7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

00:10 SUSAN MCGREGOR: I would say RoboVault is the
Fort Knox of storage. 00:14 COMM: RoboVault in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
has been providing the ultimate in secure storage since 2009. And it’s trusted
to store millions of dollars worth of art, wine and exclusive car collections. 00:29 SUSAN MCGREGOR: Nothing has ever been stolen
and I highly doubt that that would happen. 00:33 COMM: Built to withstand hurricane force winds
up to 200 miles an hour, the high- tech fortress features an array of state of
the art security features. 00:42 SUSAN MCGREGOR: We use a biometric access
system and our clients use their fingerprint and a FOB in order to access the
part of the facility that they store in. The system is fully automated; it is all run
via computer. There is no human access in this section of our facility. So from beginning
to end each mission is run completely automated for the ease of and convenience
of our clients, and gives them the ultimate in safety and storage for
their vehicles. 01:16 COMM: The vault can house up to 200 cars at
anytime. 01:20 SUSAN MCGREGOR: We have some clients that
are very well­known. Of course we are under non­disclosure agreements but
we have, yes we have some interesting celebrity clients here. The car
we have right here is a Ferrari 599 GTB Pininfarina. It’s valued at several hundred
thousand dollars. Now we are gonna demonstrate how we send the vehicle back up
into storage. Our clients come in, its very easy, they just use the touch screen.
We’re going to return the car to storage. It’s that easy. The vehicle never actually
leaves the pallet. All the work happens underneath the pallet and the vehicle is moved
onto our automated retrieval system. The vehicles are stored 35 to 70 feet
above sea level and it’s a pristine environment. It is climate controlled and
we monitor that climate constantly. It’s also a virtual dust free environment. Conditions
are just perfect for vehicle storage. Once the vehicle goes out and comes back,
it may not be stored in exact same spot which has another level of security. 02:24 COMM: I think it’s not just modern supercars
that are stored here. 02:27 SUSAN MCGREGOR: This is one of my favorite
cars here at RoboVault. It’s a 1929 LaSalle, and it’s the National First
Prize of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Our client has personally restored
this vehicle. It’s just exquisite. This is one of my favourite details, it’s the way
the rearview mirror is attached to the wheel. Another interesting detail of this
car is the rumble seat which must have been a lot of fun back in the day. The owner
pointed out to me that this is where they would put the golf clubs. Great detail,
beautifully restored and just all around a beautiful car. 03:10 COMM: And should the power go down, there
are comprehensive procedures in place to maintain the security and condition
of the cars inside. 03:19 SUSAN MCGREGOR: One of the most important
features of RoboVault in addition to the strength of the facility is the backup
systems that we have in place. This generator can hold us for up to 14 days, should
we have a power disruption ,and we have about 6000 gallons of fuel in reserve
in our tank. But the most important feature is that we are very close to the Fort
Lauderdale airport, so we are on the airport grid; which means we would come up
immediately after a storm. If I needed to be in the safest place, I’d put myself
here in RoboVault. 00:12 COMM: This 7­year­old has set a new world
record for Distance Limbo Skating Under Bars, despite only starting the sport
2 years ago. 00:22 Tiluck’s Coach: He came as a beginner. He
has got around 40­50 medals and has performed at a national level. He also participated
in a reality TV show ‘I Can Do That.’ 00:37 COMM: Tiluck Keisam skated 116 meters under
bars just 25 centimetres off the ground at the Siri Fort Sports Complex in
New Delhi, India on December 20 2015. The young prodigy smashed the previous
record of 50 meters, and to make things even more challenging for himself,
the bars were set 7 centimetres lower than in the previous record too. 01:03 COMM: He also added a personal twist to the
record by performing a U­turn half- way along the course. 01:11 RICKY KEISAM: Obviously I’m extremely happy
as any parents would do on his achievements and now I am fully confident
that he can achieve whatever he likes in the future. 01:22 COMM: Tiluck has worked for his success though.
He gets up every morning at 4’o clock and trains for 3 hours , and then does
further 4 hours in the evening. Now his proud family are just waiting for Guinness
to confirm the new world record. 01:38 PRAVABATI TAKHELLAMBAM: Now we are hopeful
that we are waiting for the official announcement and our fingers are

59 thoughts on “7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

  1. I guess it is easier to break these sort of records while your still child as your body size is smaller than if you were an adult doing this. I wonder if there is an adult version of this record?

  2. I call bull shit no kid is gonna get on roller blades and say I'm gonna be the world champion in guinnes records for world youngest split master……
    This has had to be put onto him by the parents.

  3. خیلی عالیست فقط در دسترس بودنش مشکله

  4. Limbo? You bend backwards to do limbo. Your face should be up, not down. This is just splits on skates, really.

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