Good Morning Uncle!
– Good Morning! Go carefully…Honey! -Okay Uncle! What Raghu? Are you goingfor Walking? No! l am goingfor Swimming!
Good! -Do it! Do it! Daddy! Rock daddy…
-Enough honey! Daddy! Rock still more speedily!
-lt’s enough…honey! Please daddy! Rock a bit more speedily…
-lt’s enough…honey! Rock speedily…Daddy!
-Okay! Okay! Daddy! Rock very speedily…daddy!
-lt’s enough…honey! Rock speedily…daddy!
-You exactly take after your mother! You won’t listen to me… Come on…get down! Come on…come down! There is the
Sliding board…go and play there! There you see…That side!
That side! Go…honey! Take care…honey! Take care…honey! -Okay daddy! Alas! My hip…
Abench is seen! Night work went late in the night…
This exercise in the morning! lt’s good… Sir! At this Age…this kind of Exercise
is good for health! What exercise…sir? l don’t know how l should go
home from here? ls that cycle your daughter’s? Yes sir! lt would be good
if somebody else took away… As soon as she completed playing…
she gets on the cycle and shoutsat you Daddy…push! Push speedily! What shouting…sir? She doesa war… My house lies beyond 4 kms from here…
and 2 hairpin bends! l have to go pushing… You get used to it!
-What getting used…sir? Abhi would do more naughty deeds
than this…-Abhi??? My daughter! -Oh! By the way…l am Raghuram!
l have an Estate here nearby Kunnoor! This is Sudhakar!
District Health Officer! -Oh! l have never seen you
in this park before… l don’t know that here isa park
until l bought the cycle! As l bought cycle…
l brought her up to here! She saw the park and said
that she would play… We don’t know when and
what these kids do, do we…sir? Kidsare so! What happened now?
There isa lot more ahead! Do you know Mr.Sudhakar?
-Yes! Sudhakar! The thing you feel bored now would become the happiest
moment to feel at my age! Are you blessed with only daughter…sir?
-Yeah! However…if children are not naughty…
our life is waste, sir! You are so right! The bonds…introductions…relationsand
new experiences we come across …in our life through them
would surprise us! But sometimes…it might thrill us too! Why do you scare me…sir? l share my experience… You can’t escape from it!
You have to go through it! Sir! Sir! Tell me what it is…
l shall stay a bit cautious! Where do l start? l feel as if everything had happened
just recently… Do you know…Sudhakar? l have come a long way in my life! But…even now l can never forget the day l first
held my Abhi over my hands! Small heels that appear
like Rose petals… She was…She was so cute! lt’sa doll of dance…
songsand laughter! She is the mother born to the
father who loves a lot! l will get the Palanquin of clouds… l will showthe world in a new trend… l will make the moon shower over her… l will bring her a cool pleasure! l will get the Palanquin of clouds… l will showthe world in a new trend… l will make the moon shower over her… l will reach her a cool pleasure! lt’sa doll of dance…
songsand laughter! She is the mother born to the
father who loves a lot! Mummy! Abhi! Abhi…dear! Abhi! Don’t weep…honey! Please…Don’t weep! What happened?
– Hot water spilled… What is this…Abhi?
Who asked you to go to Kitchen? Your mummy has no sense… lt cures if the ointment isapplied…
Let’s go to Doctor! Okay? Here you see…we takeJeep! Where is theJeep keys! Tell me…Where honey?
Where has the Hot water spilled? Where has it spilled?
-lt spilled on mummy’s hand! Has it spilled on mummy’s hand?
-Yes! Sorry! ls it burning heavily? You are not angry with me, are you? l am… l am not angry for you have beaten me… But l am angry for you have beaten me
without a thought! You can have love for child…
but would it be such a mad love? That is…l got tensed
as she shouted suddenly… l got shivering before l reachedthe
hall by taking her, you know? Okay! Suppose something
really happenedto her… Would you run without
havinga second thought? Won’t you enquire what
had taken place? That’s right!
l don’t know what it is… lf something happened to Abhi…
l feel more scared…Anu! l am sorry…Anu! Please! lt’s okay… lf you had seen it earlier, would you have
also held me and run like this? O my God! l would not have
crossedthe Kitchen yet… You are always so!!! Have you seen? You should not
disturb when mummy cooks… Say ‘Sorry’to mummy! l am sorry…mummy!
– lt’s okay…honey! Thank you! l haven’t been aware of the thing that
was known by a little kid! Have to kiss while saying ‘Sorry’…
– Enough…your formalities! The idea was good…sir!
– Which one? Expressing sorry with kiss! Do you know? lf Abhi was hurt even a little,
l could not have borne! l had made a great quarrel to avoid
pricking Abhi’s ears! But as she grew up… For fashion sake…She got pricked
in three places on one ear! lt’s okay on ears…sir! Now a days…pricked in different places
in the name of fashion! What Raghu? You have been talking
for a longtime… ls he your friend? No! He has come to murder me…
we are discussingthe rate! ls it so? Discuss! Discuss! Who is he…sir?
– He is Varadharaju! l have known him…
he is a goodfriend! When Abhi was a child…we had gone
to NTR’s Movie ”ADADl RAMUDU”. Do you remember that there is
an Elephant in the movie… At interval… Abhi was stubborn in buying Pop corn
even for the Elephant! When l was thinking how to handle her…
he who sat on the front row asked me What? Have you come to watch movie? With that anger…l said ”No!
have come to buy popcorn for the elephant” Similarly…he had gone saying
”Buy it! Buy it! Abhi burst laughing… Since that day…he uses to ask me
different types of questions… l use to reply him
with relish answers! And then l go
and cheer it with Abhi! And we have a hearty laugh! But my wife would scoldasking me
not to laugh at him so! Would she scold you…sir? Yes! But what your wife said
was right…sir!- How? The thinkingand patience
with women are never with men! Yeah! You are right!
Anu is more practical! ln fact she was so practical during the
days when we were in Love! ls yoursalso a love marriage?
– Yeah! lt’sa love marriage! Though she is my relative girl… Her parents were not
interested in this marriage… Many problems had taken place! Finally…Anu had come along with me
leavingall of them! My world is very small…Sudhakar!
lt’s a small world! Me…Abhi and Anu!
And then…my friend Ramu! ln fact he looks after
all my Estate work! After Abhi was born…
She became my world! There were no limits for
our naughty deeds! Abhi was 3 years old… l facedthe first thrill in my life then! No! No! Why so far…honey! Look here… Come on! Come on! Come on! Very good…
-Hurray! Teach according to the
rules while teaching! What rules with the child…
Even l don’t know how to play! You play… ls she a child? Would you talk
with a bit responsibility? Responsibility in the sense… Do you want me to get her married? Abhi! Would you get married…honey?
– O yes! She says she gets married…
shall l look for a Groom? Don’t joke…She has to be admitted
into school thisJune month! School? -Yes! She has just learnt walking…
Why is school so soon? l went to school when l was
5 years old! lt was those days when you went to Panchayat school
hanging sack and wearingtrousersat your 5th or 6th age! As soon as kids cross 2.5 years…
they are admitted into Pre-KG now! You know? What is that Pre-KG? Whatever is to study in LKG will be
taught in prior in Pre-KG! Oh! Would you teach while pregnancy
how to study in Pre-KG? What then?
Look at her how happy she is! Should she be let to carry books sack on her back
and sent as if people were sprinkling pesticides in the Estate? Listen to…
-l don’t know that andall! lf she goes to school…
what should l do? You also wear half trousers and go to school
along with her…who stopped you? Daddy! l go to school wearing uniform…
– Yes! Have you heard? Our Padma isan intimate friendto
Crescent school principal… l have talkedall the details and
brought the application form too! Okay! School in June month, right?
Why do you jump before that? You play…honey! Hubby…Application should be submitted
by tomorrow itself! There isan interview within 10 days! What? Have you all gone mad? Would Pre-KG going child be interviewed?
You play…honey! The interview is not for her…
but for you! That’s why l have brought all the
books for you, start studyingfrom now! Are you playing? Should l go and write Afor Apple and
Bfor Bat at this Age? l can’t… Yes! Oflate…parentsare tested if their
knowledge is capable enough to teach their children! Preethi’s father is studying sincerely being
at home by taking leave from office! So…keep off these gamesand try
to get through the interview! Don’t take my honour away beingfailed… lt seems too much…
l don’t write the exam… Abhi! Would you like to
go to school or not? lf so…ask your daddy to study well!
Have it! Sir! Why have you done
like this…sir? What happened?
– Madam has phoned… You got failed in the model test
conductedat home in the morning! You wrote the capital of
Japan was Nokia… Don’t you know it was Tokio! lt was a spelling mistake
as l was drowsy… You can say all these with me…
can you say this in school? lt’s the matter of our honour…sir!
Study responsibly… Sir! You tell him…sir! lf he is so for Pre-KG…
l don’t know what he does for LKG! What Raghu? Have you readthe
entire history? Have you seen my situation?
-l see…l see! Nokia is okay for Tokio! You wrote that Mahatma Gandhi’s daughter
was lndira Gandhi… Won’tJawaharlal Nehru be upset
if he heardthat? How do you know? l got a phone call from Lakshmi who is in Viizag
that Anu was worried about that! From Viizag? -Yes!
– Laugh! Laugh! Hey…You will also
have a child in future… and get the situation horrible
beyondthis! Have l studied in
English Medium school? Ours isa perfect plan… We join in the coaching classes
as soon as child is born! Do you know what happened last night?
– What happened? Aguy made a call at 12 AMand asked me
if l come for combined Study! What? Along with you? What buddy? ls it really
such a great thing?- Yes ofcourse! Last year…a guy got failed
in the interview… and got transferedto Bihar since he
couldn’t bear the lnsult…you know?-Alas! You study sitting at a corner…
l look after all the work! Capital of Maharastra is Bombay! Capital of Uttarpradesh?
-Lucknow! Good! That’s it… Alas! Hubby! Hubby! Get up… Radio is invented by Marconi! Telephone is invented by
Grahambel! Bhanu priya is discovered by Vamsi! -lt’s fate! Hubby! Get up… lt’s time
for the lnterview! Get up! What’s the time now?
-lt’s 5:30 AM. The interview is at 10 O’clock, isn’t it? lt’ll be possible only if you go
and stand in queue now! So, get up quickly and get ready! Revise the contents without sitting calmly
in the bathroom…Okay? Alas! Hubby! Who is the
lron Man of lndia? lt’s your father!
He had given you birth, hadn’t he? Shit! What sir? Are you admitting your child
into the school now? Yes sir! My twelth child…
-Twelth? You can start your own school instead… However, bit should be used
for this question! Excuse me! -Sir! What is the name of Alexander’s horse? ls thisall be asked, sir?
-Suppose if they ask? Alas! l don’t know… What sir? Had Alexander had horse? Had he had Bullet then?
What is this, sir? lf l don’t get the admission by this time too…
my wife wouldask me for Divorce! Did you come last year too?
-Yes sir! What did they ask?
-They asked me where Gold available in lndia… l said, ”R.S.BROTHERS”!
ls it wrong, sir? You still read by hitting your chest… Alas! Alas! lt was said that the question paper had been
leaked in a school in Coimbatore… But…Transfer is not
given in the office! l somehow have to knowthe
name of the horse! What sir? What is the name of
Alexander’s horse? Was that male or female, sir? ls it all necessary in this tension, sir! Sir! He isaskingfor the name of
Alexander’s horse…Do you know that? Ask the same to the next guy! Excuse me! Hello! Hello! Do you knowthe name of Alexander’s horse?
-l don’t know! Do you knowthe name of Alexander’s horse?
– Neither he knows… lf father gets failed…
shall we replace with other father? What are you talking?
l am dying with tension here… God! God! God! Hey, look at your book! Hubby! For me? -Shit! Go away…
-Thank you! Hubby! Revise it well…
you don’t answer wrongly, okay? Why are you making me tensed…
you leave! Okay! Okay! – All the best!
– Hubby! All the best! Abhi! Don’t play…Keep quiet! Bucephalus! The name of the Alexander’s horse is
Bucephalus!- Okay! Padma has told me everything!
-So sweet! Okay! How would you know her?
– Family friend! On the other hand…
she is our far related girl! ls it? That’s good! Mr.Rajaram! -l am Raghuram! Oh! l am sorry! -lt’s okay! Mr.Raghuram! Regardingthe capital… -Yes madam!
l am very well prepared, madam! Capital of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow! Capital of Orrisa is Bhuvaneswar! Capital of Madhya Pradesh is Nepal!
Sorry! Bhopal! Capital of Tamilnadu is Chennai! Capital of Karnataka is Bangalore! Capital of Andhra Pradesh is
Hyderabad, you know? Why do you recite all these to me? l was told that you would be asking
all these in the interview! That’s why l’ve prepared! Not only the capitals of the states
in lndia, madam… l knowthe capitals of all the
countriesacross the world! You can ask me…
l will answer! These are not required at all… l wasabout to ask the
capital about Fees!- Oh! You have to pay Rs.10,000/-
asa Non-refundable deposit! -Okay! After that…you have to pay
Rs.1600/- per term! -Okay! ln our school…
Apart from studies, We offer extra
curricular activities! -Oh! Does your daughter know swimming?
-She has just begun to walk, madam! lt’s okay! ln our school,
we teach swimmingtoo! lt’s enough if you pay
just Rs.500/- per month! -Oh! Other than these…We teach different things
such as Music, Horse riding, Karate etc! For all these together…
it’s enough if you can pay just Rs.5000/-! Beyond this…we don’t receive
any money from the parents! We shall also have no money
to give above this, madam! We will pay, madam! We can…yes! Pay the fees! The rest will be
said in the office! ls that it? What about interview?
– Not necessary! Don’t you ask anything?
– Not necessary! Please madam! l have studied day and night
for 10 days! You ask atleast 4 questions
for formality! Ask the name of Alexander’s horse…
l know it! That’sall not necessary…
you may leave! Next! Thank you! The first day when Abhi went to school… l don’t know if she remembers…
but l can never forget it! What Raghu? Have you come to school? No, we have come to take away the children!
-Oh! Take away…Take away! Sir! l am sorry sir… Parents are not allowed
beyond this, sir! l shall just leave the child
upto the classroom… No sir! Class is left at 1 O’clock…
you can come and take her then! No problem! We will look after, sir! Abhi! l will come and take you in the afternoon! Don’t weep, honey! – okay daddy! Bye! Don’t take my honour away
before everyone… Are you sending her to War?
Just to school, right? Wipe your eyes! Please… Alas! As the steps being laid… As the mind is being patted… Some beautiful sounds of feelings
blown internally! As the words get improved… As it’s been observed naughtily… Bliss is filled within me
getting multiplied! Having become a lullaby… Having become the person who lulls… Shall l deliver the lullaby
into the heart of kid? l will get the Palanquin of clouds… l will showthe world in a new trend… l will make the moon shower over her… l will bring her a cool pleasure! lt’sa doll of dance…
songsand laughter! She is the mother born to the
father who loves a lot! Sir! l am also admitting her
into school this year! l don’t know how my situation would be then… lt was very difficult
in the early stage… After that…l had startedto bathe,
wear uniform and leave her at school! l got usedto it! ln fact, as l taught homework to her…
l learnt more! Sir! What sir? Sister is lookingfor you as you came for
walkingand not returned yet… You are simply sitting and
discussing stories here! l was talking with him…
you go! l will come… lf l go without you…sister will not
allow me into the house! l am seen, ain’t l?
You go… Shall l leave the car?
-Not required…you go! Come soon, sir…l leave sir! He is also at my house… He isa part of our family, you know? ln fact, he only knows how much money
l have in my account… lt wasa wonderful incident
how he reached our house! Then…Abhi wasabout 10 years old! What Sudhakar? ln our country…Crores of people are llliterates…
Homeless…Brainless too! Do you believe if l say that
there wasa guy nameless? Why have you asked me
to come urgently? Why are you both standing outside? Look there a moment! ls he your relative? Don’t mock at me. l’ll really get anger!
– So, tell me who he is! Don’t ask me anything…
ask your daughter! Abhi! Who is he? He staysas a beggar
nearby my school, daddy! Stays asa beggar? You say as if he wasa Manager in some bank…
Why have you brought him here? He fainted down near the school on the
road today, daddy! He is a poor man…
he hasn’t hadfood at all, daddy! Have you called me for this? You can give some foodand
send away, can’t you? Look here! l told you not to ask me
anything but to your daughter! Abhi! Shall we feed him and send out? No daddy! Let him stay
along with us, daddy! He has none, daddy! Let’s allow him
to stay in our house, daddy! He does if he is
given some job, daddy! No honey…l don’t know if he can
adjust in our house! Please daddy! Daddy! He saidthat
he has even taken bath… Which place do you belongto?
-Hyderabad, sir! l was sitting at the
St. Anne’s school… l feel difficulty in Summer…
that’s why l have come to settle in the Hill station! You are speaking English! l sit at the school gate, don’t l? l have picked up talking
with children! You can do some work, can’t you?
– l have been usedto this, sir! l ask for 50 paise if l am hungry…
l sing songs if l am happy! But l don’t beg with that…
That’s only my Hobby! What is your name?
-l don’t know, sir! Don’t you know?
– No one has put, sir! Don’t you have name at all? l don’t have anything…
neither have my name! l neither know anybody’s name, sir! All the women are mothers…
and men are Sirs! All the oldmen are elderly people…
that’s it! Abhi! What name shall we put him? Ravi Shastri! Ravi Shastri?
– Yes sir! l like him very much… What man? Do you watch cricket too?
– Yes l watch, sir! -Where? TMC! TMC! – 5 to 6 TV’sare kept
behindthe glass there! l watch each ball
on each Tv sentimentally, sir! You have good intelligence… Do you work if you are given any job? Yes l do, sir! Okay Abhi? -Okay! Thank you! Ravi had become a member of
our house by then itself! Very soon…He had become a
member of our family too! Come quickly…lt’s been late!
-We are coming…- Sir! -Yes! l think today is your wedding day…
-Oh! Thank you, Ravi! Shall we move? -Hasn’t Ramu come? They come straightaway to the Hotel… lf l knew that we would go to
hotel and have food, l would have prepared
chicken Biryani at home!- Shit! Shit! Why shoulda hen be killed today for a
mistake took place longago? You are always so! -Daddy! -What honey?
-We shall take Ravi along, daddy! Ravi! -Sir!
– Come on! Get into the vehicle…
– No sir! l will stay here… Hey…get in!- Come on…
let’s have a jolly trip! Be careful! Why has it not struck me at all?
-What is it, buddy? To invite Ravi too… lt only strikes the children…
we have grown up, haven’t we? What Raghu?
Have you come to have food? No! We have come to wash the utensils…
– Wash! Wash! His policy! Wrongtime…wrong question!
-He isa different type of guy! Anu! Food is very delicious here…
-The bill would be delicious too! Mummy! l want an lce cream later… Honey! No lce cream…you caught cold!
-No problem! Let her have… Okay! Nothing happens…
you have it! You won it!
-Where would she listen to me?- Sir! Hey…be seated! Yes! Biryani… Come on…start! Have it! Ramu! What about drink? Not today! Only Biryani today… Are you sure?
-Yeah! Yeah! Very sure… Today is my wedding day! We have to drink
when we are worried? lf so…we should also have drink!
-Sir! First time, sir! Having food inside the hotel… l would not be allowed
inside the hotel at all! You have it by addingthis! Sir! She is my mother, sir! …you have it! Since then…till now!
Ravi calls Abhi as mother! What are you doing here? -Ssh! Look at her! Those Eyes…the Nose…
the Face! She takesafter my mother, doesn’t she? My mother has not passedaway, Anu! She was born as my daughter! Okay! Come on…she may wake up! l love you, Abhi!
-l love you too, daddy! lt’sa doll of dance…
songsand laughter! She is the mother born to the
father who loves a lot! As your heels jump… As your image grows up… l am somehow happy if you are
seen infront of me! By askingfor a while… By getting disturbedfor a while… l will be very happy if l am
with you every second! Though many seconds pass… Whatever the age she reaches… You are the daughter!
You are the daughter! ln the heart of a father! l will get the Palanquin of clouds… l will showthe world in a new trend… l will make the moon shower over her… l will reach her a cool pleasure! lt’sa doll of dance…
songsand laughter! She is the mother born to the
father who loves a lot! l will get the Palanquin of clouds… l will showthe world in a new trend… l will make the moon shower over her… l will reach her a cool pleasure! l remember my mother too off
and on when l see her! Children teach us to recognise
a Human asa Human! Because they don’t have any
evil intensions, do they? But…whatever you say, Sudhakar! We think that
we bring up the children… No! You see…lt would be good with children
only till the age they go to school! After that college…
friends…TV…cinema… The society bring them up
for half way! Since then…Shocks start from them… ln fact Abhi had given me
such a shock! Are you kidding?
How if you ask suddenly like this? ls it very much necessary now? Preethi comes by
cycle everyday, doesn’t she? Her father isan irresponsible fellow…
Can l be like that? What such a wrong has she asked for? You keep quiet! You have
spoiled her by prattling her… Who? ls it me? -Then? lt’s okay if she asks
cycle for playing… She says that she wants
to ride to school! l drop you byJeep daily, don’t l? She asksas she desires to have!
-lf she desires… l have a desire as well! To shout loudly by standing in the middle of the lake
on the full moon day! ls it possible? Why not? Go and shout… lf you shout loudly on the full moon day…
everyone takes you as mad! Why do you jump like this for
she hasaskedafter all a cycle? Not like that… lf she herself goes by cycle,
what can l do? You run alongfollowing her! Sister! l have brought the models
from all the cycle shops in Ooty! Look at it and choose what you want…
-Nothing is required! What happened sister?
-Nothing happened! He says that Abhi should not
go to school by cycle… He says that he only drops! Sister! l don’t think it’s goodto
let him to go to school everyday! Why?-There comes many
young mothers! – Hey! No matter whatever you say…
Not possible! Not possible! Not possible! Look here Abhi! Riding cycle is not an
ordinary thing! Listen carefully to what l say… Have to show the right hand
while you turn right… Have to show the left hand
while you turn left… While going straight? -Hey… As we are in motion, if the pressure becomes low.
-Have to switch on the fan! -Hey! What then, sir?
You are simply annoying… lf my mother rides cycle…she defeats
P.T.Usha too! You get down, sir! Hey… you wait! Then…if there is heavy traffic… Daddy! lt’s getting late…
l can go, daddy! You first get down! Go carefully, Abhi! -Okay! Careful honey! Bye mummy! -Bye Abhi! Bye! -Bye… Wow! How superbly my mother goes! What if you bought her as soon as
she had askedfor this! Hubby! Where is he going?
-l don’t know! Hi sister! -Hi! Why do you follow me, daddy? Shit! Shit! Not following honey…
ljust wanted to… Don’t lie! l knowthat… You are going to school first day
by cycle, aren’t you? That’s why…along! l go back
as soon as you enter the school… l can go…you go back, daddy! No, l’lljust come till the school end…
-No daddy! l know! l know what l am doing! Hello Sudhakar! What happened?
– Nothing sir! Do you know where Yoga is taught, sir?
– Why? Nothing sir! l have short temper… lf my daughter talks with me so…
l can’t bear, sir! lf l practice from now…
l can control then! That’s why… Yoga practice is not requiredfor that…
lt’s enough if we can understandthe children! How were you able to bear such a word, sir? What could we do, Sudhakar? lf our children are wiser than us…
we have to just be proud calmly in our heart! You see…Abhi was clear in everything! She has grown up as she wishes!
l have also grown up along with her! l am the father of a girl, ain’t l?
Asmall fear somewhere… Abhi and l were very close friends… Eventhough…
whatever she asked… whatever she said…
l wouldfight with her! l would get upset… l would be proudafter understanding that! Do you know? Once Abhi and l were walking… Sachin was 19… Daddy, l know…
Sachin Tendulkar was 16! Sachin was 19 years old when he
played his first match…that’s it! Alas! You are very weak in
General knowledge! -Yes, l am… He was 16…l am saying, ain’t l? l had left this General knowledge when l
read while admitting you into school! He was 19…
l am very sure about it! Hey Abhi! Look here! l don’t harm…
Come here… Don’t fear! Dont fear!
Come here…Come closer! Come on…
Come on l say! Hey…Abhi!
– Don’t fear! What happened? What is this? Daddy! Remove your shirt…
– Shirt? Why honey? You remove the shirt…
l will tell you! All are lookingat me, honey!
-Alas! Remove it, daddy! l feel cold…honey! You feel cold, don’t you?
Wait for a minute… Do you see? Anew shirt…for you!
Will you wear? For you… Come on…
– Abhi! What is this honey? Daddy! You go home, daddy… Should l go home in this position? No problem, daddy! lt’s nearby, isn’t it?
You go… Auto! Auto! -Yes!
We shall go by Auto! Daddy! Give me some money if you have… Shall we send her giving some money?
-Give me… Abhi! Where are you going? SARANALAYAM (ORPHANAGE)
l will be back leaving her there! Take me to home on the way…
please! You get in…Move aside! l can’t go like this… No problem, daddy! You go… -How? What Raghu? You are going
without shirt… As you may feel if l go without pants! ls it so? Let it be…Let it be! Hey Ramu…lt’s not important
to do help! That should be done in time…
that’s greatness! Tell me… How many people would have passed
through that way? Hasanybody felt so?- Take the chips…
-No! No chance! Only my daughter felt so… Daddy! Enough daddy… Please honey! l am very happy today… Sir! l am happy too… lf so…you also have a peg!
-Hey…No! You have drink when you are happy…
l sing when l am happy! Hurray! He gets me intoxicated before
having drink! Sabash! Sir! Shall l sing, sir?
– You sing… But tell us what you are goingto
singabout before singing! lt’s about us…
– Wow! – Rock then! Sing… ln a one and only village… There is a one and only sir! For a one and only sir… There isa one and only madam! The one and only madam gave birth to a
one and only Ammu! She is the graceful eyes
that speaks with the sight… Sir is there, isn’t he? There were many who have gone mad
in lacking of love… He would go mad because of love! He has brought up in his palm
thinkingthat it might pain her! He has hidden in his heart to
prevent the Sun falling over! Only his daughter…
only his daughter is his life! The life…for life… He givesagainst it! ln a one and only village… There is a one and only sir! For a one and only sir… There isa one and only madam! Sister is there, isn’t she?
My sister… Some people run away by
seeing an insect! Though earth quake occurs…
sister stitches garlands! Having one child… The one who has given isa child too! My sister is the chatter for the
mischievous deeds of both children! This sister isa gift for our house! Comparingto the heart of my sister… The Himalayan mountain is small! Mother is there, isn’t she?
My mother… Some mothers take birth
by taking virtue… They give us boons
according to our virtue! My mother…you come asa boon! She doesn’t harm even a small ant!
My mother isa lion… lf l have next birth….
l would ask a boon! l would like to become a child either
to this daughter or to this mother! Uncle! You can drive carefully,
can’t you? -Don’t worry…honey! l am steady! You have drunk more today…
– What to do…honey? l don’t have a daughter
to restrict me… Abhi! l never botheredabout
my childlessness! But only when l see you… l feel that deficiency! Bye! -Bye! This is the destiny? l don’t have parents since l was born… They don’t anyone who calls them so! This is the magic of God! What honey? You have asked me
to come suddenly… Any problem?
Has anyone said anything? Nothing at all…
you just go through it! Rajesh has given me, daddy! We have been studying
together since schooling… He has suddenly done like this
when college isabout to end! l am so upset, daddy! That’s why l am planningto give
complaint to the Principal… Well…l felt to ask your opinion!
that’s why l have asked you to come! Why do you get tensedfor such a little thing? Little thing?
– Yes! Aguy has written you a letter
decently stating that he likes you… lf you don’t like…you can just
give back and go on, can’t you? He himself says that he will
wait only till February 1 4th… He isa practical guy…
will understand! lf he createsany problem further,
we will think about it! What daddy?
You say in such an easy manner… That’s it honey, isn’t it?
Come here! Come…l will tell you! What would happen if you say about
this to the Principal? The matter known for you both would be revealed
to everyone…ls it necessary? lt commonly happens in the life
of a beautiful girl! You may happen to face this type of
Rajesh wherever you go… You have to learn how to handle all these!
That’s it… You are clear in all issues…
why are you confused in this? You may happen to meet a guy whom you like
in your life in future… -Please! What please?
lt happens…that’s it! lt may happen!
There is no wrong in that… Because we don’t do looking for it… lt happensautomatically! But when it happens so…you have to
take decision clearly by thinking well! Now listen to me! lt’s not only your right but also your duty
to arrange your life as you wish… lt’s your duty…got it?
Now take this! Take this…give back to him
and mind your work! That’s true, daddy! lf l had unnecessarily gone to the Principal
and complainedagainst him… …his future would have been spoiled! Thank you daddy! You have asked me to come just for this…
l feared that it might be something else! Take care…bye!
– Bye! Daddy! Daddy!
– What honey? Come on…Come on! Where? -Ssh! Come on… Where are we going? Honey! l feel cold…
– Don’t talk…let’s go! -Where? Hey…let’s go by car! -Ssh! Let’s go by car!
-Mummy wakes up! You come on… What? ls everything ready? Madam, should not go during night…
be careful! l will take care of everything! Have you kept everything l gave?
-l have kept them carefully… -Good! Take it! Thanks!
-Thank you madam! Hey…what is happening here?
-Daddy! You come on… Madam! You sail well, don’t you?
-Yes! lt’sa great Titanic! Abhi dear! Abhi dear! What is this boat? Where are you taking me?
– You get in daddy, l will tell you! Take care… l am afraid…honey! Abhi! What is thisat midnight? You first look up, daddy! lt’sa fullmoon day….
middle of the lake! Don’t you like to shout with joy? How do you know?
– You have once said…- When? When l asked for a cycle
for the first time! One minute! Happy birthday, daddy! Thank you! You shout, daddy! Abhi! Abhi! Where are you? What happened? What happened? Hot water spilled…
– Where? On whom? Are you kidding?
Why have you shouted now? l shouted with joy!
– l will also shout if you tell me! Letter again? Daddy! l got admission for MBA…
– What? MBA? -Yes!Where?
-Delhi! Delhi?- Yes daddy!
Jawaharlal Nehru University… That’sall not possible!
-What’s not possible? Should she go only to Delhi
to study MBA? lf she got seat in Delhi…
Will she go to Mumbai! There is a good college in Coimbatore…
she can study there! Well sir? Does she get seat in
Coimbatore for this letter? Have new rules been passed?
– Hey…l will kill you! Daddy! lt’sa very big institution! l got this seat with great difficulty! That’salright…
But l say ‘No’! That’s it… Do you know how my mother struggled
to get seat in that college? -Hey! Hubby! She appliedafter
informing you, didn’t she? You signedthe application form,
didn’t you? l have signedand thought
she would not get seat! lf she goes to Delhi,
what can l do? -Are you kidding? Many people sendtheir daughters to
America and London to study… What if you send her to
Delhi which is nearby? What daddy! For only two years, right? As soon as the vacation is given…
l will come back! – Not like that honey… You have been brought up
here comfortably… How can you stay in Hostel there?
– No problem…daddy! lf the Hostel doesn’t suit you…
-Daddy! l know what l am doing! Please daddy! Only two years…would pass! l am goingto come here
after that, ain’t l? Not like that…Abhi? How can l stay in this house
without you for two years? Daddy! Until l come…it’s Abhi! You pass your time with this… Only two years, right?
…would pass! One minute! One minute! l will tell you what might have
happened next… You would have also gone to Delhi… …been settledand following her
wherever she went, right? l did not go anywhere, sir!
l have been here itself! But the day when Abhi
went to Delhi… ..looked like the day when
she went to school for the first day! All the best! What hubby? The house without
Abhi seemed to be very emptied! l ask only two questionsat her
every arrival for vacation… How long will you stay?
And when will you come back? Having completed her studies…
My Abhi returned back! l felt as if l got back the
entire happiness l lost… You see…l never thought of
Abhi’s next stage! But when Abhi came from Delhi this time…
she had come with one decision! Ah! Varadharajulu is coming! l don’t know what he asks now… What Raghu?
Have you come to worship God? No! We have come to eat…
-Eat! Eat! Abhi! ln a temple similar to this…
l asked your mother if we would get married! Givinga flower from her basket…
she ran sparkinga little smile! You see…she is coming! Even if l think now…
it looks like a magic!- Magic! Which flower did you give, mummy? Do you remember, Anu? 25 years ago…ln a temple
similar to this… -Shit! Go away! Why do you talk about
our love before her? ls it necessary now?
You are always so! Daddy! As the magic took place in your life…
Amagic took place in my life too, daddy! l have met a guy in Delhi, daddy! He had come to the college seminar! We have moved like friends in the beginning… But l love him, daddy! l would like to marry… Have you gone to study or to love? Non-sense! What happened to you?
Why did you talk with her so? Then…At the time of studying
in college! What is love? Oh! How had we loved? You were wandering in streets
leavingthe college.. Have you forgotten that? Oh! ls such a story there?
-Hey…she is my relative! lf so…can you love?
– Hey…ldiot! Before marriage itself…
we were relatives! lt’s okay… -Oh! She had seen a guy in Delhi!
They both like each other and want to get married! Has she hidden from you? She has decently
come andtold you, hasn’t she? How can you talk with her so?
-That’s what l say…how dare she is! She straightly comesand asks me… Alas! What is this, sir? Would she ask Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy
instead of asking you? Hey… Why do you all support her? You both together have spoiled her…
-What? l ask you asa mother… Do you have an idea to
get her married or not? l have to do…
l will do… l look for a Groom
who is set at our house! Then…Abhi would be with us, right? Abhi will be with us!
Will she be happy?- For that… Sending her with someone else to Delhi…
-What can l do? That’s it, isn’t it? You said correctly, sister!
l also thought the same… Hey dear! Do you know how difficulty l faced
when she went to Delhi for 2 years? Look here! This is her life! She only has the right to decide about it! Son-in-law is coming tomorrow from Delhi!
We have to go to Airport to receive him! Son-in-law? -Yes! Have you fixed it? -Yes! Whom has he asked to come here? Don’t you have to inform me all these?
-Where have you let us inform? l won’t come to airport tommorow –
You should come… l won’t come…l won’t come at all!
– You should come… l suffer from fever tomorrow… Take Crocin tablets now and come tommorow… Sir! l am actually going
to the Medical shop… What about tomorrow, sir? Would you suffer only from
fever or something else too? Hey…l will kill you! There you see…the flight has come! Hubby! Hubby! The flight has come…
-l know! Alas! We have come with bare hands… We have to give somethingto
son-in-law! What to give? Take a coconut shell and give him! l will standthere…
Bring if he comes! lt’s my foolishness to ask him! Abhi… Greetings sir!
l am Jogindhar Singh! You can call meJogi! With the pleasure meeting you! Sorry! Sorry! Aunty! You look so young… Actually you look like
Abhi’s sister! What is he saying? He says that mummy looks like my sister!
-He said correctly… Many people think so… You know something…mom speaks Hindi!
– Really? -Yeah! Yes! l learnt in school…
But l am not in touch with that! How wonderful!
You speak Hindi very well… …and uncle, what about you? lf anyone speaks…l understand
that he is speaking in Hindi! What does it mean? Sir doesn’t know…Only Telugu
and little English! Hey…Do you speak Hindi? l begged in the old city
for 2 years, right? Mother! What does our sir
do in Delhi? He wants to know what you do in Delhi!
– Who? Me? Well…l am an lndependent Journalist
and an Economist! Oh! That job? Sir! What is meant by
lndependent Journalist? lt meansJobless fellow! lf so…Was l an lndependent
Journalist once upon a time? l was calleda Beggar then! What is happening here? What is happening here?
-Why? What happened? You said that son-in-law
was comingfrom Delhi… l thought Hritik Roshan or
Abhishek Bachan was coming… Harbajan Singh has come! What is there for that? Do you say, ”What is there for that?”
How is it? When Abhi gives birth to a child..
will you play in Hindi? Or else…will you dance following her? l know Hindi…You go and dance if you want!
– Don’t joke! Don’t you have to inform me all these?
-She has said, hasn’t she? Whom has she said?
– She has told me! What dear? She says everythingto me…
Has she said only this to you? Look here! Certain things can be
shared only with mother… What? How are you able to take
all these simple? Hubby! We have also got married by
loving each other, haven’t we? What a struggle we faced!
What an insult we borne! Howfear l hadto just
inform my parents! Should our Abhi get such a situation? Shall l tell you
what your problem is? lf you had a son and he had
fallen in love like this… You would not have been
talked so! The problem is since it’s daughter! Why should my son
have to love a Sardarji? Please come to have food
without joking rubbish… We have to discuss many things! Abhi! Bring son-in-law soon… Okay! Alliance seeker has to come
along with his family, right? Why has he come alone? Pigs come crowded…
Singh comes single! Hey…you shut up your mouth! Son-in-law has no parents…
– Why? ls he a test tube baby? He hasa only grand mother! Fully done! What is this?
– Chapati? What is this? -Rajma!
– Who is that Rajamma? That’sa Punjabi vegetable… l don’t want all these rubbish…
l want ldli with Sambar! No ldli and Dosa… For afternoon also…sister!
What is that? Dal Ambani? Shit! Dal Makini! Yes! Dal Makini…Pulavu! Everything is
getting ready…you also get ready to eat! l don’t know all that…
l want only ldli with Sambar! Hello! -Hello! -Hi! -Hi! Oh! Chapatis… But l was expecting Dosa and Sambar… l thought that you would
like thisand preparedthis! No problem! But for lunch…
l get south lndian food, don’t l? Sambar…Rasam and Pappad!
– Yes! Sure! Sure! Mummy prepares the curry of lady’s finger very well…
– ls it? -Yes! l mean…food is very good! Oh! Do you know Telugu? Abhi taught me a bit Telugu…
l will learn fully very soon! Very good! Daddy! We have fixedthe marriage on
August 16th! -For whom? Oh! August 16th! But…there is only 2 month’s time! l have to print wedding cards…
l have to fix Marriage Hall! How many things have been left!
-Those are not required, daddy! Not required in the sense… l don’t understand! We have decidedto simply
get register marriage… After that…a small reception! What are you talking? You are my only daughter… How dream l have to organise
your marriage grandly! What dear? Why is it, daddy? lt’sall waste of time and money, isn’t it? How can that we… -Uncle! Actually Abhi is right… You know? Accordingto recent
economic survey… We lndians spendaround 2000 crores
alone on weddings every year! That means?- ln our country, for only weddings…
around 2000 crores is spent per year! O my God! How clear our son-in-law is! Our guy doesn’t know how much is
spent in our house alone! Hey…you keep calm! How would my daughter’s
marriage be waste of money? l don’t accept for this register marriage…
-Accept it, daddy! Hubby! She is right in what she says… This is her marriage…
let it take place as she wishes! Please daddy! Okay! All decisions have been taken by you… What can l say in this? Okay! Pour that Rajamma! What happened now?
Why are you sitting like this? ls that it? -What? She has suddenly brought someone…
She says that she will marry him! She says that she goes to Delhi! l fear dude… lt happens in everyone’s house… Hasn’t Anu left her parents
and been living with you? All of you say the same!
– Hey…look here! We just give birth to children and bring up…
That’s it! Beyond this…We don’t have
any right over them! As responsible parents…we have to give them
a shelter and wings to fly… That’s it!
– lf so…Will it fly at once? Don’t you like that Groom now?
– l like very much! l first feared to tell you! When you first said…
l got a bit shocked! But…l likedthe way you said! With the confidence that
you took a good decision… You boldly expressed your love, didn’t you? l got full confidence by then itself!
-Thank you, mummy! Son-in-law is fairly tall, isn’t he? As it’s not wrongaccording to law…
he grew such taller! Taller than me…
Aturban above the head! l really tell you… l never dreamt of
my son-in-law having turban! He says Economist…Journalist!
l don’t understandanything! Let it be… What does he earn? what type of
family is his? l know nothing… What are you talking? Abhi told me that he wasa member
in a planning commission… Her face… l dont have belief! l have belief, mummy! Daddy would understand… Won’t he? -Sure! Has he ever said ”Yes”
as soon as you asked? Daddy fears so much that any wrong
might happen regarding you… How can l be without fear? lf he isa local…
we can enquire who and what he is! Whom do l know in Delhi? Hey…Don’t get tensed unnecessarily! l have confidence on Abhi! l have more confidence on the Groom! On that Sardarji? -Yes! You have not seen him yet!
-Hey…Hey Raghu! Do you know one thing?
l was in Delhi earlier, wasn’t l? Then…my friends had come to
Delhi for sight-seeing! l bookeda taxi! The driver of that taxi
wasan old Sardarji! You know it, don’t you?
As soon as our guys saw the Sardarji… they started saying Sardarjijokes! But that person did not utter even a word! After the sight-seeing completed…
l gave money when l got down! He had not taken even a paise
more than the metre amount! He told me when
he wasabout to leave… Brothers! You have said
many Sardarji jokes… You are young guys…
you have said ignorantly! He asked me if l could help him for once…
and gave me a one rupee coin! He asked me to lay this
for the first Sardarji beggar in Delhi! Hey…You believe or don’t believe! The one rupee coin is still with me… l have wanderedaround entire Delhi! l couldn’t find evenone Sardarji beggar! Then only l came to knowthat
Sardarji would be an owner… They run shops…Garraige…Dhaba! l learnt that they won’t begat all… We are wandering here joblessly
telling Sardarjijokes here! They are very great people… You will understand gradually…
Trust me! Have you come? Come on…
Come on! Daddy! Come on…Jogi’s interview! Okay honey!
l change the dress and come… The interview would be completed
before that! Come on! Come on…daddy! Please… Who is she?
– She is the South East Asian correspondent! Would you prepare Tea for me… Let it finish now…
l will prepare then! What man? Did l get any phone call? Yes! lt did…a wrong number! They have also written an article… -Oh! What happened, hubby? What happened, daddy? Fetch some water…
-What happened, daddy? What happened, Hubby?
– Should we call a doctor? What happenedto him suddenly? What happened to daddy, mummy? -ls he okay? l can also speak if l am asked… l am driven by Desire! Do you want to be away
leaving me alone? Do you want to seperate
forgetting everything? Do you want to be away
leaving me alone? Do you want to seperate
forgetting everything? Getting bored upon the heart
that you rest ever… Do you want to be away
leaving me alone? Do you want to seperate
forgetting everything? l still remember the hands that
never leave the finger! l still hear the sound of eyelids
that close for the lullaby! The foot print has stroked me
at the edge of my heart! The celebration of day to day
festival has yet driven me away! So far…So long…
you have been my world! As your father…
ls there anything lacking with me? Lookingfor an other way… Do you want to be away
leaving me alone? Do you want to seperate
forgetting everything? Do you want to be away
leaving me alone? Do you want to seperate
forgetting everything? Daddy! Drive fast…
Or else we would miss the flight! Look here! lt’s a hill station…
can’t go fast! ln fact…you should have started earlier! They would have started by
yesterday if they knew your speed!- Hey… Daddy!
– What happened to this? What happened? What happened, daddy?
-l don’t know… What to do now?
– What to do? Let’s see if some known
guy’s vehicle is coming! Come on…all of you get down! Hubby! lnstead of staying idle here…
you can open it and see, can’t you? ls it a Bureau to open and see? What does he understandthough he opens? That engine isas bigas
BHELfactory… Hey…Don’t you know to leave
the vehicle for servicing? When l asked you last week…
you saidthat we could see later! Simply scolding me for everything… What happened? -Don’t worry!
l will look into it! Hubby! Son-in-law knows car
repairing work too… lf so…l start a Garriage!
Ask him if he comes… You keep quiet l say!
You always kid… What baby?
How does son-in-law knowthis work? His father was engaged in
Spare parts business…that’s why! Now l know about Tea estate business,
don’t l? Similarly… Her father wasa great sports man… But for many days…she took
carrom boardfor dining table! Who? Me? l repair 2 wheelers!
l don’t repair 4 wheelers! l was the captain of Volley ball team…
l lost everything after marriage! You are batting me now, ain’t you? You speak as if you knew… Abhi! Your daddy doesn’t know
even to bat… Mr. Ravi! lt’s been done!
Come on…Let’s go! lt’s just an air block…l fixed it! -Okay! Come on Uncle! Get in…let’s go!
– l drive the car… lt’s okay, daddy! LetJogi drive…
then only we can reach Airport soon! Not like that honey…it’sa ghat road! lt’sa different ball game…
lt needs experience! He can drive…come on!
Let’s go! Uncle! Seat belt!
– No! l dont need… Son-in-law drives well! l will call you after reaching! Okay?
– Okay! l make a move… -Bye! Take care! Bye Mr.Ravi! Bye Aunty! -Bye! Take care uncle! Bye… HeyJogi! How was the journey? Yeah! Actually that’s the hotel
we organised for everyone! So they can just stay there… Oh! You did! That’sa
nice place to stay as well… Okay! So…are you going to sleep now? You go on…catch you later! Oh! ls he there?
Tell him that l said ‘Hi’… Okay? Take care…
Love you Jogi! Daddy! What happened? -Nothing honey…
The flower wase slipped down… ljust caught to avoid it
falling down! l am fine! l am fine! Abhi! Daddy! Now a days, you have nothingto
talk with me, have you? Nothing like that, honey!
-Don’t lie, daddy! What happened to you, daddy? Nothing! As l see…You are not
talking with me too! What anger do you have
against me, daddy? You don’t likeJogi… Since l love him…
You don’t like me too, do you? Are you crazy? l have nothing in this world
to love except you… l have not gone to Delhi
to love indeed, daddy! l have gone to study! You have said, haven’t you daddy? …that it’s my right to
settle my life as my mind wishes! With that confidence…
l have told you that l lovedJogi! l believed that
you would understand me! You have not understood me, daddy! l am so disappointed with you! You tell me…daddy! Unless you wish…
l don’t want this marriage at all! l will talk with Jogi! He will understand! Abhi! Nothing like that… No!
– Then…why are you like this? l am so depressed, daddy… Daddy! Please… Trust me…l know what l am…
-No! Please… You saidthis when
you were 15 years old! When you were going by cycle…l followed you
fearingthat you might fall off! You had saidthen itself! l know what l am doing! l also stopped there! But you had returned safely… The same now too! Everything happens well! l will be alright!
ljust need a little time! Sir! l ask you without knowledge…
What is your problem, sir? lt’s me! lf the love l hadfor her or the
fear that she might leave me off… l don’t know what it is… You see…Abhi likes different things
in different age limits! She likes Toys…She likes Cycle…
She likes Bike! One day…she had suddenly
brought a beggar home! Besides him…
everything is at my home! But suddenly after
coming back from Delhi… she says that
she likesa guy calledJogi! lf l say ‘Yes’…
she will not stay at home! As the days passedto reach her marriage.
l wouldfear a lot! l would wake up suddenly… l would sit alone! l wouldthink something else! l don’t know… You have to get her married one day, right sir? Jogi seems to have been well educated….
with a good job! …and seems to be a good guy! Or else…do you have any family problems? No…You saidthat there was none
for him, didn’t you? l also thought so… Alas! Terrorists have come…Police! Hey…Ravi Sastri!
Who are you? Hello… Who are you? What do you want? Oh! Do you people belong toJogi? Welcome! Welcome! Greetings!
Are you all fine? Greetings! Greetings!
-Greetings! greetings! Wait…Wait! Hello… See you at home! See you at home! O God! Uncle! Come on…Have hot chapati! Greetings! Greetings! -Greetings! Greetings! -Greetings! Greetings! -Greetings! Greetings! -Greetings! Hubby! Have you come? What’s this?
The entire Punjab has come… How long it’s been since relatives
came to our house? lt’s rocking… Where?
– Come…let’s meet the grand mother! Who is that grand mother? Our son-in-law’s grand mother!
-Why should l see the grand mother? Ask her to weave sweater sitting
at a corner…l don’t come! Hubby! Why do you kidas l ask you to come?
come on! Come on! Abhi’s father!
– Greetings! -Greetings! Greetings! -Prosper! O God! Anu! Why are you shouting so?
What happened now? Who are those two lmps? Hurray! They both are
very mischievous… One is Chotu andthe other is Motu! They were hidden in the Cupboard!
-They have been naughty since they came! They have been playing since morning
and spilled ‘Sambar’ on my saree! Besides…ask them to spray some
chilli powder into your eyes! ls it a house? Looks like the
shooting of a Hindi movie! What hubby? Relatives would
come for marriage… -Daddy! Who are relatives…
Hello! Hi! Hi! Hi! -Hi! Hello! -Hi!
– How are you? -l am fine! Come on…get ready, daddy!
-Where honey? We have to shop, don’t we?
– Why am l? You go and shop… What daddy? We have been
waiting for your arrival to go… Hubby! What are you goingto do
being here? Get ready… l just change the dress and come… Okay! We will wait outside…
-Okay! Okay! See you later…Bye!
-Yeah! Yeah! You open this cupboard! Any of your
relative may stay inside!- Be calm! Pardon me! Pardon me! Wedding blessings with flour? What?
– No problem! l will adjust… What is your name? Jasbeer Kowr! There is Beer in the name itself…
That’s why l felt intoxication! What?
– Good name! Your name?
– Sastri! Ravi Sastri! What sir? Haven’t you slept yet? Where did you start at this time? l have much work, sir! The one who sets Lighting can be
caught only if l go now… Then…Jasbeer suffers from Head ache!
She asked for Tablets…l have to buy her! Why are you sitting here
at this time, sir? l felt to be alone for a while… You have been alone for a
few days, haven’t you, sir? lt’s not good, sir? How long it’s been since
you talked happily with us! What happenedto you, sir? Your daughter brought a beggar home
when she was 10 years old! As she liked…you had acceptedthe
beggar inside your house happily! Has she brought the one
who has nothing now? What is lacking in the groom? His Education…Job!
l don’t understandanything… But l believe, sir! She may be your daughter… She is my mother, sir! Whatever she does…
she does correctly! You also believe, sir! Go and sleep happily, sir! Sleep happily! Hello! What? From Prime Minister’s office?
Hang up the phone… Yes sir! Yes sir! Jogindhar Singh? Just one minute, sir!
One minute… Prime Minister…Abhi! What happened, daddy? Phone toJogi from the Prime Minister!
-Oh! Okay… Jogi! Jogi! Yeah! What happened? Call for you from the Prime Minister!
-Oh! Thanks! Hello! Good Morning sir! How are you? Oh! Sorry! My network
doesn’t catch… Okay! Okay! Definitely! Definitely! Yes! l am ready with the report… …and we should be going in for the
meetingas soon as l come back! …and l’ve also made a presentation that
we can show the UN delegation! Abhi! Prime Minister?
– Yes daddy! He talks to him regularly!
He likes Jogi very much! ln fact…he has invited us to his house
for lunch after marriage! O really? Yes sir! He is my father-in-law! Actually he didn’t know it
was you calling… Oh! Would you like that?
Okay hold on! The Prime Minister!- Alas! Alas!
-He likes to speak to you! Speak…- Go on…Go ahead! Speak to him! Sir! Yes sir! Thank you sir! Hey…Ravi Sashtri!
Fetch me Cigarettes! Uncle! Thank you! Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hi daddy! Hi uncle! -Hi! -Let’s go! Abhi! Watch it… Be careful! Watch the stones…
-Yeah! Carefully! Hey…what happened?
Are you okay?-Abhi! Abhi dear! What happened?
What happened? Are you okay? Don’t worry uncle…she just slipped! l’ll take care…
Don’t move! Don’t move! Let’s go to doctor!
-No problem…it’s okay! Please… -Alas! Daddy… You don’t have pain, do you?
– No daddy! Uncle! lt’s okay, uncle…
she is goingto be fine! l know! -What do you know? What do you know, Mr? What do you know? She is my daughter…
talking unnecessarily! Can’t you see that she is in pain? What do you know? How can you say that
you know everything? Daddy! -Be responsible, okay? Daddy! Nothing happened to me…
l just slipped…that’s it! Let’s go, Jogi! Mr.Jogi! One minute! l am sorry!
– No! No! l can understand… You don’t have to say sorry! When l see the kind of
love you have for Abhi… lt makes me wish
l were your son! Abhi is old enough to
get married! But for you…she is still the
precious little girl, isn’t she? You know? Sometimes l wake up
in the middle of the night… Wondering if l can give a
match upto you! But you know…what, uncle? l know that l can take
good care of Abhi! …and love her with all that l have! l just need one thingfrom you… Trust me! …and call me, Jogi! JustJogi! O blowing breeze…stop! Fill in with enjoyment! The flowering flower… Havingjoined with us… Extracted honey! The jumping cloud… Having made sounds… …of blissful deeds! O blowing breeze…stop! Fill in with enjoyment! The beauty of the curved river… Can we find it in the lake? The beauty of life that
filled with love… Will the loneliness give us? This world will not
accompany you, will it? lt’s pleasure if you accompany the world, isn’t it? Your happiness is
in your hands, isn’t it? Have it! Abhi! These many people have come
along with Jogi, haven’t they? What is the relation between
Jogi and them? Until Jogi had met them, there was no
relationship between Jogi andthem, daddy! There is Veerji, isn’t he? He had a son! He was studying well… Somehow he has become a terrorist
by changing his mind set! As soon as he had known that his son was
a terrorist, he killed his son by his hand! He was in Jail for 4 years… But still he is proud of it! Jasbeer Kowr! When lndira Gandhi expired… She lost her parents in the
war against it in Delhi! She was just 5 then! She would have been left
asan Orphan… But she is now happy being
in a bigfamily! Chotu! Motu! These children have become Orphans
duringthe recent train blast… Poor children! They still ask when their
parents would come… These people have not done any sin and
affected by a political related murders! Jogi runsan Organisation in Delhi to
give all of them a new birth… He gives moral strength sayingthat
they can live beyond the loss! Food! Dressand Shelter! Beyond all these…Jogi says that the most
important fundamental requirement is love! Look at them, daddy! How happy they are! Jogi is the reason for that… He is the only relation
for them in this world… ln their family… The auspicious occasion that takes place after
a long time at their end is this marriage, daddy! Your son-in-law is really great, sir! You are right! Sudhakar! We never understand
the people who stay near us… We misunderstand that
we have understood! ln fact… l have lately understood my Anu! What happened Anu? What dear? Nothing! There is only 2 days left… After that…Abhi will get married
and leave, won’t she? l can manage somehow… l fear thinking of you! You can bear, can’t you? l don’t know, Anu! l will stay… l must stay, mustnt l? What to do? l have to convince myself
thinkingthat she is just in Delhi! You are also with me, aren’t you? l stay boldly… l understand something now, Anu! l have not understoodanyone! When l married you fighting
against your parents… l felt happy as if l had achieved
something great! As you have not talked with them
for me for these many years… l was proud of it! But now l feel guilt that
if l had done a mistake… Your parents wouldalso be
worrying like us, won’t they? Anu! lnvite your parents for
Abhi’s marriage! No! No need… l myself make a call and
invite them! They will come, won’t they? The day l fearedabout has come… l thought 100 times that if
Abhi’s marriage with Jogi is right! Do all the fathers of
female children think so? Alas! lt’s getting late…
-Why is she gettingtensed? Ravi! -What sister?
– Where has he gone? He sits in the bathroom and
not coming out, sister! You go and see!
– He is the one…always so! Hubby! Hubby! -Yes! l am coming… What have you been doing till now? My stomach is not good, Anu! ls everyone ready?
-Everyone is ready… You first go there andarrange everything…
Ramu would be waitingthere! Ravi! Take all the garlands
and lay in the vehicle! Greetings! Daddy! Wow! Uncle! You look so handsome
and elegant in this Dhoti!- Thank you! How long it has been since
l saw you like this! You are looking great! Come…
let’s go! O my God! We reach there on time, right?
-Yeah! Mummy! Where is daddy? Daddy has gone earlier…
you also move! After you!
– Come here! Ravi! You have closed all the
doors, haven’t you? Yes! lncluding bathroom’s…
l have closedall the doors! Anu! Anu! Anu! Greetings! -Greetings!
-Where is Raghu? He has started before we have done…
Hasn’t he reached yet? No! He has not come yet… Has he not come yet? Where might he have gone by this time? Okay! Time is up! Come on…
-Come on… -l will make a call! ls it ringing? lt’s ringing…but he is not
attending the mobile… Ravi Sashtri! Anu! Mummy! -What honey? Daddy has intentionally
avoided coming, hasn’t he? Shit! Shit! That’s nothing…
He shall definitely come! Come on… How long should l wait, sir? l have many other registrations… ls there any VlPto come?
– Yes sir! AVlP is to come… Bride’s father! -Father?
-Yes sir! ls he in station? -Yes! He is in station!
He is coming, sir! He is on his way! Sir! Sir! Sir! Excuse me… My daughter’s marriage…Would you please
drop me upto the Register office? l drop you with pleasure…get back, sir!
-Thank you very much! Raja! Shall we make a move?
-Here l have come, brother! Who is he? Our friend? Alas! l can’t… -He is my brother!
Nothing happens to you…l will drop you! We have to pick up
our father on the way… Do one thing! You first complete the formalities…
let him come and join! No mummy! Let daddy come… Or else…we shall fix it
on some other day! What happened? Where have you gone?
-l will tell that later… Hey…you first come…
everyone is waiting! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
-No problem! lt’s okay, uncle! Here it is! You both sign here… Alas! Hubby! What happened? Daddy! -What happened? l did not know what had
happened at that moment… But my son-in-law had taken
holding me like a child! The very day…at the reception, Ramu said about a great
decision taken by him! l am goingto deliver an
important and happy news! What is it, uncle? Very soon…a child is goingto
out cry at our house too! Hey…you did not tell me at all!
– Not as you think… Hubby! Explain them in detail… We are going to adopt a child from
an ORPHANAGE! Only after you saidaboutJogi…
Something struck me… As a man adopteda society…
why not we adopt a child! The reason for all this, Jogi… lt’s you! Thank you very much! My daughter Abhi
who has been talking… fighting with me is
nowthe wife of some other guy! As Anu has met their parents
after many years… She has forgotten that she isa
mother and become a child before them! The people from different places
have become my relations… So…lt is the life that is full of
relationsand seperatons, isn’t it? Life is so beautiful! Yeah! Abhi has startedto Delhi… Henceforth my daughter is not Abhi… Abhi Jogindhar Singh! Even in the flight ticket,
it was printed so! With the fear that l might be
goingto weep and outcry… Anu did not sleep the entire night! Because… l was the one who wept when Abhi
had gone to school for the first day! Take good care of my daddy, mummy! Daddy! lt’s okay! You have no anger against me, have you?
– Shit! Shit! No honey! l have troubled you a lot… You also come to Delhi, daddy!
– No honey! My life is here… Here are some families
depending upon me… Here is the fullmoon!
Here is the lake! l can’t come leaving
everything, can l? You don’t worry!
Nothing happens to me! lf l feel boring,
l will come to Delhi! Time is up for the flight!
You move! Take care of my little girl! Like a Princess! l will… That’sa promise, father! l make a move, mummy!
– Take care, honey! Bye, mother! Ravi! -Sir!
– Okay! Bye… lt’s okay, Abhi!
Everything will be fine! Abhi! l did not know why l had laughed
so that day… You see…Giving birth to a female child…
and bringing her up with love! We needto have a some boldness
to part from her! l think l had it a bit lesser… He is Sudhakar! -Greetings!
– Greetings…Jasbeer Kowr! Not Jasbeer Kowr now!
Jasbeer Sashtri! -Oh! Thanks! What? Have you still been talking
about Abhi? -Yes madam! l have known more about him
than Abhi… l brought baby to the park
as she wantedto play… We have come here from there! l have to go home pushingthe cycle… The house is nearby… But l still have to go a
very long distance, right? Yeah! But have you observed one thing? When a child is born…
a father isalso born along! But the thing is…
Children would grow faster… Some fathers would not grow at all…
they remain asa child like me! Daddy!
– Hey…Come! Come! Sir! She isas naughty as our Abhi was… Honey! Do you drink coffee? Coffee! Coffee! Here it is… My daughter doesn’t want coffee! lt’s STD…it must be Abhi! Excuse me! Abhi on phone…
– lt’s okay! What have you done, baby?
Have you gone leaving me? Come…Come!
Here it is! Wear the cap… l don’t want, daddy! -Okay… Get down!
– What is it? -The Doll! Doll? Here it is… Okay! -l will go and play there, daddy!
-Hey…be careful! l know, daddy! Watch Free HD Movies www.teluguone.com/movies

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