
David hadn’t contacted them in two weeks, believing that he was in a remote area which
lacked Internet access. On August 26, however, they received a phone
call from Michael in South Korea. David had never arrived. After authorities couldn’t find his body Chinese
authorities theorized he fell to his death hiking Tiger Leap Gorge. That had happened to hikers in the area before,
but unlike David, their bodies eventually turned up. David’s father and brother went to China to
retrace his last steps and found a dozen witnesses who had spoken to David after he safely made
it through the gorge. In 2011, the Sneddons received a phone call
from Chuck Downs, a Pentagon official who suspected that David might have been abducted
by North Korean agents. The next year, NARKN announced that a North
Korean defector in China reported that a university student from the US was arrested by the authorities
in August 2004 for helping North Korean refugees. He was released the next month but handed
over to five North Korean agents. Authorities fear that he has been taken hostage
by North Korean soldiers looking to indoctrinate foreigners or use them as spies. Others believe he encountered an accident
or danger on the trail. Nine, years later the family believes David
to still be alive, somewhere. 5.Paula Welden
On the afternoon of December 1, 1946, Bennington College (VT) sophomore Paula Welden came back
to her dorm room after working at the dining hall, told her roommate she was going out
for a brief hike as a “study break,” and then left campus, headed up a trail near Glastenbury
Mountain. Dressed in a red parka coat with a fur lined
hood, blue jeans, Top-Sider shoes with thick soles, and a gold Elgin wristwatch with a
black band, she made no indication she planned on staying gone for very long. Danny Fager, who owned a gas station near
the college gates, said he spotted Paula. He said he had seen her run up then down the
side of the gravel pit near the entrance of the college around 2:45 P.M.
15 minutes later, Welden was hitchhiking near the Bennington campus when a passing motorist
picked her up. She told him she was going to hike on the
Long Trail off Route 9, near Glastenbury Mountain. The driver dropped her off on Route 9, about
three miles from her destination. Several others saw her at that day walking
on the trail. The last confirmed sighting of Welden was
at 4:00 p.m., when she spoke to a man on the trail and asked her how far it extended. He told her it went all the way to Canada. The sun set at about 5:00 p.m. and it began
snowing a few hours after that, accumulating three inches. When she hadn’t returned by the time her
roommate went to bed, the roommate thought Paula was pulling a late night of studying
at the college library. But the roommate became concerned the next
morning when it was clear that her roommate had never returned from her walk. Her bed was undisturbed. The roommate contacted the college officials,
who organized a small search party to look for Paula Jean somewhere within the campus
grounds. When the college couldn’t locate Paula,
they called the local police. An extensive search of the Long Trail and
its environments turned up no sign of Welden and no significant clues. The search was hampered by the fact that Vermont
had no state police at the time. Eventually, officials from Massachusetts,
Connecticut and New York stepped in to help. Investigators found a man who stated that
he had seen Paula soon before her disappearance. This young man became a suspect when he told
differing stories about where he had spent the evening of December 1st. Allegedly, he also told at least two friends
that he knew where she was buried. He later claimed that he was only kidding
around. Investigators initially believed Welden had
gotten lost in the mountains and died of exposure, but as time passed without their finding any
sign of her, they began to consider other theories. Authorities began to suspect that paula’s
father had something to do with his daughter’s disappearance. It came to light that he did not approve of
a boy Paula had been seeing. He claimed this boyfriend had to be the responsible
party, but his only proof came from a clairvoyant. Although there were reports that she was somewhat
depressed at the time of her disappearance, her family and friends said she only had normal
problems for a girl her age and was not unhappy enough to commit suicide or run away from
home. She left all her belongings behind, and her
family stated she was not the type of person to leave without warning. Then, 9 years later, a lumberjack came forward
saying he knew where paula’s body was buried. After being questioned, he eventually admitted
making it up for publicity. Then, in 1968, a skeleton was found. It was later determined it was far too old
to be Paula. There is no hard evidence of foul play in
Welden’s disappearance, but many people believe she was murdered and buried somewhere in near
the Long Trail. Welden’s disappearance remains unsolved; there
has been no indication of her whereabouts since 1946.

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  2. Whilst I cannot rule out the possibility that Justin is dead because the terrain he was travelling through is vast and harsh and he could have encountered someone or something that took his life, I find myself thinking that Justin is alive and I think he wanted to go off the grid. He stated a couple of times that if he vanished he didn't want anyone looking for him. Hint perhaps? A spiritual journey? What was going on in his head? He didn't want to return? Also, as someone else mentioned, he had all his possessions stolen yet he continued to make his way, one photo showing him with a trail bike? Images appearing of a westerner captured that appear to be him, but we know that those interested in spreading propaganda could have easily gotten hold of an image of him because he was known to be missing. It is a strange one.

  3. As of the last few years there has been a ton of teenage Native American girls disappearing here in Montana. I would love to see a video on them as nobody knows what is happening to them

  4. I hiked up Mr. Washington when I was 9. I remember the huge chains over the snack bar. No one hikes in the winter.

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