[Music] hello everyone today I am in Clark in a caballo I told you before that I spent half of my life horse riding so this kind of lifestyle is really special to me so I really really love this place because unfortunately horse riding is not as popular in the Philippines but this is one of those rare places here where you can experience this kind of lifestyle so I’m very excited to show it to you the record you can tell us for selling is the real passion of these people by all the decorations and in the waiting room this is basically how my room looks like when I’ve saw teenager and I’m so happy that I got the chance to be able to be slice of it and I hope my part out of the work around the horses to show it to you the desolate goes to the horse has done the actual horse riding there’s a lot of hard work around them but it’s a lot of fun to work with these beautiful animals who here is cleaning the stables every morning for all the horses Society work is a mess over [Music] to open your phone regalo Julius so they don’t accidentally bite your home we are feeding the horses twice a day once for at the morning and then seven of the evening they everything but besides that they are eating dry grass or prejudice if they are outside all day so this for skipping is not for lazy ones because you need to wake up very early to clean the stables okay Thomas for not for lazy people right oh here the food you want it’s an unlucky place because you can see the food already so this is moving on now the next step is we are going to wash her right and you always start with her like you always have to watch their legs first because because it’s happened if you put the quadrat around their body suddenly it can be so good so you always start with in my first language is doing the legs on the bus first and then the other then you can go higher [Music] so now that it’s very hot because it’s the actual summer they are rushing the horses more times a day like they are rushing than three to four times each day because they need to cool down in the US and this mushroom is very kind he is he’s taking the whole shower thing very well before the horses I’ve worked with are like trying to lay down in the water and kicking the lighter with the leg and they just open the whole thing but it seems movement really likes it it was so amazing to be healthy for these animals are here you can tell that they’re living a peaceful and balanced life we didn’t even need to time on them during the shower and she didn’t go anywhere and after it was time for the horseback riding of course you can either on the table or the picnic grounds nearby or you can even go to a sorcerer with disability forever there’s also our ability to take real horse riding methods if you would like to learn horse riding is seductive the one time experience [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] you know like in movies they are kicking the horse or something when they are trying to make them run but you don’t need that you don’t control them with kicking or you’re still don’t control them with this it’s mostly your balance and how we move your body you think that about how fast he reacts to everything like I don’t need to kick him or anything I just basically presumably and he already know that they have [Music] if you get hungry during their adventure screen el caballo de las Flores around now that often be in January and you can pay for a buffet here and then you can eat a lot of great food if so for here is really matching to the sale of our caballo is like a western side place it’s very cool so he’s the sheriff of the place here with me who was very nice to help me to make this video and I hope your questions that I would like to ask from him but interesting the mostest that’s how did you get into this live session course I deliberately written is not as popular I guess the inside me ever since I was born I should show you later on a wish list and Florence 1957 I was nine years old I asked for everything about Cowboys horses and honor in the one of the items I requested what a true force the this is a copy of my letter to Santa Claus that’s interesting but everything is all about writing and what’s your favorite part about this like what why do you love it why but would you tell people my stupid in this lifestyle not one of the things you know they said when when you have one more you start becoming some great way toward new horses for this besides we have three horses that’s a plan and the horses that above and the magic we have about more than 25 so I wouldn’t really recommend for a business it’s pretty difficult or it has to be very look that’s the word they use and they tell me a way to reach a church effect there’s no such thing better than on top of the saddle you know but not everybody really likes to write with the smile blank there’s a has appear okay on the other hand my my son my grandchildren and also my daughter they get on a horse a men they’re natural very spontaneous for you develop with it yes like me I like them right for life since I was already available in some sense that I really compassionate became of question and all the time here in the Philippines and I can do is socialize miss it so much and when I’m here like I was riding the horse – man I get my emotional right now even just to talk about this because because you know it’s my passion so that’s it so now that I can do it I am so happy that you finally come to me for secure anything I have to say because the clip that I bought before I don’t have to say anything but a gossip a tip of a great slip so but when were before the horses are a lot more stuff now because it was always full of whiskey Bravo with us tourism here is the most of that sorry love so where we make are watching important and he didn’t come a baby didn’t see one in society family we all have our hero’s challenge a gorgeous Gupta would be great Sarge’s a senior he’s a movie actor oh yeah he’s a video television yes in a very good very good paint or very nice handle there are others that are a little more challenging I think that’s all before my time at of us thank you thank you thank you very much yes all right I really love the water so I’m done in a caballo for today unfortunately I would love to stay really if I would live close that I would be here all the time if you’re interested in this place and if you would like to visit then I will link everything in the description box the prices their Facebook page their website you will find everything there really if you would like to experience this lifestyle if you just want to simply spend a fun day here it’s very relaxing it’s very peaceful it’s the perfect place to relax I think if you would like to get away from the city but you want something different than the usual tourist attractions so that’s all for this week’s video if you would like to see more videos from the Philippines and please subscribe to my channel and see you next week in my next video bye [Music] I will link everything in the research I will link everything in the description I will link everything in the description description a lot of sign my design conservation is like on the way

49 thoughts on “A UNIQUE PLACE IN THE PHILIPPINES El Kabayo Clark | Vlog

  1. I hope you liked this video, it's probably my favourite vlog I've made so far since it's my favourite place! Have you ever tried horseback riding?

  2. This is a very nice vlog .. ^_^ keep it up Susie Potter By the way I'm from mindanao philippines …. Hope You VISIT in Mindanao 🙂

  3. I enjoy watching your vlog!
    And I actually learn about new places nearby my moms place in the Philippines ! 😄

  4. Awesome!!! I'll definitely have to add this in my bucket list. My wife Marion is originally from Austria and she grew up w/ horses as well. My Hagunoy barrio is not far from Pampanga. Hope to check it out in a year.

  5. This place seems to be on the site of the Clark Air Base Stables and Riding School where my Dad was the veterinarian in the 1960s. It was where I first learned how to ride ponies and horses while I was a young boy. This video brings back many awesome memories. Thanks so much for posting this. I loved your tutorial about caring for the horses. I watched those types of activities while I was growing up.

  6. nice blog again…. we will be arriving in the PHILIPPINES in May 29 i hope we could meet when we will go visit to Clark.. or Baler happy riding ✌☺

  7. Sorry to say that I don't support anything that involves animal labor. For me, they should not be put to work.

  8. This is my favorite of all your videos, too! Your joy is just too obvious around the horses. When you were talking with the owner about your passion with horses and you started tearing up, I kinda teared up myself… because you were so genuine and real. And then the outtakes in the end made me hysterical, as usual.  So yes, this is my favorite video so far. Thanks, Susie.

  9. I have tried horseback riding just once. Such a shame I couldn't do it more frequently. At first I was a bit worried because I thought the horse would just walk/run around on a flat ground because we were first-time riders, but instead we were going on a trail on a cliff. The guide told us to just let the horses do their thing and not try to control them, because horses are smart, they knew the path really well, and they also have high self-preservation instincts. He was right.

  10. Susie, thanks for the share. It's surprising to know that you're also a good horse rider. I'd include this place in my itinerary visit to PI.

  11. so u really Horses. then u definitely should head towards north. Baguio City are known for Horses and Sagada has Rare Wild Horses in the Wild. u should visit it.

  12. awesome video sussie I love the horses, the owner and interviewing part of it. it's really great seeing you interacting with just simple conversation. your a natural! btw those horse's loves you 🙂

  13. Very nice video. You really look and ride like a cowgirl. But the horses are smaller here in the Philippines. All you need on your next visit is a hat (and maybe a gun, heheh!). Yeeeeeehaaaaaw!!! 🙂

  14. Thanks for being such a fantastic ambassador for our equine friends and for promoting El Kabayo Clark!!! Equally great to see Blaze and Sarge in the video. Most of these horses are ex race horses who are lucky enough to find their second careers as equestrian partners. Happy trails!!!

  15. I'm a new subscriber. I liked this video as well. Interesting tourist attraction/restaurant in the Philippines. That's something I'd definitely check out if I were vacationing there. Keep up the good work.

  16. I don't usually comment on vlogs, but when I do it means I really Loved it. I'll finish all your vids today.

  17. You just made me miss my first horse…her name is Domino…wow i love watching your videos…the honesty, simplicity, humility and beauty is captivatingly overwhelming…a big fan here..,

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