A Blind Horse and His Best Friend

A Blind Horse and His Best Friend

– Riding a blind horse,
that’s a little different. But to me it don’t make much difference. He’s a pretty good friend. He’s just tickled to death to be rode. I think he knows that he got eyes then, and he just jumps up and down and runs and really likes to go. My name’s Roderick Olsen,
in Soldier Grove, Wisconsin. I have always had a few
horses, matter of fact, quite a few of them. Well, we got Zaxson about 21 years ago, about 10 years ago that we
noticed that he was going blind. Far as we could find out,
nothing we could do about it. Most of the old horse dealers,
or farmers, they’d just get rid of the horse. But I figured I’d then keep him. I’d like to stick around a while longer, so if I went blind, I hope
they’d keep me around a while. I didn’t figure he was useless. He does everything you want
by the feel of the reins. He’s a little different
riding than a regular horse. He’s careful when he’s running, you know he ain’t sure
where his feet’s going to go or what’s in front of him.
But he didn’t just quit because he got blind, he’s trying to do things so
he can take care of himself. He trusts me to ride him. I think he just figures
that man I can see now. I got eyes. I can do things that I
wanted to do for a long time. He wants to just run. He’s fun for me to ride. We go all over the
hills, down the canyons, in the water, everywhere
that any other horse can go. He does just fine. He must trust me and, well, I trust him. He’s kind of a buddy anyhow. Being friends with a horse, that’s a, I don’t know that’s the way it’s been
with me all my life.

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  1. I said a while ago that you guys were succumbing to click-baiting now, but I'll eat my words. You guys just keep going with great content like this it never fails..

  2. Symbiosis; the relationship between two different kinds of living things that live together and depend on each other.

    Horse can't live without man, and we all know that man couldn't live happily without that horse. Definition confirmed.

  3. Made my day. A handicapped horse with the will to still enjoy living. An owner who helps him achieve that. I don't know which one I admire more. Brings tears to my eyes.

  4. Wow that was incredible restores my faith that there are still good people out there who take care of their animals that's just so awesome I hope they both live a long and happy life

  5. this seems like a nice video. but i'm suspicious that the horse's vision could have been saved by a veterinarian. and the farmers neglected to do it, because of the cost.

  6. Mankind lost something when we replaced horses with automobiles. I never did have a relationship with a car like I had with my horses.

  7. You have filled an outside world with one of the most beautiful representations ever presented of a man and his blind horse for the world to see. It enables us to respect God's presentation of this wondrous occasion. Thank you, Primo Angeli

  8. Heartwarming story! Thank goodness not everyone thinks that animals are disposable! You can tell how strong their bond is what a wonderful life they have, thank you Roderick for being Zaxson's champion!

  9. Awwwwhee !!!😘😘❤❤❤Roderick is a good rider , this story is like my grandads. awhh such a sweet story and a great team.

  10. I personally would choose not to ride a blind horse unless it was around a field/place where there would be minimal traffic, simply because the horse can't respond as quickly and it could cause an accident, but I'd assume that's basically what this guy is doing, just a personal preference to avoid injury and be smart.

  11. He must be so happy when it's riding time to know he can run as fast as he wants and have no fear of not seeing because Roderick will make sure he's safe.

  12. Helps me with my horse going blind– he's my best friend too:) Give me lots of hope!!! They do trust you if you help them:)God Bless you from not sending him to auction. Where my Appaloosa comes from- Kill pen

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