5 Slide Stops on Inline Skates

5 Slide Stops on Inline Skates

Slide to Stop … here are five ways to do
it Slalom turns are good for controlling speed Put a lot of weight on the outside leg Push with the heel If you do it hard enough the otuside skate
will slide Fall back on the inside skate and repeat *** wash, rinse, repeat *** Just be careful not too get your balance point
too far back, so you don’t fall on your ass Also, if both your outside and inside skates
begin to slide, this may happen … Drag to power stop is maybe the safest everyday
slide stop Begin with a drag stop, also called t-stop When the speed is reduced to a comfortable
level, make a quick turn Just as with the slalom stop, put your weight
on the outside leg, push with the heel to trigger a slide, then
fall back on the inside skate The revese t-stop is for when you want to
make a long, controlled slide The reverse t-stop takes three steps First, transition from forward to backward Second, balance on one leg Third, put down the sliding skate very lightly Keep it light to make a long slide and learn to add some more weight to control
the stop … ehm … not quite … The plow is a good technique for beginners But advanced skaters can take it a bit further If you stay low and add enough weight, one
skate will start to slide I’m still experimenting with this technique and hopefully soon I’ll be able to make the
plow into more interesting slides The hockey stop is the most challenging one With both skates in a parellel slide, a lot
of power goes into it It’s also a lot more difficult on inline skates
than one ice hockey skates But the basic principle is similar If you know how to do a ice hockey stop, do
the same thing with one exception; Put your weight more toward the heel! If your front wheel grips while the other
wheels slide, you’ll get this nasty rotation, as you seee RISKS Another word for slide stop is POWER STOP Big forces are at play and a wrongly executed
stop can result in injury Falling on your ass is one thing. I, at least, have done this many times but
never really got hurt Another issue is having the wheels stick,
instead of slide, but normally this will just lead to some awkward jump. What I really do fear is getting only the
front wheel stuck, while the other wheels still slide, as shown with the hockey stop. This leads to a nasty rotation which adds
stress to ancles, knees and hips – especially knees. This is why I always try to keep the weight
more toward the heels. With the drag to powerstop I find this easier
to control, and therefore it’s a safer stop, in my opinion. BE SPECIFIC Learn to control exactly where you stop Like here, I miscalculate, then add more weight
to stop faster … but this again leads to too sudden of a stop .. so I get that awkward
jump WEAK SIDE Try to make the stops on your weak side. I have to admit – I find it really difficult

32 thoughts on “5 Slide Stops on Inline Skates

  1. Actually the stop that you called a reverse t-stop is a fakie powerslide. The reverse t-stop is when you stop with the rear skate, skating backwards. Tiago has the good video about it. But that's just a terminology.

  2. Great as always. I find your videos quite useful now that I'm learning and becoming more confident to try new things. Right now I'm struggling to master the plow, as well as making it more aesthetic and hopefully be able to add speed and rotation to turn it into a magic slide… someday πŸ˜…I'm practicing and practicing the drag to quick turn, trying higher speeds.
    Thanks for the tips. You're really helping me πŸ™‚

  3. Dude great video! You can see the learning curve youre in and the weak side slides go quite well as they are too difficult

  4. I can't seem to handle the t stop, my rear leg always tend to move sideways, I get it sometimes, but I'll be practicing more.
    When trying one of those slide stop, I always end up losing maybe 80% of my speed but and up moving backwards, like my slide is not the same and sort end on a spin, I end up moving backwards.
    Sorry for the long comment

  5. Yea it's easy to get stuck with a strong side, but since you need to be able to brake under any circumstance and while taking a turn in either direction, people really need to practice both sides equally.

  6. I hate my weak side, it's so hard to practice on my weakside.. Doe, I'm practicing to make my weak side get as strong as my strong side on both ice skating and inline skating.

  7. Can you please share how hard your wheels are? I fear that on the soft wheels I will never go to slide.

  8. hello how are you
    i am very satisfied to watch your video
    i am beginner skater

    please tell me
    what are you using spec wheels
    wheel hardness is 90A and above?
    Hockey's stop is difficult
    Should I practice using a hard wheel?

  9. Nice video. I can’t do the t stop, or skate backwards, but I can do a slalom stop and crossovers. It’s much harder than ice skating.

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