A Game Of Cards With Blake Samson, Olly Wilkins, And Brendan Fairclough | Bike Park Challenges

– Welcome back you beautiful people and today we’ve got a different game. I’ve got two beautiful guests. We’ve got Olly Wilkins, we’ve got Brendan Fairclough and we’ve got Game of Cards. Now, with these games of cards dudes, whatever card you pick
is what we got to do. Now, it could be a
challenge, could be anything. So let’s just say we pick
this card right here. This card is joker. Now this card right here can determine whatever you wanna do, yeah? – Nice! – What would you say for that one? – I’ve got a few ideas,
but I’m keeping them– – Nice, right so, in here
we’ve got two blank cards that I’m gonna let you guys write on. – All right. – So we don’t know what you
write or you don’t know what, so it’s gonna be like… – I probably won’t understand
what I write either. – Exact right. Now, first off who wants to pick? – Olly. – Sure, yeah I’ll pick. – Go on. – So which one’s which? – So that one there– – Or is that the point of the game? – That is the point of the game. – Green is my favorite color. I always have it on my toothbrush. (laughing) – Oh, baby! – [Blake] Oh, man! (cheers) – And there’s only one place
to scrub in Rogate Bike park. – Where’s that? – This way. Should we go? – Yeah. (laughing) – This is it, this is my
chosen venue for the scrub. Now you come here on a Sunday, every man and his dog
is scrubbing off here. But check these dudes,
they’re gonna do it. They’ll probably scrub it. – [Blake] They’ll scrub it. – [Olly] Here we go. – [Brendan] Scrub it! – [Blake] There we go! (cheers) – Goodness, see? Didn’t I say that? – So we’re gonna do that? – Yeah. So we’re just basically,
it comes across this road, we scrub, we go down there. Can you hold that please? – All right. – And watch this. – Okay. (bike tires whirring) – [Olly] Oh that’s nice! So, the dust has finally settled. The winner is Brendan. – Yeah, thanks very much. – Pains me. – It was good, real good. Like class. – Bit fluke but, take it. – Who’s up next, Blakey? – Mine was rubbish, yeah all right. – Ooh. – That’s got a nice
sort of spread isn’t it? Should we go for fire, the red? Fire! – Oh! – What’s he got? – You read it. (laughing) – The super manual. – [Olly] Yes, yes! – That’s your Olly super,
this is the card that you chose to write on. – It is indeed. That’s my hand writing. – This is your handwriting. Very nice, right. – You’ll notice the trademark there. – Let’s get this humiliating
thing out of the way. – The TM! (laughing) – Who, shall I go first? ‘Cause it’s my challenge. – We’ve never done, I’ve never done one. – I’ve never done one. – I don’t believe it,
you’ve both been practicing. (bike tires whirring) – Weird. Weird guy. – I think we’ve probably got that one. Fingers crossed. – [Olly] Big loop up. Big scorpion crash. – [Olly] Yes, yes, yes! Yes, he’s done it! That’s good! Blake, that was good. (coughing) – Good luck! Was that all right? – [Olly] I think it was really good. – Did I do it? – [Olly] Yeah! – [Blake] Oh, you need strong abs. – [Olly] And he’s got it. (bike squeaking) (laughing) – [Olly] He’s having a rerun. Should we just give him
the win on this one? He wants it, you know? Yes! – [Blake] Oh yeah! – [Olly] Yes! – [Blake] Second time good. – [Olly] That was good bro. – [Blake] You’ve got it now. – Got it. – Well, should we just call it? – I think we should call it. – Let’s call it. – Second place? – Bren! – First! – I can’t have first. – [Olly] You just did it really good! – But he did it the best. – No you did it the best second time. And also you showed a lot of courage. – Bren, your card. – [Bren] Thank you. – [Blake] Two nil, mate. (clapping) – Very well done. – Well done. – So, no, your choice. And his choice, it’s your
day isn’t it today, goodness. – Purpley or bluey. Oh no. – Gap. – [Blake] Gap? – No, its not really. It’s manual. (cheers) – Wait, you’re gonna do that? – It’s got to be, this down here actually. And we’re gonna have a start point. – I like it! – A lot about power as well. So you have a start point to see how much power you can get in to get the speed to manual down. – He’s a racer, isn’t he? He’s a racer.
– He’s a racer. He’s a racer. – Makes a lot of sense. – Quick explanation. You have to start there and you have to start manualing before
this turn or on the line. Then it’s the simple matter
of the furthest manual wins. – To the gate is I guess you
could go, what, to the road? – Well if you can get
through the gate post and onto the road then down the road, you can do that and then down into Rogate. – I don’t recommend getting that far. – [Brendan] All right let’s see. Who starts? – You. – Gear. – I’m interested in what gear
he’s keeping on the gearing. – He’s in the middle. – Are we ready lads? – Ready. – Are we steady? – Go Bren. – The power! – [Blake] Wow! – [Olly] Sounds like– – [Blake] Oh he’s dropped his phone. – [Olly] Sounds like euro car. – [Blake] His cards. He’s dropping cards. – Yeah, I don’t feel confident. Do you? – Yeah, watch this. – The power man. (shouting) – [Blake] I was gonna run
over, here comes Olly. – [Brendan] Olly’s gonna be that sit down, controlled, composed. – [olly] See you in a bit boys. (laughing) – [Blake] Oh, he’s done us. – Yes, same as me! – [Olly] That’s a tie! – That’s a tie? – You gotta go again. – Come on, Blake. – Power man! Did you see how much
power he has in his legs? – [Olly] Beast blue. (laughing) – It’s like the same spot, why? – It’s the bump. Dropping. – [Blake] Oh wow. Oh watch that, watch that. – [Brendan] He’s going so slow. – Don’t pedal! (laughing) – [Blake] Same spot. – I had nice speed. – Same spot and same spot. – [Brendan] Olly! – Oh what? – You know why you didn’t have any speed? No power. (laughing) – We can’t have him
win all the challenges. – True, throw something in the spokes? – Maybe yeah. I think maybe that’s probably a good idea. – Here you go. – [Olly] Oh he’s coming, he’s coming. – And go! – [Blake] Oh, look how twitchy he is. – Quite a rocky start to be honest. – [Olly] Look he’s gonna
see the first line. He’s gonna put down. Yes! Yes! – Olly, I think Olly wins. Olly wins. – Well wait. Now Olly’s won? – Yeah. – Well no he hasn’t, because neither of us got further first one
and we drew on the first. – So is this? – Sudden death. – Sudden death. – [Blake] Three, two, ah! I don’t even know if
they’ll make it this– – Oh no! – [Blake] Bren’s got more speed. – I’m breaking too much. – [Blake] Bren’s got more speed! – [Olly] I’m breaking too much. – He’s got more speed! (laughing) – There went my money, I lost my money. – I had to. – Bren wins. – How are you winning? You’re on three now, three cards. Let’s see your phone. – He can’t just all round me better. – Bren, card for you. Third card. – Gotta be a bit careful,
pockets not that deep, so. – [Blake] It’s a bit shallow that pocket. – Three in there at the minute. – [Blake] well done. – Right, Olly? – Back to the beginning. – Shuffle ’em up. There you go. – [Olly] Seems like there’s too many red, so I’m gonna go for red. I’m gonna go for the middle red. – Oh what’s that? – ‘Kay, gap! – Oh. – I’ve got a really good one. – Oh no, really? – I actually do. – This was the only
thing that I had in mind. – Come on then. – It’s up there. – Done. – Off we go. – I’ ll have that. – I hate gaps. – Yeah. That hit one’s cool. – I’m glad the gap card’s gone, ’cause you had a horrible one. (laughing) – Yeah but it could be
classed as the big gap. – They’re big air.
– Big air. – Could still be the big air. This is the gap challenge. – All right. – You might be looking
a this table thinking not much of a gap. Well you’re not just jumping the table. We’re landing up here in this bank. Into it? – Juicy. – Don’t sound that enthusiastic. Into it? – Yeah, we’re into it yeah! – [Olly] All right, all right. – How do we judge? – So are we in slow mo again? – Should we see how far we can go on it? – Done. – All right. – [Olly] Who’s going up? I guess. – [Blake] Lets go, yeah. – [Brendan] How many attempts, Olly? – [Olly] Just one. – Just one? (bike tires whirring) (laughs) – [Bren] Nice! I feel like I was just before yours. – [Olly] I have no idea where I landed. – [Bren] All right this
is mine again, is it? – No I think it’s Olly’s. – Oh. – I think Olly took that one. – Yes. – [Blake] For sure. – At least he doesn’t get all of them. It’s your go. – Should we go, should
we equal up the cards. – Yeah we could, it’d be nice. – [Olly] One sec, let me
cover up all of these. – Big air. – Trick. – Oh no. – Oh no the worst guy. – I want a card. I want this card. – I think you’ve got it. (laughs) – Let’s– – Should we go into it now? (laughs) – Let’s no foot can this. (laughing) – All right. – All right. – Oh. When was the last time
you did no foot can? – I’ve never done one. No, I probably have. That would have been when the old Milford Trails were running. – Really? – Yeah, I’ve never. – So how many years ago did
you last do a no foot can? – Probably over 15 years ago. – Aw I can’t remember which way I go. – [Bren] I’m thirty now. – Let me just check. Which way do you go? – Olly push me from behind and I’ll see what foot I put forward. – So that means that one goes over? – [Blake] Yeah! Drop in! Yeah! – He’s gonna do a massive one isn’t he? – How? Because he’s really good at it. (yelling) – [Blake] I thought I was gonna land flat! – [Olly] There’s no way. Go on, no foot can that. – [Brendan] Are you clearing that out before you face plant it? – [Olly] A little bit. (laughing) Oh that didn’t work out for me. – [Brendan] Ready? (laughing) – Watch this then. (laughing) – Better attempt than mine. – [Blake] Actually you
did, that was right. – [Olly] How many attempts do we get? – That’s it. – [Off Screen Voice] Give him another one! – Well, it doesn’t matter, ’cause it’s second and
third it’s lose anyway. – You didn’t see mine. (laughing) I think there’s a clear winner. – Yeah. It’s my favorite. Thank you. (clapping) It’s probably the only card I get right? Now, who’s turn is it to choose? I’ve got three cards left. – Well what’s left? Big air? – We don’t know. We’ve only seen that one
’cause it fell on the floor. – Mustard. – Oh no, what is it? – [Olly] Oh no! – Aw this is, no. – Worst guy for it. Where are we going? – Yeah? – Where do you think we’re going? – The big Sandra that the bottom? – No. – Oh, not the rock? (laughing) – The pen. – Oh no. – The horse pen. – Oh no. – The horse pen? Is that the little? – I know where we’re going, it’s this way. – This is the horse pen. So called horse pen. Bren wants to jump over the fence. For the great escape. – I would also not recommend this at home. – We actually don’t recommend this either. – Because it’s probably
gonna be big O tubes. – [Blake] Will the
stallion escape the pen. – It’s such a harsh landing. [Blake] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Blake] Yeah it is, yeah. – Watch this. – [Blake] Okay. I’m not sure I’m up for that– – How much speed do you think of? – [Olly] Sorry? – How much speed? – [Olly] Full-bore, full tap. – Full tilt? – [Blake] Yeah, full tilt. Scared? Anxious? Tired? – Nah. – [Blake] Lonely, hungry? – [Olly] Oh my god! (laughing) Do you have any thoughts left? The great escape. – Oh my lord. (laughing) – It think we get free
food in the horse pen. Should we stay in here? – I’m white flagging, Blake. – I’m white flagging. That’s ridiculous. – He gets that card easily. – [Blake] You landed so far away and flat. – [Olly] You went a lot
quicker than I thought. – [Brendan] Yeah I know,
’cause I was like you said go full apparently it got into my head. (laughing) – [Olly] Like you jumped out of grandma’s first floor window. – Yeah, when I first ran it, I thought I don’t need any speed. And I said Olly how fast, full pelt. So I was like I’ll go
somewhere in between. – That was Blake said that. – You said that. (laughing) Should we give it to him together? – Yeah let’s do it. The cowards. – We’re not doing that, that’s horrible. – You’re very capable, but it’s just I’ve got
more suspension maybe. – Yeah. – Or something like that. – [Blake And Olly] Yep, yep. – I have a whole bunch. – Wow. – Oh look at that. – Look at that, you’re rich. – Four. – How many have you got? I’ve got one. – Four, wow! – We got one. – Easy game. (laughing) Right, we’re down to the last two cards. We have no idea what they are. One of them I believe is
a joker and another one– – Must be, yeah. – Is one that we’ve written on. – Yeah. – That Olly wrote. Yeah. – And it’s us to choose
last, so we choose together. – Oh yeah, yeah. I’ll go first. – Then Blake. Exactly, done, there we go. – This all worked out nicely. – I like blue. – Roshambo for who ever picks first. – [Blake And Olly] One, two, three. – [Brendan] Okay. – What have you got? – Three, two, one. Joker! – Longest stoppie for Brendan. – Oh joker. – So which one should we do first? – Well you’re the first. – Okay, longest stoppie? – Longest stoppie, you better go do it. – Where, where is it? – You picked the card,
you set the challenge. – Right, okay then. Let me think. I think I’ve got a good one. – Brilliant. – [Olly] I’ve no idea. (laughing) – Okay. So, for the next challenge, we’ve got Brendan’s one
it’s longest stoppie, but it’s my interpretation. – Yes. – So what I thought we could do was here is the start point of the stoppie. So who ever stoppies longer from here. So you can jump this and land
stoppie like burn a curb. Or you could just like stoppie
here and see how far you go. – Right. – What I was thinking was
one of us could manual up and then stoppie from there. – Yep.
– Yep. – And one of us could like,
one of us could jump and– – And go over the bars. – It’s quite hard to land stoppie. – Yeah, I’m not gonna do that. – I’m not doing that. – I’m ready, do I go first then? – Hold this you can give
it back to me in a minute. – [Brendan] And then
you can give it to me. – To hold. – He’s so cheeky. – Cheeky. He’s got a blue tick now, look at him. – Oh yeah. – So slimy. – He’s got blue tick. – Have you got one of them as well? – Yeah, so annoying. – I don’t know how to get rid of it. – I don’t have a blue, no. – [Blake] Ah he’s going so fast. – [Olly] Oh! – [Brendan] Nothing. – That was bad. – That was. – You wanna go next? – Please, could you hold this. – We have to undo the
rules, we have two guys. – [Brendan] Nah. (laughing) – Well basically, as
long as your front wheel, your back wheel is off the
ground form the lip, that’s it. – I’m not very good at
stoppies, but watch this. – [Brendan] Oh, so fast. – [Olly] Here he comes. (laughing) – And I thought mine was bad. – I was so scared of going over the bars. – Yeah, we saw. – Blake, I think we should vote and we should get a second go. – Yeah I think we should have a second go. That was terrible. – He’s getting really cocky. We can’t let him have all the cards. – [Olly] Nice, nice, nice. – [Blake] That was good. – That was really good. That was a really good first go. Really good first go. Right then, should we
vote for second chance? Hands up for second chance. (laughing) – [Brendan] Yes! (laughing) – [Brendan] Wow. – [Off Screen Voice] Oh, he won. (clapping) – Well he hasn’t won yet. – That was quite good. My technique worked, didn’t it? – [Brendan] Yeah, bloody good. – [Blake] Oh, he’s going so fast. It’s like the world cup. – [Olly] No, he’s gone around the corner! (laughing) – Who’s got the card. – Very happy with that. – Here’s your card. – Thank you! – Look at him counting his wagers. Let’s count yours. (laughing) – Done counting. – Right the joker card. This one my friends is gonna be a race. Still counting. But we’ll see who gets the last card. Let me guide you through this. It starts all the way up there. But you got to touch each bench but there’s a course
that you need to follow. Starts here. Up there. Right here. Up this bit. Stay within the lines. Down here. Through here. Up onto the bench. Along the bench. – [Olly] This is hard. – Along here. Onto that bench. Come along here. Onto this bench. Cross the line. (groans) – I like it. – If you fall off the bench, you get five seconds added. – Fall off the bench five seconds. What about that? – Five seconds. – Three, two, one, go. – [Brendan] Oi he’s quick. – Oh, five seconds. That’s five seconds. – 10 seconds. – That’s five seconds. – [Brendan] 10 seconds. – Oh it’s a scary one. – [Olly] Nice! Nice! – [Brendan] We’re at 20 seconds. – [Olly] Over the line. – [Off screen Voice] What’d he do? – 26 seconds. – [Blake] Oh that’s hard, that bit. – 26. Plus, are we adding five or 10? – Five. – 31 seconds. – 31 seconds. Three, two, one. – [Blake] Go on, Olly. Yes! Oh, that’s so hard that bit. Quick, Olly, come on! Oh, five seconds, quick! Go! That’s five seconds! – [Olly] That can’t be five seconds! – [Blake] Five seconds, you messed up. – Oh this is horrible. – [Blake] Yep, good luck. I’d do one quick movement
there, mate, yeah. Not five seconds. – [Brendan] Oh, another five. – [Blake] Five seconds. – 29 seconds. Add 10. – [Blake] Oh wow, that’s nearly a minute. High-five? 39 seconds. – Guess it’s just one card for me today. – Likewise, well we don’t know. Well, you, yeah. – [Olly] For me, yeah. – Three, two, one, go. – [Olly] That was good, that was strong. Nice, that’s good form though. – [Blake] He’s good form. Good form. I think he’s gonna mess up here. – [Olly] Blake, you were quick. Oh, he cleaned it. No penalty there. – [Blake] No penalty. Maybe that’s he strategy. Oh five seconds! – [Olly] That’s five
seconds, that’s five seconds. – [Blake] That’s five seconds. (laughing) – Add five seconds to you ’cause of that. You’re 31.69. – [Olly] Oh second place! (laughing) – Well done! – Cabbage, cabbage. – Cabbage. – There he goes, another
one to his collection. – Yeah! Two cards. But out of all of it. – Third place. Now in second place. – Blake Samson. And in fist place with
the winning, Brendan! (cheers) – Thank you very much for
watching this Game of Cards. Hopefully you enjoyed this. A bit different for us. Not like a game of bike but with cards determining what we want to do. Now if you want to see this game again, let us know in the comments down below. But if you want to see
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