Abandoned Factory in Spain with Zombie Fortress (i was afraid..)

Abandoned Factory in Spain with Zombie Fortress (i was afraid..)

We are at Spain right now and I figured it out that there’s an abandoned, I think, fabric factory in here like you see in the background so … There seems to be some wild horse in there. Let’s maybe play with it later. Yeah, later, but let’s go now, in there. This probably is locked, yeah. Let’s go inside in the old fashioned way. This is a little big … really big! How do I get up? There. I should have taken gloves. Ahhh, it’s harder to come back then to go in. Let’s move on. Maybe this used to be some kind of guards’ cabin. Is there a bird inside? Yeah, it’s a pigeon. Hello? Oh, by the way, I took my, like you might notice, my Indiana Jones hat with me to Spain … … into the Spain. And no! NO! We are not going up there. First, I would be really, really scared. Second, it might not last. It’s an abandoned place. We don’t even know if you can get inside even. By the way, first time/first episode with GoPro 6. It should have a nice stabilizer in it. So usually when I walk like this, like maybe like I did in GoPro 4, it kept jumping around. Hope it’s now better. I don’t know anything about Spain’s junkie situation or criminal situations/statistics. I don’t know so we don’t know. (laughs) Hope we can get inside. It’s really big. Basically, there’s the inside but it’s a little bit too high. Well, there’s a hole in the wall … … and pigeons in the air. It’s quite windy in here. Ahhh. Real big open space and a lot of birds. Let’s check out the front or the back. Which is which? I don’t know. First … Ouch! Oops … spikey flowers. And of course, of course, I have my shorts on. Well, I have long pants in my backpack, but am I lazy? Yes. Huh. What kind of zombie fortress is that? Whoa! Just look at that pipe. I wonder if anybody has been climbing up there. It’s really high. I even get dizzy right now. Oh … but I would like to go there. Yes, pigeons again. A lot of pigeons. I really should watch what I’m filming because … whoa. For once, I have a preview screen in my camera so I can see what I’m filming. Whoa! What the heck? Seems to be horses in here. Maybe they’re like our reindeer. They’re everywhere. I don’t think so but … Nice fact, in these kind of situations, horses kill more than sharks in a year. Horses kill about 20 people in a year, sharks, like 4 or 5 people. Oh yes. This is interesting. Fortress. You know what I would like to … Oh. That’s kind of typical. My arms ain’t that good shape. Darn! Why now? I got a little shoulder injury. While sleeping; imagine that. My muscle got a little bit stretched too much so I cannot … aarrrhhhh use that much power in that. Uhhh. I think I’m gonna put my long pants on. Save my legs. I got my long pants, I’ve got my long pants on and I’m saving my legs. Like these. So let’s say hi to the horsies! That’s a younger one. That’s a … weird ears. Get a little bit closer. Seems to be some kind of string or chain with it. Okay. Hi. Looks a little bit like a donkey. Awww. I haven’t anything to give you. There’s another one … You don’t mind if I check that tower, if I can even climb there? No. Sorry. It’s too hard to climb there. There’s stuff inside my shoe. Horses. Zombie Fortress. Nice hat. Nice wind. Glad I have dead cat on Steve’s head. I mean, Steve’s hair. Another hole in the wall. Yeah, let’s go inside. Whoa! Don’t you fall! Nice. I have a couple of hours left to be in here. I think the taxi is getting me back. Eewwww. Spooky sounds. It’s main gate … or how do I know? I don’t. Seems to be pretty empty; but still kind of cool looking but not that much of examining. I mean when it comes to private objects. Would like to see some. Hello birdies! What is this? Huh. Those are metal plates on the roof so they keep moving around. I keep scaring those pigeons. Uhhh. Not very reliable stairs in here and they lead to nowhere. Oh, by the way, Steve’s hair’s on the picture a tiny bit. Oh, but we have a solution to that problem even though I forgot to take my other rubber bands with me but I think I took a few. There’s one … brown one … but it’s too small. and my teeth guard, if someone wants to fight, I just put these on so I don’t lose my teeth. I get a little bit of an edge on the fight … cause you never know … you never know … Okay, let’s move on. I didn’t find the rubber band to Steve’s hair that would have fitted in there so I just have to keep shoving it up. Real big space. What are those? Bullet holes? What is this? Cola Cao So … fruit cereal … leche I think meant milk. Coca-Cola maker … not Coca-Cola. I mean chocolate. Chocolate drink. Paint can. Something, come on … anything. Whatcha gonna find in an abandoned Finnish home is shoes, saws and vodka bottles and some window frames and paint buckets. Cola … like in many countries, they don’t get deposit when you get that to the shop, they don’t get money from it. In Finland, we do. We get like 15 cents when we take that kind of thing back to the storage. That’s why there’s not really that much of a cans in Finland lying around because they are worth a lot of money. Huh … cool skeleton. Had to take a picture. Hello from the editing room. I came here to give you a little warning/heads up if you have some children watching with you, my videos, I don’t recommend watch time 25:15 to 30:38 between those times, it might be a little graphic not much but it’s natural thing but can be creepy and scary to some sensitive people or children. Steve is like “there is something behind me, isn’t there?!” Super slow motion … horror movie turn … (laughs) a little more dim light would be freaking creepy! So let’s check out more of what the outside thing is. We still have a little more than an hour left to explore. These big places always make me think that should I edit these forever long question because it seems that shorter videos are getting more views everywhere in YouTube but on the other hand, there’s a user base/watcher base, fans that really like long videos that aren’t edited, aren’t put (to/with) music or … I forgot what else, the other things. My channel is kind of a “hang out with me in these exploration places.” “Hang out with Janne; your buddy.” Shonda Jones What? I don’t know. So in better words, authentic explorations. OH! Bricks! I would like to tell you the town of this place but but in another hand, (laughs) in another hand … my favorite words today, that there’s not much to destroy in here. So I don’t say the location but I say that this place is in Malaga; somewhere near not near but somewhere around Malaga. If that exposes this place, then you’re a master finder of these places. That is zombie fortress, right? Let’s make a huge clickbait thumbnails and texts that are total lies and that way we can get more views but not loyal fans. Spray can! What is? Almost like a horse stable but … Is the roof steady? Seems to be. Some cement making thingys. Don’t have my mask. There seems to be a guy called Mad Mike in here. Some booby trap makers (whistles). Bottle. Do not drink in these kind of places. If you’re really clumsy like that straight up pointing nails. Do not step on those … again. Hmmm … oooh, free cola! Uhhh, not like it (laughs) Oh yeah, burned, or is it just dusty? They burned spray cans where the thing in Belgium. Maybe I film myself too much. Sorry. I’m saying sorry too much. Sorry about saying sorry too much. Bathroom? Maybe. Cone. Some day I will do short versions of this episode but much, much later. I put, at the moment, in my second channel I joined all episodes together in some movie episodes and I put them together and remove all the dull stuff. So that might be some peoples taste more. What’s here? Spiky flowers. They are haunting me in this country too. Some chips, I think, called Snack Day–Tex Mex. Lot of pillars. Lot of bottles. It’s pretty nice, hot day. Not exactly too hot but cool. Is there anything? Check that out. Perhaps there has been some collapsing because there’s that kind of thingys. Thingys! When Janne doesn’t know the word, it’s called thingy’s. In a lack of a better word. Daisies, I think. Oooh! Eye of Sauron. I don’t think there’s anything in here. EEWWWWW!!! This is actually, I think, my first corpse that I find and what corpse that is? I’m not sure if I want to dig around. Eewww. It smells in here. Aahhh! What did I …?! Did I just jump around because of a rat? I think so but Indiana Jones didn’t like rats either. Yeah. Maybe if I would been in Finland it would be called reindeer. Smell is getting worse. There’s a tooth, I think. Could that be dog? Check out those canines if it is one. Nice spooky place anyways. Oh, it is a dog. I don’t know about the watch dog situation in here in Spain but that’s pretty creepy. Does that take away my monetization if I show it? No, it’s natural. Kind of creeps me out. Yeah. (shivering from the creeps) Well, that happens to all of us some day. What is this? Let’s go behind the huge tower of the Sauron Eye and the dead dog and into the hole. No wait! Just in case, I wasn’t sure if I came in this place so I still took my flashlight but I didn’t come that prepared that I would take my big camera and the big light which would have been, I think, better. Just little things. You can always find something in these kind of places. Hope that the rats don’t jump on me. Now that I’m thinking I’m going to …Don’t blink! That means ghosts, right? (laughs) I’m going to the fine restaurant eating after this. I just wanna take a little glimpse. Darn. Try to take a little glimpse. Oh no! *bleep* I think. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, nope, nope, nope!! Are you kidding me??!!! My hat! I can’t believe it that I’m in here! Let’s check it out. We have phone in case it collapses. Eeewwww … Jaw. Just a quick glimpse because it’s collapsing here. Something there. To be honest, I’m getting really freaked out. I’m getting out of here. But I’m so curious what’s there. Just freaking trying to do a replica of the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Another more bones. Oh, we could get inside this way. Let’s go this way. Let’s not back down. Right out from here. It was right in there so I didn’t notice. To be honest, that was stupid. Whoa! Freaking pigeons. This place is getting more creepy and creepy all the time. Let’s get our backpack. There’s some person in there checking the horses. Is he Spain or not? Spanish, I mean. Now it’s going past the dead dog and get our backpack. Well, that somebody probably just thinks that we are some nutty person who talks to his hand and thinking he better not approach that person. And here’s our backpack. Nope, and we’re not going that ride again. Oh, I didn’t even notice the dog this time. I hope we didn’t walk over it … eewwww. Better wash my hands. Ouch! Spiky flowers. Butterflies! It’s getting … hot. Darn. I’m interested about that fortress. What is the fortress now that I’m thinking? So what do you guys think about this place? Yep, the mic is on. If that’s the guy who takes care of these horses, I could ask him about this place. I know I’m repeating myself that that really looks like a zombie fortress. There seems to be some rope hanging on the upside there and there’s a handle in it. I have no idea what that is. I hope it’s not the extreme sport thing. I think he’s feeding the horsies. Seems to be a big fenced area still around this place. Maybe that’s because of the horses. Yeah, it’s a long episode but my episodes are like that. Take a cup of coffee; take a glass of wine relax and just walk with me; Just walk with me. I wonder why these are like this those that look almost like windows but are tiled shut. What is this? Just something recent; kids toy. Yeah. Seems to be a nice tree there. Let’s check it out. Oh and by the way, this video is 4k material If you have big TV, that’s good for you. Is this abandoned house or what? I don’t know. Uhhh some spikes came through my jeans. I saw, before, a couple of bigger trees in here in Spain that even over twice a hug size. OW! Those are spiky things. And I have even bought 3 extra batteries to this GoPro so … and a charger, of course so that I can charge it in here. So basically, I could be days doing explorations. I have 6 memory cards to this. Every one is the size of a 64 GB but in 4k material, it takes two hours to one disk. It takes so much space Here you can see the pipe reads Ahmed’s 1931. Maybe I google something and check if I find anything out. Yeah but nice trees. Full of ants. I wish we had these kind of trees in Finland Well, we make everything out of wood so maybe that’s one of the reasons. So … We saw a lot of pigeons that I scared the heck out of and some rats, well 1 rat and one dead dog. It looked like 2 dead dogs but … and some jawbones, eewwww and some human and 3 horses. One horse was other side of that fence. I’m not scared of the horses but I do not trust them either especially the white ones. I think I’ll take a thumbnail for you guys of this place here. See ya. That guy just pointed me that I should go away but I tried to show him that I’m taking a picture. So now we’re going to try our skills again if we can talk away ourselves calmly. Ola … Ola. (man speaking in Spanish) Only English. (man speaking in Spanish) No, no. (man speaking in Spanish) Sorry. (man speaking in Spanish) Bye. Seems that maybe he’s one of these places he takes care of the horses. There seems to be another guy with a car and he was with a bike and There’s nothing else. I think he just said that I’m not allowed to be here or something. Typical. How much time do I have time any more? There’s car. 50 minutes time but let’s wrap this episode in here. I know it’s been pretty long time right now. Hope you like this episode. As usual, subscribe and thumb up so I can tell if you liked the episode or not and tell me, if I should, at least a little bit, edit these places. Maybe those places that I already seen. So and also the dumbest thing is that pushing the subscribe button isn’t enough now a days. I know this is old news but you should push the bell button too so you get notifications that I uploaded something otherwise it might not show them even though you were subscribed. Even though, if I do lives, and you have subscribed and pushed the bell button, it might still not inform you. It’s a YouTube thing. We’ll see you in next episode. I think this is the one and only Spain episode that I will do in this trip or in the future. You never know. But new outro … “and bye-bye”.

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