A Modern Day Warrior: Mastering Mounted Archery

A Modern Day Warrior: Mastering Mounted Archery

(upbeat instrumental music) – [Lukas ] There’s something magical about seeing the arrow
fly and hit the target. Archery is difficult enough, you know, on the ground. To be on the back of the horse and to feel the wind in your face. It’s a challenge, and I like challenge. My name is Lukas Novotny, and I’m a bowyer and horseback archer.
(guitar music) What I do here is kind of
a history that’s revived in a sort of modern fashion. I don’t necessarily like to brag, but I’m considered to be
one of the top archers. I started making bows, uh, just as a hobby. And then it kind of just drew me in. You wouldn’t be interested in a bow unless you wanted to shoot it. I mean, why would you want to make a bow unless you wanted to pull that
string and let the arrow fly? To come up with a bow that’s perfect, it’s almost next to impossible I suppose, but that’s where the challenge lies. It’s like in horseback archery, to get a perfect score on a run, is, you know, that’s a feat that
happens once in a while. (neighs) (tense instrumental music) Here we have the Hungarian course. It’s scored by degree of difficulty. Forward being difficult,
side being the easiest, and the back being the most difficult and being scored the highest. Korean style is basically fairly simple. It’s a 150 meter track
with five targets spread 30 meters apart. The Kabak is a Turkish style. Dating back to ancient times. It’s a pole that’s seven meters tall, that’s what we use as a standard. At the top of it you have a target. I’m not per se the best archer there is. I don’t know how it’s
possible, how I’ve managed to collect so many medals. Maybe it’s the saying of
the one man with one eye is the king among the blind
or something (laughs).

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  1. one reason his the best….he got a big backyard second he can make arrows and bow third the're is no one to compete with em..

  2. It is funny how the Hungarians protect their own, but for your information I am the only one who beat him twice in a major competition. Perhaps you should ask him about that. Just to set the record straight.

  3. With as many eastern European and Asian cultures that have a background in horse archery, why is this not an Olympic sport yet?

  4. horseback archery championships was in Tokyo today.

    It is a competition that wears Kamakura Samurai's hunting costume and shoots from the runner's horse with the bow and arrow one after another,

  5. I love this video. You are great archer man. Be proud. You seem to like what you do and put your precious time and effort to master the skills.

  6. Lucas is a really cool guy and great archer, competing in horseback archery is a fantastic experience and a really fun sport 😁 i’ll be competing in the adult competitions now eek i’ve got a long way to go but seeing these top performers compete is truly inspiring. One day🏹

  7. If you're the best, why have not we seen you on any of the Kassai competitions? That is the place were the best are! And it did sound like bragging…

  8. I want to do this so badly. I could afford to learn how to shoot a bow, and I know how to ride. I've ridden in lessons for 4 years. There is a clinic near my future university where you can learn this, but the thing is, you need your own horse :'( Damn it. I really really really want my own horse anyway, but it really sucks that I currently can't afford my own horse as I'm in college with no career. Like there's no way a person would let me lease or ride a lesson horse and do this.

  9. We’re doing mounted archery at the barn I ride at right now, last year I could do it at a canter but I just started with a walk this year. Long story short, the horse I rode hated the noise of the arrows lol

  10. What is the maximum EFFECTIVE range for archery from horse back? I have compared horse back rifle shooting with horse back archery and found that the competitions are held at just about the exact range–very short. This is why foot archers were death to horse archers.

  11. horse-archery is burn in Eran (moder Iran ) does not existed in mongolia before 800 ad .its origins north east Iran ( Ancient parthia) mongols were barbars and just adopted this art

  12. Single-handedly xD that's hilarious…. There's this part of the world commonly referred to as Central Asia where this sport never died. Not to mention: Korea, Japan, Turkey, Hungary, and China.

  13. Huns, Mongolians, even KOrean ancestors all lived on the Asian Steppes and did this. Very cool. Really should be an olympic sport.

  14. This looks like that game on cartoonnetwork.com with samurai jack as a boy training with different people around the world – this skill among them.

  15. Turks are masters of horseback archers. They have special turkish bow which made from assian buffalo horn-silver birch-box tendon-sturgean fish and horse hair. A light armored Turkish cavalries can hit an arrow in 1,5 or 2 seconds (on the horse). Nowadays this sport is done with traditional wears and music like a festival. For example:

  16. one of the top archers? dude? what he demonstrated is barely on level of the guys from neighbour village. And very very far from level of Kassai Lajos, whos is the worlds best and you never hear him bragging about medals, i saw him shooting on live show, he shot 13 flying discs in one course around the arena and thats far from his record.

  17. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Lukas this past weekend at a mounted archery competition and what an incredible dude. Learning from him and being able to chat with him was amazing.

  18. Mounted archery is really fascinating. Peoples that have mastered this technique have won many battles against larger armies. Respect from Turkistan,🏇🏇

  19. And he is not Hungarian, not Turkish, and not even a Mongolian. But a Floridian American born and lived in Florida. Amazing

  20. No one's gonna point out that charles taught Arthur Morgan to use a bow at the beginning of the game, then arthur proceeded to instantly master horseback archery…

  21. “almost single handedly keeping the tradition alive”, except that in Iran alone, there are dozens of people doing just that. White Savior Syndrome, very symptomatic of those filthy White Christians who are behind every single horror, genocide and planet-destruction perpetrated in the last thousand years.

  22. He has so many medals because not many people do this. I however will start doing this aswell ..when I get me some land, a horse and a the target range with three shooting styles. Heck I'll even throw in Mangol and Japanese style and bows.

  23. I feel like people are not giving enough credit to turks they say its only mongols but since the horse archery was a thing the turks were literally one lf the first people to master that way of fighting and plus most of the mongol army was made from turkic tribes

  24. The dog is Man's Bestfriend but we've also had horses for almost as long, they are as much our friends as dogs are.

  25. Would love to know if there was anyone that did this in Western Pennsylvania to have them give a demo to our Pony Club.

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