5 Triathlon Swimming Technique Tips For Open Water Swim Training

5 Triathlon Swimming Technique Tips For Open Water Swim Training

If you’ve got a triathlon coming up and you’re
a little bit unsure about how you’re going to do when you get out into open water and
there’s all those other triathletes around you there’s a lot that you can do in the pool
with just a few people around to help you get comfortable once you get in the open water
swim stick around because my triathlon group is going to go through a typical workout that
we like to use as tri season becomes closer we’re gonna go through five tips that you
can use in the pool and in open water to help you get comfortable before that triathlon
comes up ok The first thing you’ll want to know for
triathlon swimming is how to sight so you don’t swim off course by just following
people’s feet. Less is more when it comes to sighting, you don’t need to lift your
entire head out of the water, just lift your eyes out while leaving your nose in the water,
turn your head to catch a breath, then sight two or three small times in a row -not just
one big time- to get a full picture of your direction and surroundings the Second thing you’ll need to know about
is how to hit toes or get your toes hit without freaking out. For this you can do a drafting
drill where swimmers push off the wall right in behind one another swimming and tapping
the toes of the person in front of you, when you get to the other end of the pool the front
swimmer goes off to the right hand side and rests until the entire group swims through,
then that swimmer hops on the back of the train and starts smacking toes again. Another good way to get used to chaos in triathlon
starts is to do seeded starts with two lengths of the pool. Start with the slower swimmers
up front in the middle of the pool -GO- and the fastest swimmers at the back. Try to time
it so that everyone gets to the first wall at the same time and chaos happens as the
slower swimmers are getting passed and the faster swimmers have to get through them.
get ready for some elbows in the head and be careful to make sure you don’t push off
the wall and crack your head into somebody else’s Next thing you’ll want to do is learn how
to settle yourself down in the middle of a swim. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, is going
to swim REALLY hard at the start of a triathlon then they need to settle down to a manageable
speed. So practice this. Do a 400 meter swim with the first 100 meters being blazing fast,
then without stopping finish the rest of the 400m at a settled in manageable pace. This
will teach your body how to calm itself down quicker so you don’t freak out in the water and the Last thing you’ll want to learn
is how to swim in open water, its an art form and something you’ve just got to practice.
Strap on your wetsuit, find a body of water, and get use to the waves crashing over your
head, the pressure of the wetsuit, being thrown off your normal breathing pattern, the feeling
of going up and down in waves, and how to pick bright spots on shore or dips in a tree
line to help you sight. So there you have it I know that with those
five techniques everyone will be a lot more comfortable once they get out into open water.
Now in a very very last case scenario is you’re still very nervous I’ll give you an additional
bonus tip go way off to the side of the triathlon start because you don’t need to get in the
mix and be worrying about people hitting you in the head or kicking you in the ribs let
the entire big group go out in front of you or go off to the side, just stay out of that
chaos at the triathlon start that’s your best bet because you’ll probably end up going faster
cause you’re able to swim a lot more controlled so I hope that that helps you get more comfortable
in the triathlon swim it’s not as scary as it may seem once you get into it as always
happy training and kill your next a-race alright now I’m gonna go be the creep that films people
in their speedo

9 thoughts on “5 Triathlon Swimming Technique Tips For Open Water Swim Training

  1. Thanks so much. Got my first triathlon coming up in 3 weeks. Haven't got a wetsuit yet. Any tips? Also check out my first open water swim on my vlog 🙂

  2. Thank you for this video! I have my first tri (an Oly) in early July and I have realized that there are no organized open water practice swims available between now and then, and I'm worried I'm going to panic because I've never done one before (a triathlon or an open water swim). These pool drills will be so helpful and already make me feel so much better. Thank you, thank you!!

  3. I'm new to this. Based on your tips 2 and 3, are you saying that contact with other swimmers is something you should get used to and not try to avoid? I'm a very slow swimmer and every time someone swims into me, I even apologise.

  4. when i go swimming the lifeguards are always staring at me giving me weird looks and it puts me of wanting to go swimming.

  5. Hello Taren, thanks for the tips! I would like to have even more tips about open water swimming: What are the main differences between pool training and open water training?. Per example, I went for my first long distance swim training in open water last week-end and I had a bunch of new things to deal with! How do you warm up outside of the open water before a race? How do you deal with motion/dizzy problems when out of the water or in the water when turning on your back to have a rest? Are earplugs efficient for dizziness? Do you train with a myFloat is an inflatable dry bag when you are alone? Cheers 🙂

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