50 THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE (Honest Guide)

50 THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE (Honest Guide)

welcome to Prague here’s 50 things you really need to do while you’re visiting first have a beer take a selfie with st. Wenceslaus on a horse find the other statue where the horse hangs down wander through the streets of Prague watch the astronomical clock ringing in the Town Square get lost the streets of old Prague walk across the Charles Bridge find a statue of two boys peeing wait for the green light in the world’s narrowest street tag yourself on the Lenin wall hang out by the river take a ride to pet scene he’ll enjoy the pet scene gardens get lost in the mirror maze climb up the pet scene lookout tower Instagram the out of it take a walk to Prague Castle Prague Castle obviously st. Vitus Cathedral check out the Golden Lane climb down the old castle stairs finding hidden foot bug gardens have a burger yeah chill in regular Vasari with the view at the world’s second ugliest building enjoy the famous castle vishuraj where basically there are no tourists plus a great view Wow have a shot have another shot have a shot for me have some Czech food nice try a checkbook or at least a cheque library have a coffee get a check souvenir party on blow ha kiss a local by the way she’s the Czech Miss of 2011 paddle boat on the float off a river enjoy a free concert on stravsky Ostrow check out the Prague zoo and the Troya Castle right next to it have an ice cream in Smythe’s or eat it eat Francesca’s Kasahara enjoy the view of the municipal house and the National Theatre – into art tribe docks this is cool don’t miss this building a stunning view at Prague from Rutner cool right come skating at Stalin and last have a beer that’s a wrap guys 50 things to do in Prague and if you watch carefully you notice that they’re actually only 49 tips well here’s the last one just get lost and don’t follow any tips and today we’re going to show you that you can actually have a full sized meal for one hundred crowns within the city centre of Prague so not everything is expensive

100 thoughts on “50 THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE (Honest Guide)

  1. Thank you for the nice suggestions. I did borrow the electric scooter from eurosegway.cz and rode around the sights not loosing time. 90% of those POI's I cover just in 3 hours!

  2. Подъемник в зимнее время не работает, вход во многие костелы, например в Вышеграде, платный, от 100 крон. Не забалуешь! Не то что мисс Прага целовать.

  3. I thought everything I need to know for my first experience here in Prague was in your channel… But then … I realized that after two weeks in Europe I need to wash my clothes!! … Well you covered 99 % of the things!! I loved your channel, thanks so much for all the information …today is going to be my first day here , and after finding a laundry I'll start with your recommendation for walking to the Castle!! Thank you very much!!

  4. Hello, thanks for all helpful videos…….. Could you please make video for spa shops because most of visitor hear about Czech Spa

  5. Hey
    Do you know you become famous in Israel? I hope you do.

    Btw I really like your videos

  6. Eeeeehm… Number 50 and number six are the same. Telling us to get lost in Prague…. So actually ONLY 48 things to do in Prague…

  7. Tomorrow im heading to Prague – well prepared, thanks to you guys! From helpful insider-tips to a exciting scam-hunt this channel has everything. I spent half of my day on your channel today

  8. Great tips to follow in one of world's most beautiful cities. Tourist-crowded? Yes – but simply because everyone wants to see it.
    I was in Prague first in 1987, back in 1992, 1995, 2000 and 2010.
    Simply lovely.

  9. As an American of high percentage check descent, this really makes me wanna visit Prague. These guides are really encouraging and helpful. My mother and grandmother who are also Czech would probably love to tag along.

  10. omg,thank god I've found your channel!!! it's so useful for my summer trip to Prague in July, I can't wait to do all these things!

  11. I love prague and Alfons Mucha!
    I recommend his museum and Stained glass his designed in Prague castle.

  12. Sorry,but instead stupid burger tourist should have traditional czech food for example "svickova"…!!!😒

  13. Great channel ! I love to visit Prague for the food , shooting and swimming at Podoli and of course great Czech people ! The best transport networks I've ever come across , really easy for tourists first visiting this wonderful city. The Tram system is great to get around and see all parts. Xx

  14. Prague seems like a place to go with your boys or with a girlfriend. Not sure about going solo…

  15. Went to Prague a few weeks ago, nice city, only thing I disliked was the food tbh It just really wasn’t good

  16. Where did you get that burger? It looked delicious and I'll go to Prague in the summer holidays and would love to try it out😍

  17. I love visiting Prague sometimes. For me it`s the most comfy and beautiful city in Western and Central Europe. Love from Saint-Petersburg, Ru

  18. i would say forget the vrtba garden, since afair you have to pay to enter it, and instead find wallenstein garden

  19. I’m from Prague, and I haven’t done some of those 50 things😂(I hope I’m not the only one)😂

  20. great info but unless -fast & frustrating. & you are annoying in your presentation style. give the info take out the stupid character you are playing.

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