5 Minute KNEE Strengthening Routine To Fix Knee Pain In Mature Women | Fitness Over 50!

5 Minute KNEE Strengthening Routine To Fix Knee Pain In Mature Women | Fitness Over 50!

today we’re going to do a five-minute
knee strengthening workout designed to help fix your knee pain and increase
your mobility hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s today’s workout is all
about strengthening our knees and if you have knee problems as you’re getting
older it affects your quality of life so the way to help your knees become
stronger is to work on the parts of your leg that connect the knee so today we’re
going to be focusing on our hips and our thighs and our calves and the hips and
the thighs join the knee and the calves join the knee so these are the parts of
the legs that need a lot of strength and when these parts are strong your knees
get better so I’ve had lots of knee pain in the past and these exercises really
helped so what I recommend is that you do this 5 minute workout 5 times a week
it’s very very doable it’s not a big challenge for you at all and you can
incorporate this into any other workout you’re doing or into just before you do
a walk or after you do a walk of a day and it will really really help reduce
your knee pain and give you back some mobility that you may have lost as
you’re getting older so let’s get started we’re going to start off with
some knee circles and knee circles are simple exercises to improve our
flexibility in our legs and give us a great stretch move your knees in a
circular motion paying attention to keeping your feet flat on the floor and
keep the movement in your ankles the other side you’re experiencing knee pain
not alone research shows that two-thirds of women over 50 experience some form of
knee pain hold onto a chair and rise up onto your
toes lifting your heels as high as possible so with a heel raise we’re
going to strengthen our calf which helps support the knee and continue doing this
for 30 seconds if it’s going to be more manageable for you to do this on a chair
you’re still going to get great results and if you’d like to try the more
advanced version you can do this on one leg keep your shoulders back keep going
you’re amazing lay on your back and prop yourself up on
your elbows pull your toes towards you and clench on that muscle on the front
of the thigh locking your knees straight lift your leg hold and ensure that your
knees stays straight the whole time we’re doing this exercise to strengthen
our quad muscles and a strong quad muscle takes all the pressure off our
knee joint and remember if you’re feeling pain stop during the exercise we’re going to do 30 seconds on each leg
change legs this isn’t really hard work on your body but doing this workout is
really going to help you have more mobility and use of your legs for much
much longer we’ve just got to maintain them whatever you can do now to
strengthen your knees is going to benefit you every single year for the
rest of your life side leg raises are really great for
strengthening the hip abductors keep your body straight bend the knee on the
floor to a 90 degree angle then activate the muscle on your straight leg as you
bring it up make this movement slow and purposeful hold and bring back down
again repeat this and you’ll feel it opening up your hip flexors and feel
your quads tightening this is a really great exercise for our knees keep going
you’re doing an amazing job change over to the other side bend the
knee at 90 degrees and repeat for another 30 seconds we’re going into a knee pillow squeeze
now and you’re going to need a towel I’ve got two towels here
rolled together place the towel between your knees
lie on your back arms to the side and squeeze your knees inwards towards the
pillow and then release this is an amazing exercise to strengthen the knees
and it’s a Pilates exercise that works the inner thighs and the pelvic floor
muscles so again we’re strengthening the muscles that connect the knees and when
those muscles are strong the pressure is taken off the knee continue squeezing
make sure that you keep your back flat we’re going into the short arcs next and
we’ll use the same towel so I’m using two towels rolled up together one towel
is not enough so make sure you used two for this exercise we’re going to be
strengthening our quad muscles pull your toes towards you and tighten your thigh
muscle gently lift the foot off the floor until your knee is straight hold
for a few seconds and then slowly lower it down again this isn’t a fast exercise
so you do this one with control up and down and you can feel it in your quads change legs and another 30 seconds you
can feel the strength of that muscle and that’s what we’re doing we’re making it
strong so it protects our knee if you happen to have a foam roller, use that
instead you get a slightly better result with a foam roller but the towel is
perfect we’re going into the bridge now so lie
on your back fingers touching your heels and lift your bottom as high as you can
without arching your back hold for a few seconds and then come down back up and
squeeze the glutes the whole time make sure that you’re not pushing from your
heels or your back all the power is going to come from your hips and your
glutes this is one of those magical exercises it works your glutes and your
hamstrings plus it also helps our hip mobility and strengthening our lower
back so all of those things are super important to help us maintain our
mobility as we’re getting older gently bring your body back up into a hamstring
stretch so you can either touch your toes and you can feel the stretch in the
back of your hamstrings or you can keep your knees completely bent and just bend
over that way just do what’s comfortable for you and
that’ll be the right thing to do you’ve just spent five minutes creating a
better body and a body that’s going to last you longer so if you have the time
make sure you do another workout I’ll leave a playlist of five minute workouts
that you can click on and just keep going finish off by pulling your knees
in tight and try and balance for a little bit touch your toes to the floor
if you can’t balance and then try and put your toes up again if you can do
something every single day to keep your body strong and healthy you’re going to
feel so much better thank you so much for working out with me today
if you enjoyed the workout please give a thumbs up and share this workout to a
playlist so that you can do it often and really really work on strengthening your

83 thoughts on “5 Minute KNEE Strengthening Routine To Fix Knee Pain In Mature Women | Fitness Over 50!

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  8. Thanks for this helpful video. An extra suggestion about calf raises from a trainer I once worked with : on the first set, keep your feet pointing straight ahead and do your raises as in your video, for the second set, angle your feet slightly outwards and do the raises again, and for final set do your raises with feet angled slightly inwards. Doing it like that works all different areas of the calf and is extremely effective for strengthening the entire calf. Cheers

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    pain. Thank you for all your videos.

  16. I was diagnosed with Grade 3 arthritis six years ago {4 degrees of degradation – with 4 being the worst}. I'm sure it's progressed some but having started a workout program over the past couple of years I've noticed a difference in the amount of pain I have, especially when climbing stairs. Strong legs are definitely a plus when it comes to knee health. I also found yoga to be just as beneficial as my strength training. (PS: love the leggings! Will you share where you got them?)

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  19. Great idea. Knee mobility and knee pain are mobility reducers. Many physical therapists and DC claim any pain in any join may also be caused by tightness (lack of mobility) in the joint above it or the joint below it. For example, with knee pain it could be caused by an old ankle or hip injury and the resulting tightness. May help to work on those joints too. To accomplish my most recent projects, I've been sitting a lot. Tested doing bridges before walking (and after) and bridges before walking definitely activates the glutes more for those of us who sit frequently.

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