50HP Barbie Jeep Full Send!

50HP Barbie Jeep Full Send!

already [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] no that was incredible to us awesome I was hitting ditches like this deep going 40 miles an hour and I didn’t even feel it [Laughter] [Music] [Music] I think so fun to watch just doesn’t look real it doesn’t know any just a cat walks all the way up the hill it’s amazing you can control that [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] broke the axle in half you finally finish her off Wow can’t handle that torque just a little too much torque Cinderella just a little too much well I’m not gonna lie it did make it longer than I thought yeah I mean it did good we drove it all the way down here and around didn’t even get a chance to race a G I know I’m so disappointed next time well I guess it’s Taco Time huh yeah send the taco thank you that footage is gonna be awesome [Applause] we almost double totaled the Jeep [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “50HP Barbie Jeep Full Send!

  1. Thanks for watching and please share this video with a friend! Music Akina Boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNMintcEvoE

  2. I thought that motor sounded familiar. Then I seen it. I have a Honda trx 450r and it looks like the dance motor.

  3. You don't know how long I wanted to do that to a power wheels if you could and would please send me the specks for the chasie

  4. These dudes are from a very specific part of Westworld…
    "Use the brakes!"
    "The what?"
    "That thing right there, that makes you slow down!"
    "It doesn't look like anything to me… BRAAAAAPPAP PAP BRAAAAAAP!!!"
    'Take it easy' and 'Slow down' are literally not part of their programming. It does not compute… until something breaks or explodes.

  5. I wish you guys could figure out a way to produce that suspension undercarriage for easy reproduction cuz kits to modify hot wheels would sell like crazy. I can see someone jumping on this market! You'd be able to pick the hot wheel you wanted to modify and add a suspension like this to it.

  6. Top Gear should hire you guys as the new presenters. I would love to see you guys doing "challenges" with a big budget like classic Top Gear.

  7. Just saw your build video. That's madness lads!
    Bang some slicks and a bar on the back and see what sort of 1/4 you can post


  9. Love the jeep. Super sick. But there is no way that older crf450r engine is make 50hp. I have for Honda 450r race bikes built to the moon and all been on a dyno. only the newer one even get to the 50hp mark and with that axle and sprocket set up i would guess low 40s to high 30s. You should dyno it im curious. Keep building👍

  10. Having done similar home-made ATV toys about 12yrs ago with 3 TRX 250r engines, pilots need to wear chest protector's, helmets & boots. You can't plan the way how shit will break. A simple chain letting loose will change sum1 forever. Unfortunately one of our did an end over end the flung gas all over himself & instantly went up in flames. Quick thinking he just hammered it down into Creek bout 100yds away. Still suffered 2nd – 3rd degree burns over 40% body. In hospital for almost 2mos.

  11. Your videos are so motivating. I would love to build something like your Jeep


  12. I've noticed a huge increase in people getting into the modded power wheels community. Keep up the motivation!!

    I would love to see you guys build something electric. Tesla motor on a grave digger 😂😂

    Mini electric rat rod

  13. yall need to sell these yall will make so much money cause if yall selling one than FUCK IT I WILL TAKE IT

  14. You should create a kit for the barbie jeep and sell it. Lots of people would buy it. Or at least a frame with a guide to secure and assemble the rest of the parts.

  15. Can anyone tell me what 50hp feels like on something like that, cuz tbh that doesn't look insane but it's pretty cool

  16. Almost 1.5M views…good job boys and keep up the great work. I said it before and I'll say it again, it's not only your content, it's your laid back attitude that keeps me watching. There's no over the top "hey hey, look at me" while i talk into my shaky camera and walk around crap like so many other youtubers. I can't stand that, even if they have somewhat good content I still can't bring myself to watch because of it. You can tell you guys are all about your projects first and that you just want to share the cool shit you do and you'd still be doing it anyways even if there was no youtube. And even though you are having great success you still have the same chill style, I wish you guys were my neighbors so i could see these projects in person and hang out.

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