5 scenic hiking trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

There are more than 125 miles of trails inside
Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I’ve picked out 5 great loop trails to get you started.
The Boston Run trail was a nice surprise for me. This is in the Virginia Kendall area in
Peninsula. I’ll have links to all these trails in the description below. I really
like this because of all the stream crossings that the trail takes you over. There are some
quiet benches where you can stop, not necessarily to rest, but just to observe nature. Give
your mind a break from your busy schedule. This is a 3.1 mile hike. I was on this trail
while it was raining a little bit. The trail seemed to drain pretty fast though. I saw
trail runners on this loop. It’s probably a half-hour or 45 minute jog. It’s well
shaded. There’s one section of the trail that’s by the road but the majority is really
quiet. The Ledges Trail is one of the most scenic hiking trails in Ohio. You’ll see
right away why it’s so popular. There are rock faces that rise straight up from the
trail. The route is a 1.8 mile oval but there are a lot of different places to explore in
between the rock formations too. Ice box cave is closed for bat protection but you can still
come up and see inside. The nice part about the ledges is that it’s connected to other
hiking trails, so you could make it a whole day of hiking if you want to. And people like
to go to the overlook and see out into the valley. You’re looking west so it’s a
popular spot for sunsets. Brandywine Gorge Trail is the hiking trail around Brandywine
Falls. The waterfall is one of the most visited attractions in the national park. It’s a
fun hike around the gorge. There are some great views of the creek. Some scenic benches.
Expect it to be busy on the summer weekends. This trail connects with the Stanford Trail
and the Summit Bike & Hike trail if you want to extend your hike. The Salt Run Trail includes
a natural spring, a lot of hills and a beautiful hemlock grove. I think this trail is very
scenic, not so much because of any sweeping vistas or overlooks, but because of the pristine
nature here. You really feel like you’re hiking in another state.This is a more challenging
trail at 3.3 miles. There are some challenging hills and steps. You’ll come near streams
at the eastern end of the trail which I really enjoyed near the 3 wooden bridges. The Oak
Hill Trail and the Plateau Trail are both beautiful. Oak Hill is an easy 1.8 miles that
takes you beside Sylvan Pond in the middle of the woods. The best time to be here is
in the fall because of the autumn colors. If you’re here in the summer, wear bug spray.
Oak Hill is a quick hike that should take you less than an hour. This part of the park
is very secluded and quiet. I think these trails are a great escape. See what you think.
Here are some more videos about Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Check out Blue Hen Falls on
the waterfall video because that’s a nice waterfall hike inside the park. Thank you
so much for watching and please comment below on your favorite trails inside the national

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