5 tips to learn how to skate quickly

5 tips to learn how to skate quickly

if you already know the skate well this
video isn’t for you but if you’re starting or if you wanting to start
skating this video is for you ola YouTube
my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict today I’m gonna give you five
tips that will get you rolling in no time so let’s start with tip number one
and tip number one eats always keep your head on top of your toes these will make
you lean forwards and will avoid the most dangerous fall which is falling
backwards tip number two we all know that we need to bend our knees a little
bit so when you bend your knees make sure to make a little bit of pressure
with your shins against the front of your skate
don’t forget tip number one your add it should be on top of your toes tip number
three if you point your toes out you’re gonna be rolling forward again these
should be done not forgetting the previous two tips tip number four if you
point your toes in you’re gonna be rolling backwards you’re gonna take
advantage of these later when you start rolling to reduce speed or to completely
stop tip number five I don’t really have a name for it but I’m gonna try to use
my hands to explain you the exercise basically when you start you should feel
a little bit scared and it’s not too easy for you to put your feet in the air
for long periods of time so that’s why you’re gonna be doing these small
movements so week time you’re gonna take longer to put your feet in this position
right and this period of time that your foot is in the air while doing this
means that you are rolling so you’re gonna be rolling from this foot also your toes are going to slowly start
spinning from pointing out position to appointing a little bit more forward
position but these will come attack and that was it for today I really hope you
guys enjoyed this video I hope you take advantage of these tips
and they will make your role if you have any doubts or if you have success or
failure maybe let me know in the comments if they work for you let me
know I would love to know that they work for you if they didn’t and if you’re
struggling with something drop me a comment I’ll try to help you with
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to the channel now it’s the time to do it I’ll be giving a lot more tips for
beginners and for people who have been skating for a lot longer than that also
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important than anything else don’t forget why we all started skating and
that is because it’s funny cheers guys

47 thoughts on “5 tips to learn how to skate quickly

  1. Hi lino, I am absolute beginner. After watching your videos I got motivated and purchased inline speed skating. But can’t even stand using it. Could you have any advice on it? Thanks a lot. Keep rocking. Cheers 🍻

  2. If anybody want to learn skating in hindi or how to skate fast I already make a video on this topic
    If you want learn skating in hindi then go to my channel

  3. Great video Lino! I especially like the part when you talk about pointing your toes inward and going backward. I must’ve learned this intuitively because I’m having trouble teaching my friend skating backwards. I think this will help!

  4. probably this would be one of my #1 vid i'd show an inline newby,
    people need to see this stuff so they gain confidence; skating IS easy AND fun

  5. More priceless jewels of knowledge from Lino. Saved this video as I know it's 100% valuable. Always subscribe to him it will only help you.

  6. Thanks for the tips – I've forwarded the video to some friends who are just starting out. Can you do something similar for backwards skating?

  7. Great vid to beginners, i must show it to my boyfriend 😀 like someone sayed "just in time"… Ricardo you have a superpowers 😀

  8. A good stiff+long base, big wheel frame w. nice bearings translates these subtle gestures well. It's only now that you upload this that I can see this. So thanks, lol.

    I have similar set up (Tau skates+XXX "front rockered": 3×110+1x100mm) and skate in skinny bike lanes and sidewalks and I notice it feels a lot more effortless to get momentum going forward for a few meters than smaller frame+wheels, which smaller wheel setups move more fluid and free feel but in an almost wasteful manner now. Idk if it's unequivocally better, or psychosomatic I like the bigger setup.

    Good job on this clip and ty for sharing with us, Lino!

  9. Hey number 5 is a great idea! With all my new adventures in inline I’ve run into people wanting to learn. I’d call #5 a “y-step” and your feet look like a lower case “y”. I was also think of calling it a “broken v” but that’s not as self explanatory as “y-step”.

  10. Just some things from reading the comments, If you’re new to skating or getting back into it:
    Balance -engage your core, this will give you stability, tighten that tummy, shoulders down and back.
    To ‘find’ your core. Do a couple of situps, lay flat on your back, put your hand in the small of your back, about belly button height but under you and using your stomach and back muscles try to squeeze your hand to the ground.
    Now get back up and see if you can find that same feeling.
    Butt in
    Bend your knees bend your ankles, stay low
    And if you feel like youre falling get lower and reach forward like youre doing squats.
    For stability going round corners: really bring those things together, bend knees, tighten core, your chest faces into the turn.
    Head up, try not to look down at your feet

    These are things ive learnt from teachers over the years. There is so much great youtube content for beginner skaters now!

    Thank you The Lino Life for making these videos! 🙂

  11. I have my Powersllde Swell Black 125 two weeks now. I never skated before. I'm 66 and jumped in the deep end. It's much harder than I thought it was going to be, especially trying to balance on them. I have no protection and fell on my back twice so I'm trying to be really careful. I am making definite progress though, and can actually roll along nicely.

  12. Hey bro. I'm looking to improve my strides so I can have smoother sessions. Can you show some tips on strides for beginners?

  13. Love the video my dude! I am going to start skating really soon so i was thinking,Is learning on a 3×3 easier than on a 4×4? Because i have just found a pair of used Playlife Bronx Supercruiser 3×3 for a really low price!

  14. Hi Lino, I've been waiting for a video like this – just starting to skate, and lately had the chance to experience how ignoring advice number one and two ends up (witha strained limb, ha, ha), so thanks for that, your advices are of great value, waiting for more tips for beginers. And by the way grass is what saves me 😀

  15. Oi, Ricardo! Give some tips for intermediate skaters too ─ those who already skate acceptably but are still struggling with inside edge for instance.

  16. Super tips, my guy. I was learning to skate with a derby league before breaking my femur in July, but have been using my downtime to research inlines (interested in becoming a ref for the sport, which you probably already know can be done on rollerblades as opposed to quads like the players skate on). Loved the advice about taking small, angled steps to get the motion down! The idea of wheels being in a row instead of a "box" under your feet has been boggling my brain a bit (how do balance??), so I'm definitely keeping that one in mind when I'm back up and rolling.

  17. Hey Lino! Thank you for your helpful videos ! I am a complete beginner and want to ask you which is the right floor to start learning in lines ? Thank you !

  18. Ricardo please keep this videos coming! We begginers need them so much!! You explain very well, thank you for your time. 😊

  19. Hi Ricardo, do you have any tips for my feet starting to hurt while skating? The soles of my feet always hurt after a few minutes when I start skating.

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